Paranormal activity and mental illness?

Paranormal activity and mental illness? Topic: phd thesis in
July 18, 2019 / By Ellery
Question: I live in the same house from when I was born until I was 20 years old. Starting when I was about 10-12 years old, I started believing that there cameras in my house and that the kids at school could see me and laugh at how poor I was. I also believed that the characters of a certain book series were real and followed me around through an interdimensional gateway. Once, I swear I heard them talking but it was just the one time. I knew in my mind that these things couldn't possibly be real but I could never shake the feeling of them being there. Here's the thing, 90% of these things went away when I moved out of that house. A licensed counselor asked me if I thought the house was haunted. I told her no. Even though there was one or two things that happened that I couldn't explain, I never entertained the possibility of ghosts. But it made me wonder. Could something have been tied to that house that made me believe those things and the remaining 10% just be some sort of residue of the experience? It made me wonder if not all evil spirit/demons have the same MO. We always hear about the poltergeist activity or weird bangings and things moving around. But maybe some have a different way of oppressing their victims, by just giving them delusions of feeling watched and judged all the time. And, yes, I realize the irony of asking if evil spirits cause paranoid delusions...
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Chris Chris | 5 days ago
Actually you are asking a question that is part of what started my PhD thesis in this field. What you have described is a well known side effect of static magnetic fields. These can be caused by minor problems in wiring. They are also well documented effects of supposed demonic activity, with documentation that easily precedes wiring in houses, so that is not the explanation. Now without going into a lot of detail, there are multiple other attributes of the demonic that fit quite well with current knowledge from quantum physics and other fields. This does not state that the demonic is necessarily real, but it does make it much harder to explain it away also. And actually, to explain all the issues away requires as large, if not a larger, leap of faith than accepting that the demonic and general spirit realms in total are real.
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Ambie Ambie
They went away when you moved out because you got older. Our brain changes all throughout our aging process. Things are much more intense when we are young. It is fun to have fantasies, even as an adult. It doesnt sound like your house is haunted/paranormal in this case, given the things you describe such as being watched by cameras, pretending book characters are following you etc. As you describe it, seems a little more like youthful, over-self-conciousness, and having fun with fantasies. Fairly common.
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Tiffiny Tiffiny
You're describing typical symptoms of schizophrenia (runs in my family; has for several generations). It sometimes goes away and returns at intervals which may last into years. My mother suffered from it all her adult life, with episodes every three years or so. The only time that I EVER saw her recover from a schizophrenic episode without being hospitalized and dosed with powerful psychotropic drugs was when she moved to a new home in the middle of an outbreak. My guess is that she had to return to reality to deal with new information. Good luck. And, no, demons and ghosts and spirits and the Tooth Fairy are not real.
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Rowena Rowena
This is such a tricky subject, because any skeptic is going to tell you it is related to brain chemistry and nothing else. That is entirely possible. There could also have been another environmental factor that influenced you. In my experience, people with mental health problems are extremely sensitive to otherworldly matters, and it complicates things a great deal. From a spiritual point of view, its entirely possible the house has a lot of energy - either because of its location or because it has built up there over time. Sites where people connect to the otherworld become soaked in its energy. This can affect your perception of what you feel and see and hear. No, spirits do not all have the same MO. They are as individual as any other life form.
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