Army ROTC, am I guarunteed Active Duty?

Army ROTC, am I guarunteed Active Duty? Topic: Worst case scenarios of being drunk
June 20, 2019 / By Bradburn
Question: If I receive the 4yr scholarship (I've already been selected), my service obligation is 4yrs active 4yrs reserve. But the way I understand it, this is my side and not the army's. If I want to go active duty, but the army does not need any more active duty officers for some reason, can they change my obligation to something like 8yrs reserve?
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Addam Addam | 9 days ago
You are correct. In the early 1990's (when I received my commission) many cadets who wanted active duty did not get it. This included scholarship cadets. You still owed the military 8 years but it was 8 years of drilling reserve time. This was bad for a couple of cadets who I knew. They assumed that they would go active duty so they did not do as well as they could have academically. They had a hard time getting a good job when they got out. To make matters even worse, they were not branched into a branch that they wanted. I had a female friend who lived Army 24/7 and even did well at summer camp. She expected to be active duty mp and she was commissioned reserve Adjutant General (paper pusher). She locked herself in her dorm room for two days and would not come out. Even worse case scenarios were cadets who were given certificates of completion instead of commissions. However, the Army screwed up royally and this resulted in a shortage of command level officers at the beginning of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. What this basically means is that the needs of the Army supersede your personal or career needs. If you really want active duty: 1. do well on your pt 2. get high evaluations at your summer camp between your junior and senior year. 3. place high on the order of merit list at your school. 4. try to get Airborne while a cadet 5. do the very best that you can academically 6. DO NOT UNDERAGE DRINK 7. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE - this is a typically career killer 8. DO NOT TAKE ANY ILLEGAL DRUGS - you will be gone in a heart beat However, you always need a back up plan. You understand that you can get injured in training or you could do something stupid that will automatically end your military career.
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Stef Stef
No you are NOT guaranteed active duty. You can go 4 years active duty, followed by 4 years in the inactive reserves or they can assign you 4 years in the active reserves, followed by 4 years in the inactive reserves. It will depend on your ranking on the Order of Merit List IE: the best ROTC students have a better chance of going active duty.
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Qiana Qiana
If you are active duty right now, there is a part of the Green to Gold program that will allow you to go to college and still receive all your pay and benefits that you are getting now. You have to be within 2 years of graduating with a bachelor's degree, and they only accept 100 soldiers a year into the program. Talk to the Green to Gold rep and your post's ed center.
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