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Stone Temple Pilots-Plush? Topic: Best newspaper articles ever
July 20, 2019 / By Ona
Question: What is this song about? I really like the beat/melody of it but i have no idea what its about. Somenone help me out?!
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Maegan Maegan | 2 days ago
I'm in a Stone Temple Pilots tribute band and this is the first song I ever learned on a guitar, so this one's pretty much in my area of expertise. This song is about 2 things. First, it was about a girl being abducted in Seattle. Scott Weiland had read about her in a newspaper article. This idea was also tied into ideas about a failed relationship. The video ties both of these ideas together as well.
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Kerenhapuch Kerenhapuch
Do you know the lyrics to that song? Nobody could know what that means. Just kidding, those before me are right, it is supposed to be about a break up. I love the beat and sound of that song too, but that is as wild of lyrics as a beatnic poem.
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Jackie Jackie
I think it's about betrayal, she's pretending to be something she's not and he is on to her. He seems torn, he's not ready yet to know what he knows about her...not quite ready to let her go.
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