Skipping a grade through online school?

Skipping a grade through online school? Topic: How to do a research logs
July 17, 2019 / By Blaine
Question: I'm a middle schooler who is very advanced for her age. However, my traditional school will not allow me to skip a grade for next year as they were changing the curriculum for my grade onwards and teaching things that have never been taught before in my state. However, after going through with the year and 'learning' all the new things, I was still bored - I already knew everything they taught, as my dad had taught me all of it previous years back. If I hadn't already learned it, I'd learn it as soon as I was explained how to do it - I'm a very quick learner. However, I've still not been allowed to advance a grade. I've been exploring K12 and researching it for weeks, and I'm come to know that they do a placement test. If you're advanced for your age, will they allow you to go to the next grade? I'm already one of the eldest in my grade as I was born in December after the December 1st deadline. I don't just want the Gifted and Talented program - I want to skip a grade. I know -I- can - will K12 allow me to? Better yet, have you or your child gone to the next grade level through it? I live in Michigan, by the way.
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Achan Achan | 6 days ago
I dont know about K12 but you could skip a grade by taking online classes youll finish the really fast cause there easy even if u actually do them also you can cheat in most when i was locked up we did this online school called oddessy ware all we did was copy and paste the answers from an account that had already finished the class you could finish a class over the weekend i went from bein a second year freshman to just short of a senior in 8 months if u get into oddessy and wanna know how to cheat i could teach you and give u the usernames and passwords of the accounts we used that has all the classes theres a special way to set it up to be able to log on two accounts at once if u wanna know just let me know and for u its not really cheating cause u already know it your basically just skipping ahead to where you should be at
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Achan Originally Answered: Skipping a grade for homeschool? Starting first grade early?
In homeschooling, you can place your child wherever they need to be - it doesn't matter a bit where the schools would place them. The logistical restrictions that exist in a school have nothing to do with a homeschool. Take my son, for example - we started homeschooling when he was 6.5, at his request. He had attended an accelerated private school for P4-K, and was halfway through 2nd grade coursework upon completion of the K program. When we moved and started homeschooling, I started him out in 2nd grade coursework. From there, I've let him progress according to his abilities. Now, having just turned 10, his coursework ranges from 5th-6th to 9th grade, depending on the subject. He's dyslexic, so his spelling is at grade level. He reads award-winning (Newbery, etc.) and classic literature like CS Lewis and Tolkien, and writes at about an 8th-9th grade level (stories and research papers). He takes Latin and Spanish, which are at about a 6th grade level. His grammar tracks right along with it. In math, he's in a first-year algebra program, and he's getting ready to start a 7th grade science text. For history and geography, he's at about a 6th-7th grade level. I tell him he's finishing up 5th grade, as that's the class that he attends at church. It's also easier for him to answer "5th grade" when someone asks, rather than responding with "which subject do you mean?" :-) In homeschooling, you tell your child they're in whichever grade is appropriate for their other activities (church, Scouts, sports, etc.) and give them work on their individual level. Hope that helps! Edit - I'm not sure which state you live in? Each state requires varying degrees of paperwork. I would state that she's in whichever grade her age correlates to, and only give the info they absolutely have to have - only a few states require anything detailed. Basically, give them enough to satisfy them, keep it simple as far as they're concerned, and do whatever she's ready for. If you have to do an evaluation, just keep samples of whatever she does during the year. If she's above grade level, they won't have a problem with it; it's when she's below grade level (unless there's a disability or learning glitch involved) that you would have to submit anything else. If she's not yet at mandatory schooling age (few states require it at 5, most are 6 or 7), you don't have to report anything. Do what she's ready for and call it kindergarten, it's perfectly ok to have her doing 2nd or 3rd grade work the following year and tell the district it's 1st grade. Honestly, my son will likely be doing college work by the time he's 15, but I'll still count it as 10th grade. I'll just set down different objectives and standards for him than the state would. Because his dad and I will be awarding his diploma, we're allowed to set his course of study and determine when he's completed it. I would also suggest getting in touch with some local homeschooling groups to pick the brains of some veteran homeschool moms. It sounds like you live in a fairly picky state, and they'll know the details of how to work with the district in this situation. Good questions!

Sorrel Sorrel
A close friend of mine just skipped a grade in high school, he went straight from freshman to junior year. I don't know that you would want to skip your senior year, though, or that you could. You may have been able to skip a grade a couple of years back, but I think staying for senior year is mandatory. What he did to skip was take all of the classes he would have needed to take in his sophomore year online, and then he had to get it approved. You should talk to your guidance counselor about whether it would be possible or a good option for you.
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Posy Posy
You probably should contact the school, they could help you better than we can. I'd say probably not (just my opinion), and here's why: That's why they have the GT program, there's nothing wrong with it. You don't have to skip a grade. Why do you want to, anyway? GT would be just as challenging as the grade above you. BUT, I'll also say that it depends on your placement tests. If you know the material that someone in your grade should know, then they might consider skipping you (but the decision will probably be up to your parents). I'll warn you though, most schools don't skip if they have the Gifted Program - that's what it's for. If they do let you skip, know that you can't skip grades in high school, as it's not like middle school. There are requirements that you have to meet (as I'm sure you know).
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Maurene Maurene
Hi I am also a middle schooler going the the same thing you are. I have been going to public school ALL my life. I have always been the advanced in the class. Always getting done with work first and always one of the oldest in my class. I was born in December also. My state's cut-off date was October 1st. Because of my birthday, it has caused me to be a grade behind. I have went to multiple schools in two different cities and they have all told me no. It is not that they don't think you are smart enough, it is mainly because of money. I was going to apply for private school but that is going to cost my parents $30,000+. So then I started to look up online private schools and found the perfect one. The online private school saves my parents a little more than $25,000. The thing with private schools is that you are paying for your education. So if you want to be skipped, then most likely with a parents consent you can be skipped because it is your money. I hope I helped.
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Maurene Originally Answered: Advice on Skipping 8th Grade?
If you are going to be homeschooled it really doesn't matter what "grade" you do unless you are using a correspondence/online program. Then you need to follow the guidelines of the program. Otherwise, it's just a matter of being able to understand and do the work at the higher level. Both of my kids are working a grade level ahead. As for jumping over 8th grade into freshman at public school, that is a big jump developmentally as well as academically (especially math and science). I don't think that would be a good grade to skip, especially comming from homeschooling since you aren't used to taking regular classes. It would be better if you got used to public school classes at the top of the school (8th grade) instead of the bottom (freshman). Sorry.

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