Can anyone give me advice on my situation.please?

Can anyone give me advice on my situation.please? Topic: How to write a happy new year message
June 16, 2019 / By Aubrey
Question: So there is a guy I am slightly interested in..he prob doesn't really know I exist,lol..he pierced my belly button twice and my nose..but that was at least 2 years ago. I went into that tattoo shop to get my tattoo and just thought there was something really intriguing about him. Also,I have a feeling he's a lot older than me (I'm 19) but idk how old..I'm guessing late 20's. Anyways,on new years I sent him this message: "you pierced my belly button how I know that is a long story and I'm drunk" (haha,I'm a weird drunk) and he responded: "well hello there. its been a good new years I take it :P"..and he requested me as a friend,cause I didn't have him. So I wrote back: "hahahaha,wtf..I have no memory of writing that whatsoever..kinda embarrassing lol. Happy new years : ) hope you had a good one." And he didn't respond. Now I'm kinda stuck. I was thinking of maybe waiting like a week and messaging him again..maybe apologize for the drunk message and actually initiate a normal conversation,haha. But what should I say?
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Vi Vi | 1 day ago
Just apologize normally. Like you usually say you're sorry? Then ask him how his New Year has been. I'm sure the conversation would just follow along. ;)
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Serina Serina
Ask him in a sort of half joking half serious way if he can do your tattoo for free or something. That way you have a reason to talk to him and if he doesnt take it as a joke then you don't have to feel embarrassed for wanting a free tattoo.
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Ondrea Ondrea
I would try to pretend you never sent the message (bad first introduction to be a calling / text messaging drunk). Go to their shop and introduce yourself. Take it from there. Peace.
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