Is being too strong a problem?

Is being too strong a problem? Topic: What is problem solving approaches
July 20, 2019 / By Seanna
Question: I am generally a strong person mentally. But recently I have been feeling that this is making me weak. Everybody comes with their problem and moaning to me and I listen. I generally don't tell anybody about my problems and most of the time I will manage my own problems. But just because I never let out anything, people seem to take it for granted that I will be OK and fantastic all the time. Nobody is ready to listen to me and don't even consider it. My parents think I can handle any situation and they don't need to worry about me. My friends think they can come up to me with any problems and I will solve their problems but they never seem to see the problems within me. All they see is I'm happy always and I don't need any support. But its not. I have my own problems and just because I don't vent it out doesn't mean I don't need any support. My parents, friends everybody think that way and there is none to even support me or stand with me. When people feel so sorry and considerate for other's lesser known pains and sufferings,nobody is ready to even acknowledge my grave problems that I have been going through.Even now I say I can handle any situation. I can solve them on my own. What I want is people around me to acknowledge that I also have problems and they don't even do that. I have been listening other's problems, solving my own problems on my own and all of a sudden there is nobody to listen to me. Off late I am getting too irritated when people come to me with their problems. I feel like telling them to **** off but I am unable to do that. Tell me what should I do now? Does being too strong making me weak?
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Ocean Ocean | 1 day ago
Perhaps you are mistaking the fact that you are "emotionally available" to others to listen to their problems as meaning that you are a strong person. The fact of the matter is that everyone has a limit to how much negativity they are able to tolerate. Maybe you are approaching your own limits at this point in time. When this happens, remember that it is okay for you to decide to take some time to take care of yourself. We all have our needs, weaknesses, strengths, etc. You are beginning to realize something about yourself at this point, which is a good thing. Listen to your emotions - they are there for a reason.
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Maddison Maddison
Have you actually tried asking for support and tried talking to people? People can't automatically see or know there is anything bothering you, people aren't mind readers. if you are struggling and don't have anyone to support you then find a therapist and seek professional help.
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Kendra Kendra
hello surya! Thats the spirit of a leader.i am also experiencing exactly thesame problem.but you know what,its not a problem,its just a stage in life. my best friend is my mind because it gives solution to other people's problems and mine.don't be discouraged by this,it will help you grow,just spend sometime building your emotions,it will also help you.keep imparting others and also ask them questions concerning your own problems INDIRECTLY.ok? hope this was helpful. catch me on [email protected]
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