Having trouble breathing can someone give advice?

Having trouble breathing can someone give advice? Topic: Head case strain
July 19, 2019 / By Aymery
Question: I been noticing for the last couple days when I walk around and try talking " example on the phone" I run out of breth real easy and I have to take a really deep breath after like 5 words, I notice when I'm relaxed sitting down this doesn't happen I'm actually breathing fine... Note - I do have kyphosis and a hiatal hernia i don't know if these could factor into anything Any opinion is appreciated thank you
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Vonnie Vonnie | 8 days ago
The kyphosis could be contributing to your difficulty breathing, also called dyspnea. When a severe case of kyphosis is present, the curving of the spine decreases the size of the thoracic cavity. This, in turn, decreases the room for the lungs to expand, and your tidal volume (amount of air exchanged with each breath) is diminished. So, a deep breath or normal breathing is harder and takes more energy. The hiatal hernia is part of your stomach sticking through the diaphragm, which is the major muscle for breathing. This only makes the cavity even smaller for the lungs, because now there must be room for part of the stomach to sit. The hernia is putting strain on your diaphragm which must contract and relax with each breath. While these conditions all contribute to shortness of breath, it may not be the only cause of it. I would recommend seeing a doctor to have this diagnosed and make sure that the hernia and Kyphosis is causing this. If you have severe difficulty breathing and feel as if you are "hungry" for air or your getting light headed or tired to breath, do not hesitate to call 9-1-1. Also, if you begin having blue fingertips or lips (cyanosis), CALL 9-1-1. Hope I helped.
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Vonnie Originally Answered: Trouble breathing, only 15, no passed medical problems?
You should ALWAYS talk with your parents when you have health concerns - they are the ones who have to schedule the doctor's appointments, give you advice on how to take care of yourself. Sometimes, a mild virus could give these symptoms or, you could be having a return of some asthma but, you need to talk with your mother about these, determine how much it is bothering you and then she will decide whether this needs checked or not. The dizzy spells could also indicate a mild virus is present and will probably go away on it's own. Taking an over the counter decongestant might help and increasing your daily water intake might also help with these symptoms.
Vonnie Originally Answered: Trouble breathing, only 15, no passed medical problems?
yes please get this checked by a doctor before you get worse or really do get dizzy and pass out and get hurt.

Shantae Shantae
Babies breathe a lot turbo than older children and adults. A new child's normal breathing cost is ready forty occasions each and every minute. This may occasionally sluggish to 20 to forty times per minute when the little one is snoozing. The sample of breathing in a little one can also be one-of-a-kind. A child may breathe quick a few occasions, then have a quick leisure for less than 10 seconds, than breathe again. This is by and large referred to as periodic breathing and is a common occurrence. Babies probably use their diaphragm (the colossal muscle below the lungs) for respiratory. Changes in a baby's respiratory cost or pattern, utilizing different muscle tissues and parts of the chest to breathe, or alterations in color may just mean the youngster is having respiratory distress and needs instantaneous medical concentration. Signs of respiratory problems may just comprise, however are not restrained to, the next: * fast or irregular respiration fast respiratory is greater than 60 breaths each and every minute. A youngster who's overheated or upset and crying may breathe speedily, however the rate will have to sluggish when the child is not too scorching or crying. Consistently fast respiration is a sign of a trouble. Respiratory that stops longer than 10 seconds, known as apnea, could be a severe predicament. * flaring nostrils A baby who's having challenge taking in ample air could have nostrils that widen with every inhaled breath. * retracting one other signal of crisis taking in air is retracting, when the child is pulling the chest in at the ribs, below the breastbone, or above the collarbones. * grunting this can be a sound made through a little one who is having trouble breathing. The baby grunts to try to preserve air within the lungs to help build up the oxygen level. A further sound is also a moan or sigh when exhaling. * blue color Cyanosis, a generalized blue coloring, is usually a signal the youngster is just not getting enough oxygen. That is almost always visible in infants with heart defects, as good as respiratory problems. * coughing occasionally, coughing or choking could occur when a child takes in milk too speedily with feedings. Continual coughing or choking may indicate a respiration main issue, or a quandary with digestion that should be examined by your baby's general practitioner. For any signal of respiratory issues, you should consult your baby's physician instantly.
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Oriane Oriane
Thats exactly how I was, and after a few days it turned into weazing... I thought it was my asthma but It got pretty bad after a few days, Finally I went to the doctor and they took chest exrays and turned out I had broncitis. It makes you short breathed and weaze. Not really any other symptoms but its very contagious. I would definitly go to the doctor just in case, or a free clinic. Thats what I had to do. I was put on a breathing machine for like 20 mins, I made my breathing easier but made me throw up for the whole night, then i had antibiotics. Its worth it, it'll only get worse as the days go on and it won't get better until you take the perscribed medicine.
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Oriane Originally Answered: My son has been having trouble breathing at night, costantly couging and not allowing him to sleep! Help?
I have very similar asthma symptoms. I have been able to resolve them by eliminating all perfumes and scents from my life. I have a form of asthma that makes me cough when I am exposed to various stimulants. One of those stimulants is "perfume" or fragrances. Perfumes and fragrances are added to almost all soaps, lotions, shampoos and detergents. Before I got my asthma under control, one of the worst symptoms was coughing when I tried going to sleep. The problem with sleeping is that you lay your head down on a flat surface that is full of perfumes from your detergent - all of those "fresh" smelling scents added to laundry detergent make an asthmatic with these types of symptoms cough. It is much worse lying down on the bed because there is a large surface where the smells collect and stay around the nose and mouth. I suggest trying to get unscented laundry detergent - unscented soap - unscented shampoo - unscented sunscreen and unscented whatever else you need. Stop using Renuzit-style "air fresheners". Stop using any cleaner with "perfume" or "fragrance" in the ingredients. Bleach-based and ammonia-based cleaners work better and are not nearly as aggravating. Take any air fresheners out of your car. Do not burn scented candles in the house. Other people in the house should also switch to unscented soaps and shampoos - because those scents get in the air and will aggravate the asthma in the same way. The inhaler should be used for emergencies only. If all of the scents are removed from his life - those emergencies will be greatly reduced. My asthma is also sensitive to certain types of fragrant flowers and cigarette smoke. If he has this type asthma - sometimes also referred to as "reactive airway syndrome" or "reactive airway disease" - or "coughing type asthma" - then taking these steps will greatly reduce his troubles and make his life a much happier one. You might also think about getting new pillows - or a new matress pad - as exposure to years of scented detergents (even if the pillows are not washed - they are enclosed in pillow covers that are scented) will make them scented - and that scent can come through the pillow case, even if you clean the pillow cases in unscented detergent. If he has this problem, it may take a while to get rid of the scents - because his closet will be full of scented clothes - and his dresser will be full of scented clothes - so be patient. But the biggest thing is to clean the sheets and pillow cases - and replace the pillows (or wash them if they are washable). He will not cough as much at night - and he can get to sleep. The shampoo and soap are also important. If he goes to sleep with scented hair - once he lays his head down on the bed, the scents collect around his face and concentrate and he may cough as a result. Good luck.

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