I need serious help with a BIG problem. will u help me/ give advice or whatever?

I need serious help with a BIG problem. will u help me/ give advice or whatever? Topic: Blank diploma papers
June 19, 2019 / By Kaley
Question: Its really depressing..... okay!!!! okay well im 19 and its my highschool graduation on friday. the thing is i have 29/30 credits so i wont be able to go =[ but my parents are sooo looking forward to see me walk up the stage and get my diploma. well theyve already book a dayoff on friday and theyve got me shoes, suit, laptop (grad gift)and still, they dont know that im not gonna graduate.... how do i tell them that. they will be so pissed off at me and i dont know what they will do to me. im like soooo scared and i dont know what to do. =[ any advice u can give me?
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Best Answers: I need serious help with a BIG problem. will u help me/ give advice or whatever?

Hadassa Hadassa | 6 days ago
Talk to your school councilor. If you are close enough, and are planning to finish school, some schools will let you walk across the stage, only you will get a blank sheet of paper in place of the diploma. This will help save face for the family, however you do need to come clean with your parents!!! You are 19 it's time to take responsibility for your actions. Ya, they will be 'pissed off', but they will be a lot more if you don't tell them. By taking responsibility for your actions, at least they will see a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel. BTW they may feel like killing you, but they will still love you. Now get back in class, and get that darn diploma!
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Carley Carley
Yes this is serious, but it's not the end of the world. I didn't get to go to the graduation ceremony either. You should be honest with your parents ASAP. The sooner you tell them the better you'll feel. But, you need to tell them how you plan to finish getting your credits, and when. I called the school and they hooked me up with a test that I could take. It took an entire day. But it was worth enough credits to give me my diploma. And I was proud of myself for following through. And later when I went on to collage, I took it way more serious.
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Andri Andri
that isnt enough credits to graduate??? how many do you need?? down here all you need is 23. Anywayz... You dont have to be depressed. There is still a way to get your high school diploma. You dont HAVE to walk across the stage. You can go to school over the summer, make up classes and get your diploma then. I know plenty of students doing that.
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Whitaker Whitaker
first of all, everybody who called u dumb etc. 4 not finishing the question at first is mean and awful, and wouldn't say that 2 your face, it's just that since they're supposedly anonymous over the internet, suddenly they have a big set. so i'm sorry 4 all of them. second of all, dude u r in one big mess and whatever you do, i suggest you try to do it as calmly as possible. if you have a conversation with them, do it calmly and then after the point has been made, excuse yourself and get outa their sight and let them explode if they're gonna get mad, but not explode all over you. don't make it a big long conversation cause all that will happen is everyone will start bringing up everything from the past rather than focusing on the issue at hand. so tell them calmly, then calmly leave. be respectful of their feelings--and they WILL have feelings about this! good luck!
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