Marketing homework help please?

Marketing homework help please? Topic: help homework online
June 20, 2019 / By Damian
Question: The external environment is a strong influence on a target market and can be a source of ______ for the marketing manager. A.) Opportunities and threats B.) Threats and Strengths C.) Environmental loopholes D.) Opportunities and Weaknesses E.) Product Myopia
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Averel Averel | 1 day ago
Opportunities & Threats are External whereas Strengths & Weakness are Internal. SWOT Analysis. Option A is the best answer. If you want help in Online Exams for Marketing then simply goto GOGLE search Engine & type Marketing homework help and you will find some brilliant guys like http://www.marketinghomeworkhelp.7p.com & http://www.marketinghomeworkhelp.4t.com
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I did a research when I was in graduate school on athletes and marketing. I used Bo Jackson, Micheal Jordan, and Shaq in my paper. Tiger Woods is the perfect example. He uses products that reflect his life and his name is now a brand. Gatorade is coming out with his own brand of drink which is a first. He is a money making machine.
Averel Originally Answered: Marketing dissertation idea?
There are lots (about 15) marketing dissertation essays here that talks about sports. Some titles includes * Explain how marketing strategies could help sports development reach its goals in terms of increasing numbers of participation * American Values in Nike s marketing strategy (dissertation investigates the marketing strategy of Nike providing a profile of the company defining their identity and analysing Nike s approaches in penetrating international markets) * and a lot more. All these are found in http://search.blossom.com/query/464?key=sports+marketing There is also a quick guode on how to choose a dissertaion topic, how to make a proposal and how to write a very good dissertation. It is found here http://www.coursework4you.co.uk/How_to_Find_Good_Dissertation_Topics_for_Masters_or_MBA.htm Hope that helps!

Averel Originally Answered: What are some good website to help in making a marketing survey?
There are a whole bunch of good survey sites out there. Many let you construct a basic (often limited number of questions) for free. One is Survey Monkey, but there are probably half a dozen others, too. The questions you'd ask would depend on what you're trying to determine. Before writing the questions, ask your self: "What do I want to find out from the survey?" For instance, in your case, are you trying to determine budget? Or different marketing channels? Or are you trying to determine who your best customers would be? Are you trying to determine the optimal price for your product or service? You have to know where you want to go before writing questions. Hope that helps.
Averel Originally Answered: What are some good website to help in making a marketing survey?
Participate in paid surveys is enjoyable, fascinating, and financially rewarding and you can inform what you believe of the items you make use of every day because every year big and little business invest billions of dollars on studies and market study to assist discover what products individuals as you want to purchase!

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