Should I work for my school newspaper?

Should I work for my school newspaper? Topic: Newspaper writing
June 16, 2019 / By Ike
Question: A lot of people say I can write and that I write really well. Should I write for my school newspaper?
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Best Answers: Should I work for my school newspaper?

Ethan Ethan | 6 days ago
If you like writing and think you might like a career in journalism, then I would go for it. It will also look good on your CV. Good luck.
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Ethan Originally Answered: How should I start a school newspaper article about the new teachers/administration?
As a journalist, I will let know you are going about it completely wrong. You are asking how to start a newspaper article. The first paragraph should tell the entire story along with the point you are trying to make. The rest of the article should just expand on the first paragraph. Even more important is the first sentence. You know the who, what, where, when, and why thing. When it comes to newspaper articles, if you haven't caught them in your first sentence, it's doubtful you ever will. Let me try to give you a first line: People you are seeing here today, some for the very first time, may be the difference of you becoming a corporate manager or a janitor. You see this sentence has the who, the what, the why. the where and the when. You've made your reader aware of the subject matter and how much effect they could actually have on their life. Good Luck!
Ethan Originally Answered: How should I start a school newspaper article about the new teachers/administration?
Less critical, and more welcome-y. ......no" ladys and gentleman ",...your not the master of ceramonies.

Conway Conway
Yeah! If you have the free time, then go for it. Maybe you can even get some references down the line!
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Conway Originally Answered: How do I submit a Holocaust type poem to a magazine or newspaper? And what magazine/newspaper do you suggest?
Hi, gossip_palms. Start by going to your library. Look at their copy of Poet's Market. This is the major resource for learning how and where to submit your poem. Here's a link so you can see what I'm talking about. http://search.barnesandnoble.com/2010-Po... updated yearly, but you can use one from a year or two ago with no problem. Magazines and other poetry publishers have very definite requirements for how to submit your poem. Usually email submittals are not acceptable for most manuscripts, though this may be different for poetry. You will probably need to write a short cover letter to send with the poem. Poet's Market gives submission requirements for every magazine and publication. As for which magazines might be interested, probably history and interfaith magazines would be the most likely places to start. These will be listed in Poet's Market. Another place would be the literary poetry journals.

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