I'm a strong atheist, but my boyfriend is Christian, what should I do?

I'm a strong atheist, but my boyfriend is Christian, what should I do? Topic: Problem solving for life program
July 17, 2019 / By Octavia
Question: I'm strongly atheist, and never for my life had I thought I would date a Christian. Even further, my boyfriend is my whole world, and we love each other more than anything, you know the drill. We're the kind of couple who would die for each other, and we want to get married. The thing is, I respect all religions and I have no problem with Christians or anything, but now that it comes to someone I finally want to settle down with and everything, I'm afraid this difference might pose future problems (not just relationship wise, but children wise as well).
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Madeline Madeline | 2 days ago
I think it'll cause some problems. With his parents, his parents are probably devoted Christians too. They'll probably have a problem with their son dating a atheist. And i really don't know how to solve that. But thats if that is one of your problems. For your children, you should let them decide if they want to a Christian or not. Like for me, i am not really that religious or anything but i do believe in God and stuff. And i hated when my parents force me to go to this church program thing. Like why couldn't they understand that i don't want to go and understand that i do believe and stuff. So i think you should let your children decide if they want to or not. If they have interest in it then give them your support and let them learn.
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Madeline Originally Answered: My friend is a Christian and I am an Atheist. Help!
We all go through boughts of faith. Yesterday you were a christian Today an Atheist tomorrow what will you be? check out this link essay I think it will really help you reflect that you are not alone on this jouney in life. Check out Alister McGraths books there is one on doubting and a lot on athesim http://www.pronto.com/Doubting-Growing-Through-the-Uncertainties-10204502514-CG DFF

Kenina Kenina
It may pose problems. Usually these problems arise with children. With just the two of you, it's easy for you to separate and do your own religious thing, then come back together as a couple. With children that becomes so much harder because the decision of which direction the children should go in is a tough one. Maybe you should discuss this NOW before you get married and have children. I know you're a strong atheist and he is a devoted Christian...but I suggest you let your children make their own decisions. Let them read the bible and attend church if they want, don't hold them back. Let them decide if they believe it or not and try not to push your thoughts on them. Show them both sides of the coin and let them choose.
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Ivory Ivory
I would prefer for you to become Christian, too. But, this does not read like that is a possibility. Maybe you break your ties before your different beliefs compound your lives If you do not mind, I will pray for you to make the right decision. Good luck and may God bless both of you.
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Ellenor Ellenor
Dont worrie if this is not a problem now then i wont be later on in life unless one of you make it a problem. religons/size/colour/political views none of that should matter when it comes down to love as you love that person for who they are. and if any of that is a problem in the first place then you wouldnt be together. as for the children thing let them grow up to belive what they want to dont interfear with there beliefs or that will course problems.
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Christa Christa
What does he think about? If you love him the way you say, would you mind if he wanted to raise your children Christians?
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Christa Originally Answered: Atheist Son with a Very Christian Father. How to approach this?
I wouldn't know how to approach it, I am atheist myself, my mother is in Shinto, my father is in shamanism, and my brother and sisters are Christians and Jehovah's Witnesses . Back when I was a Christian every little thought I had feel like a sin and the family used to always fight but when my sister eloped that's when every dispute about religion in the house stopped so I don't really know how to approach because it's just all.... arghhh.

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