Constant razor burn on upper legs?

Constant razor burn on upper legs? Topic: Cold case solved maybe
June 26, 2019 / By Leah
Question: I've been shaving for about a month now, and I ALWAYS get razor burn on my upper legs. I shave my entire legs but it only happens on the upper part. I've shaved with the grain. I've shaved against the grain. I moisturize my legs after shaving. My calves are nice, smooth, and free of razor burn, but my thighs are just COVERED in red bumps. Also, when I'm shaving my upper legs (no matter which direction, length of stroke, or speed) It always hurts to shave there. It feels like its cutting. How to solve this problem? And after shaving I wash my legs with hot water. Maybe I should do so with cold water? I use Gillette shaving cream and Gillette razors
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Joelle Joelle | 5 days ago
Here are some tips to prevent razor burn when shaving: 1. Make sure you are washing and lightly exfoliating your skin before you shave, to get get rid of any dead skin cells that can clog your razor. 2. Make sure you are using a very sharp, or brand new razor blade, when shaving. Disposable razors are just fine, but they should be discarded after 3 or 4 uses, as dull blades and tug on the skin causing razor burn or psuedofolliculitis barbae (razor bumps). 3. Use a thick and very creamy shaving cream like Pure Silk by barbasol. It has a very thick texture and added oils to help coat the skin and helps keep it moisturized while shaving, reducing irritation. 4. When shaving use small strokes and rinse blade as you go, so it removes any hair that is stuck in between the blades. 5. After shaving use aloe vera or coconut oil; and apply it to your skin after shaving. Both help reduce skin irritation and moisturize. A lotion with with those in it should work as well. Some other shaving tips: 1. Do not use hot water on the skin, as it irritates it and can break down elastin. Instead opt for lukewarm or cooler water. 2. Make sure that your hair is long enough for shaving. It should be around 1/8th of an inch for best results. 3. Avoid skin burning/irritating products such as aftershave, tea tree oil, witch hazel, and especially depilatory creams such as nair. Using any of those products after shaving or in the case of nair, will BURN YOUR SKIN. I hope this helps.
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Joelle Originally Answered: How to treat razor burn on legs?
If the skin on your legs are covered in small, red bumps every time you shave, you may have razor bumps. Razor bumps, also known as ingrown hairs, shaving bumps or razor burn, can occur anywhere you shave or wax. By switching up your shaving routine and applying products to soothe the skin, you may be able to reduce the appearance of shaving bumps on the skin. If your skin is severely infected or painful, your condition may require a doctor's care. Step 1 Stop shaving, recommends the Mayo Clinic in the article "Ingrown Hair: Treatments and Drugs." Leaving the bumps alone will allow your irritated skin to heal and any ingrown hairs to emerge. Best Ayurvedic Treatment Finest Ayurvedic Treatment in India Qualified Doctors 5 Star Facilities www.SOUKYA.com Sponsored Links Step 2 Apply a moisturizing lotion after shaving to soothe the skin and prevent razor bumps from getting worse. If you must continue shaving, applying a moisturizing lotion immediately after you shave may soothe the skin to prevent any further damage. Step 3 Treat the legs with an over-the-counter 2.5 or 5 percent benzoyl peroxide acne medication once a day, suggests Dr. Evelyn Placek, a dermatologist and doctor of internal medicine in private practice in Scarsdale, New York, in the book "The Doctors Book of Home Remedies for Women." Consult your dermatologist to determine where and how often you should apply the medication to treat your particular condition. The medication may both minimize existing razor bumps and preventing new ones from returning. Step 4 Use a prescription retinoid cream to exfoliate the skin and allow ingrown hairs to emerge from the skin. Use retinoid cream exactly as instructed by your dermatologist. Step 5 Get electrolysis if shaving bumps are so severe you are unable to get rid of them. Electrolysis removes the hair follicle, preventing the hair from growing. Electrolysis may help individuals with persistent ingrown hairs. Varicose Treatment Now in Qatar. Simple Painless Procedure No Anesthesia Needed www.sovein.net Dark Spots Gone - 14 Days Yes it's possible with Meladerm! Lighten Dark Spots on skin fast. CivantSkinCare.com/Dark-Spots Ask a Doctor Online Now A Doctor Will Answer You Now! Questions Answered Every 9 Seconds. JustAnswer.com/Medical Vitiligo Cure @ LifeForce Dr Shah's patients in 177 countries Research based homeopathy treatment VitiligoTreatment.com Sponsored Links Tips and Warnings Your doctor may prescribe temporary antibiotics to reduce swelling and irritation associated with shaving bumps. Consult a dermatologist before using any over-the-counter or home remedies to treat your condition. Things You'll Need Moisturizing lotion 2.5 or 5 percent benzoyl peroxide medication Retinoid cream References "The Doctors Book of Home Remedies for Women"; Sharon Faelten; 1997 Mayo Clinic: Ingrown Hair: Treatments and Drugs UAB Medicine: Razor Bumps Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/264692-how-to-heal-shave-bumps-on-legs/#ixzz1ulgAAFZ3

Garnette Garnette
Use a thick shave gel/foam put on generously before shaving and a sharp, sharp razor but be careful and go slow, you may be pulling hair out of follicle too fast--could be a possibility. Change brands of shave gel, get one for sensitive skin. There are razors made for inner upper thigh area. A dull razor will cause razor burn/bumps in a minute. I have fair skin and use regular hair (head) conditioner to shave with. Air out good before putting on conditioner/moisturizer and moisturize with a sensitive skin, non perfumed moisturizer, and the best thing I have found for irritation and quick healing is Neosporin with Pain Relief. Go slow with slow downward strokes. If you don't get all the shave gel/foam off rinse with lukewarm water. If you have a lots of hair, then use one razor for calves (are you doing them first?) then a new razor for thighs, the razor may be getting dull by the time you get to your thighs. Try a newer, better type razor, there are some that are made with aloe already in them. Also, if you shave in the shower, try this. Buy a cheap plastic dishpan (kind like you wash dishes in) wash and clean thoroughly before using. Half fill with lukewarm/warm water, sit on commode and shave this way, more slowly and carefully. Rinse razor after each stroke in warm water/rinsing legs as you go. When finished rinse or use a soft bath cloth (lukewarm) to clean excess gel/foam off of legs. Can also use this dishpan for soaking feet for pedicures, but always clean and disinfect afterwards. There are wax creams, but you sound like you have very sensitive skin so I would be careful of these.
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Debbie Debbie
As a guy, I also get intense razor burn on my groin area. This is something that will never go away for you. All you do is either deal with the bumps or find an alternative. My alternative is using Nair like products. It leaves me with no razor burn and works great. No, it doesn't burn like crazy, but you may feel a little burning. Though, it goes away in a couple minutes. Hope this helps!
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Britannia Britannia
I get that sometime's to I found it help's to buy a more expensive razor and use conditioner instead of soap or you could even try shaving foam.I hope I've helped.
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