An easy 10 points for whoever can give me some good information?

An easy 10 points for whoever can give me some good information? Topic: How to write a state representative
June 26, 2019 / By Beau
Question: ok i am writing a book for a class. it is going to be about two sisters who both can sing. one is named abigail which means gives joy and the other alayna which means fair. ok, they are siaters one is 15 and the other 16 they both are trying to get into the singing business. but they don't want to be a group and they also don't want go solo either because they are use to doing everything like twins. but one girl gets the record deal and other does not because she is not good enough who will it be? will the singing business tear them apart? what should be the: setting ( city or state ) where should it take place like what building: what: why: when: who: how: major characters: name and describe with fantastic adjectives: minor characters: plot/ problem outcome: thanks for whoever can help me thanks sooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Zipporah Zipporah | 5 days ago
setting ( city or state ): Wymoing - no offense, but the middle of nowhere. Seriously, has anyone famous come from Wyoming? It's about time where should it take place like what building: Everly High School what: A talent show (with record label representatives in the audience) why: a fundraiser to help the local humane society when: January who: The girls you mentioned how: They win the competition, and the record label reps approach them and their parents after the show, want them to meet with other record label people major characters: name and describe with fantastic adjectives: Abigail: deep-set black eyes; luxurious, straight, very short black hair; very short; muscular; tan skin; wears unique, funky clothes, especially likes the color red Alayna: chocolate brown eyes; very short, silky, wavy amber hair; also very short; creamy skin; big feet; likes to wear revealing clothes minor characters: Mother, father, little brother, 2 record label reps, the principal plot/ problem: The record execs like Abigail but think Alayna is too plain and expendable outcome: Abigail at first accepts, then refuses to go on without her sister and quits. They keep making music on their own for fun, not for profit This was fun! Hope it helps, and hope you have fun writing it!
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Zipporah Originally Answered: Please help! Easy ten points! Not a homework question, easy own opinion question?
Some teachers that have a mix of seniors and underclassmen do have the tendency to do this. Why? Because it's a pain to give out two sessions of finals. Is she allowed to do this? No idea. But if you finish your final tomorrow, you have one less final to study for + she'll probably give your final day as a free day. Just study as much as you can tonight (but still get enough rest) and take the exam tomorrow. No worries. :)

Sherilyn Sherilyn
setting ( city or state ) If California was the city, you could easily research the actual setting of a ''Hollywood'' based state. where should it take place like what building: If the sisters went to the same recording studio, then I believe that they should be told seperately, for better suspense. But the reader should like the sister who doesnt get chosen more. what: You already explained the what why: And the why. Another example: The sister that doesnt make it is more relatable to real people (the readers), so does not base her life on singing lessons and such, while the other sister would rather distance herself from social gatherings and events to spend every spare minute with a vocal teacher. when: You stated that too. who: ...The sisters? how: Above? major characters: name and describe with fantastic adjectives: Thats all you. minor characters: Parents. Boyfriends. Best friend (boy for oldest, girl for youngest) plot/ problem Above outcome: Up to you
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Penelope Penelope
They should be from a semi-major city...your choice. They can be discovered because they answered some random add on t.v. and sent in a video of them singing. They need to show support for each other. There will also be a jealousy issue since one gets it but the other doesn't. To resolve it though you could have the sister that does win and get the deal have her sister be on of her back up singer/dancers. That would be favorable, it shows compassion and resolution. The singing business bonds them. Some characters could be each of their best friends, their parents, maybe a cousin or two around their age, a teacher, 3 classmates you mention through out. You get the idea of where this goes.........
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Penelope Originally Answered: Help! Easy ten points?
He is probably trying to make you jealous because you didn't pick up his calls or because he thinks you're not interested any more

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