Can someone give any advice?

Can someone give any advice? Topic: Grade level writing paper
July 19, 2019 / By Flurry
Question: In my freshman year of high school, i had very terrible grades in language arts. I had problems in every possible topic there was in the subject - poetry,short stories, you name it, I had problems with it. Outside of school, writing simple and low-level writing (NOT like this string of paragraphs) is easy, but in school, in class, more specifically, i just couldn't meet the teachers expectations. Everybody else in her class i spoke to passed the year by at least an "A-". It didn't matter how much help i had received, went in for, or even how easy the assignment was supposed to be, it was incredibly difficult to pass. I went in after school every day of the year to receive help in english, but no matter the practice, i never passed a writing exercise. An example: I went in to class mid january, and the teacher assigns a 50 word paragraph about what we learned from the book she provided us, and i choked up, after writing my name and the date. I knew what i wanted to put, i just couldn't put it to paper. I couldn't write it, and i don't know why. She asked why i hadn't written anything and i simply replied "I cant" and got a pass to the counseling office to see if there was any other time i could receive help. Any free period by mid February was booked with english. in a sense, i had 4 english classes everyday, if you consider the periods i went in for help, and english class. I had enough problems in english 9, and im in english 10 this upcoming school year, and i don't know what to do, because i cant afford to fail another english class. (i annoyed my counselor to hell to reach english 10). I don't want to, and cant, fail english this time around, and i just don't know what to do. Does anyone have any ideas, or advice to help with this situation? Please forgive any Grammaticular errors, hence, my grammar is that of a newborn Any help is appreciated, in advance, i say thank you. (this took me 4 hours to write, believe me or not. to word it write was incredibly difficult)
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Dandrenor Dandrenor | 10 days ago
You have the same problem that I use to have, Disorganized thoughts. I found that taking Gingko Biloba and Niacin helped me concentrate and focus on my writing. Now I finish writing before the rest of the class.
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Dandrenor Originally Answered: SOMEONE please give me advice?
Sounds like you are feeling terrible. If you are really sick, then stay home or go see a doctor. If you are just in a funk, get you butt to class. The rest of us are waiting. =) Hope you feel better soon. God bless, CK

Bonduca Bonduca
First remove grammatical errors. These errors put bad impression on your writing. For writing, you have to be careful about your thoughts. You should think that is this sentence has any sense or not? After completing your work check it again. Try to understand the things.
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Alanna Alanna
how about writing the ideas down......not in order or in a line just get them down on paper....Now with the ideas down......you can add connection words and put it in lines and paragraph form.
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Alanna Originally Answered: Can anyone give me some advice?
Okay so let me start by prasing you for wanting to help your friend even though you may be jelous of his talents. Personally, I don't think there is anything at all wrong with your friend. In fact, I think his own worries about having something wrong with himself is whats making him seem more socially akward than he truly is. My advice to him is to try and put himself in as much akward situations as possible that way he will learn how to be outgoing, and confident. He also needs to realize how special he is, and praise himself for the greatness he has. I feel that once he becomes more confident, he will in turn, become less akward. And as for a girlfriend, one day a girl will see his special talents and love him for all of them. 21 years has nothing to do with anything, he probably just hasnt found that one special girl (cheesy, but true). Hope I could help<3

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