Do companies really care about your business?

Do companies really care about your business? Topic: Skills and attitudes of a research
June 20, 2019 / By Bran
Question: in july of last year i drove around the us. eating out and buying things in some 30 states. from ca. to ny to fla. to tx and all in between. you would not believe the things i saw at these places. most of them are large coorporations. servce was bad, cleanliness , was bad, the peoples attitude was bad. like they didn't care if i came back or not. if, this kind of attitude is in that many states i can see why the us. is in a recession. these kind of business conduct told me not to spend money. i bought only what i needed. the problems falls on the owner. but, if, its a cooporation you can buy stock in, it would explain for the poor attitudes. thanks, i finally learned about my poor social skills. growing up i wasn't aware i was living with autism aspergers syndrome and having drowned at age six made things worst. if, you research autism aspergers you will see people can over-come their weak social skills. i had to in order for me to move up in management. -companies do care about your business, they want your money. but, are you aware of how they treat their employees to function on a certain level and being under paid? who handles the cash may actually be the person on the bottom of the totem pole. to see the amount of money passing through their hands can push them over the edge. then to have a profit hungry boss pushed by his profit hungry boss can lead to bigger problems. add that to a low quality product and business will suffer. i know for a fact. in 30 years of working i have had over 40 jobs. the mom and pop businesses are the back bone of our economy. they are the ones putting the hurt on corporate america
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Adisson Adisson | 7 days ago
Sorry to say it, but to many employees feel that they don't get paid enough to give the service that the customer deserves.
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Adisson Originally Answered: Is America out of business, is another entity running the business end of our Country? What do Americans do?
no maam we took that away from our selves. we the americans turned our backs on american industries and did not buy from the compamies that we worked for or that did business with our company.and we have become a nation that is not willing to do many jobs that do not come with a benifits package. have you considered going down to where you see day laborers waiting and get in line with them to go mow or shovel dirt. or have you tried to start your own gas station or dry cleaner.

Stephany Stephany
We have done much traveling since retiring in 1988 and have yet to experience the conditions you encountered on your trip. We never had a bad motel room. The eating places we encountered, some run by corporations like Shoney's, Denny's , with the exception of one instance where there were several in line before us, have usually been fast with their service, with good quality and ample portions. Most have had very good attitudes toward their customers.
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Quiana Quiana
Smart companies always care about your business! Bad work travels 10 times faster than good work and most good companies know this and make customer service a priority! Of course, no company can be perfect, and sometimes customers are mearly unable to be satisfied, but once again... Satisfied customers = success!!! Sorry your experience was so negative.
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Megan Megan
My opinion is that companies who pay their workers low wages are only attracting those seeking a temporary job and who do not feel the need to go that extra mile for a customer. Low wages create a revolving door and therefore it is harder to maintain well trained devoted employees. Which there are those who give 110% at the low wages jobs but we only really remember our bad experiences.
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Lavonne Lavonne
Actually, the corporations want and appreciate your business, however many employees lack the social skills to better relate to their customers. Also, many are lazy and care only about their paycheck.
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Jodene Jodene
i agreewith you in the fact that most large coporations dont care about your business. i try to support local businesses and family owned operations. since you travel, a travel website owned by me andmy dad(small and local hehe)is trussvilletravel.com . were trying to pay for my college with it, and i'd love it if you'd check it out. guaratneed low prices on most hotels. i hope this helps!
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First you need to figure out what it is you are good at? Then get a job in this field and try to work your way up if you do not choose to go to college. One thing I know though is you are sure making alot of excuses for NOT going to school. Drained at 20???? Pleeeeease, I would bet you have time to go out with friends etc when you want to. So you need to look at your priorities. Stop making excuses that I have to work and will be too tired to go to school. I am 48 right now. I'm a physician. My family could not afford to send me to college, so I worked two part time jobs (generally over 40 hours a week though if I wanted to make ends meet) all the while going to school FULL TIME! I was in my 20's. Yes, I was tired but it was my goal. It took me 20 years to graduate from college and from med school. I got into my first year of rotations at a local hospital and I didn't know what tired was until I worked 36 hours straight with no sleep for 2 years, with maybe two days off in between. But I had to still study on those two days off for my board cerifications. Now I'm not the smartest person in the whole world. I graduated number 23 out of a class of 187. But....It was something I wanted and was willing to work towards achieving. But I didn't party with friends on weekends...I was working. I also didn't party during the week. For 12 years I never saw a movie at the theatre or even had a date! I'm a girl too. I'm not ugly either...in fact I've been told I'm and always have been a very attractive woman. I was asked out many times, but I just never had time.I had priorities. I am now married to another physcian, who also got there the hard way. He joined the military and got his education through them. Air Force. he did have to pay it all back though by serving in the reserves for 12 years once he was out of medical school. He was in Desert Storm and Iraq. But he is finally done. So decide what it is you want to do and don't let other things influence you. Work hard towards your goal. But only you can succeed and you alone are the only reason you will fail. Good luck

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