Can anyone give me any advice about work?

Can anyone give me any advice about work? Topic: Out fmla papers
June 19, 2019 / By Enoch
Question: I had surgery on the 16th of June and the doctor gave me a note for work saying that I would need two weeks off. They tried making me work the weekend after my surgery, but I ended up getting out of it. Today I called in to work and told them that i still wasn't feeling well and couldn't come in tomorrow. And technically I should not have even been on the schedule during the two week time period and I told them about two months in advance that I was going to be having the surgery and would need the time off. After my surgery my supervisor told me that I haven't been working there long enough and a doctor's note doesn't mean anything, which doesn't even make sense. My doctor told me that I am not to go to work at all during the two week period, but I was told that I have already been off for ten days and that I need to be there tomorrow. I'm not planning on going in tomorrow, Im still not feeling good at all. Any suggestions on what I should do? I don't want to get fired, but I can't work, I told them that, and I have a doctor's note. And from what I understood from my papers on the policies from my work, I don't think that they are even supposed to let me go back to work without a note from my doctor saying that I can.
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Cody Cody | 5 days ago
If you live in the US your job MIGHT be protected by FMLA. FMLA only comes into effect if you have been with your job for more than one year and are not a key member of management (Like the CEO or something). Call your local employment office and find out what your rights are. But if you have been with the company a short period of time, they don't have any legal reason to hold your job for you, even with a doctors note. Sorry. But you can still qualify for unemployment most likely.
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Antuan Antuan
I think if you've been on medical leave you need a note from your dr. I don't think they can fire you because you told them about the surgery in advance.but you need to call and clearly tell them you can not work for however long your dr. told you.tell them,Your dr.needs to put that in writing,make a copy.and give them one,by hand.
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