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Heart of Darkness Essay Question? Topic: Horror literature essays
July 18, 2019 / By Taylor
Question: I have to write an essay on the novelette, Heart of Darkness, and I need a little help. My essay topic is how does the removal of all restraints in solitude bring out a man's true nature, and to be honest I don't know where to start. So if you could give me like an example or something then I should be able to go from there.
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Peterkin Peterkin | 10 days ago
I think the theme is more that without civilization man becomes an animal. Kurtz goes into the jungle and becomes a cannibal without civilization. I have a PhD in literature and have taught this book many times. "The horror, the horror" means what he found out about himself. Notice at the end his Intended asks Marlow, the narrator, what his last words were. Marlow lies and says his last words were--your name.
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Peterkin Originally Answered: Heart of Darkness! help please?
Okay, you're going to have a remarkably difficult time proving that HoD is pro-feminism; point blank, the women in this novel are shallow, dull-eyed, and portrayed as fundamentally too thick to understand the horror of the real world. Take, for instance, the first female in the novel, Marlowe's aunt. She is remarkably idealistic about the British expedition into the Congo, spouting only simple and half-formed ideas. Clearly speaking from naivite and not experience. Kurtz's Intended is given a similar treatment; when Marlowe visits her in Brussels, he realizes that she is such a weak and fragile creature that the truth of past events would positively shatter her. Instead, he opts to lie about Kurtz's final words just to assuage her. The aunt and Intended are representations of the idealistic Westerner, whose concepts of the outside world are based on rumor and tale alone rather than experience. Best of luck with your essay!
Peterkin Originally Answered: Heart of Darkness! help please?
Ouch! Good luck on that one. The women are as cardboard as the natives, you wonder if Conrad had seen either in real life... Would it be safe to say that they exist solely so that inside his head Kurtz could be worshiped as a god by women as well as everybody else? I'd say a feminist evaluation of the Heart of Darkness is to say that Conrad had no real use for women except as passive set dressings... Good luck. P.S. I've seen this come around on YA a couple of times. Do students choose this on their own or is there a really sadistic teacher who keeps handing out this no win assignment?

Lux Lux
the farther down the congo they go, the deeper they go into man's "heart of darkness" where there are no rules or restraints. Surrounded by savages, we find out what man's true nature is...essentially evil. If you haven't done so, watch the film Apocalypse Now...
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Jefferey Jefferey
Reread and pay close attention to the end of the story when the narrator (forgot his name) is in the presence of the woman who is associated with the trading company. There is a plethora of imagery during this scene. Now contrast the wealth of the hearth and office of the company with that of the scenes from Africa. You can do a historical critique using the differences in imagery within the Heart of Darkness. Just a thought.
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Jefferey Originally Answered: Heart of Darkness - conrad?
How about 'The White Man's Burden', by Rudyard Kipling? I did not know this until today, but apparently this was written when the US took over the Phillipines in the 1890s or something. Even more suitable to Conrad's theme, no? And without further ado; Take up the White Man's burden-- Send forth the best ye breed-- Go bind your sons to exile To serve your captives' need; To wait in heavy harness, On fluttered folk and wild-- Your new-caught, sullen peoples, Half-devil and half-child. Take up the White Man's burden-- In patience to abide, To veil the threat of terror And check the show of pride; By open speech and simple, An hundred times made plain To seek another's profit, And work another's gain. Take up the White Man's burden-- The savage wars of peace-- Fill full the mouth of Famine And bid the sickness cease; And when your goal is nearest The end for others sought, Watch sloth and heathen Folly Bring all your hopes to nought. Take up the White Man's burden-- No tawdry rule of kings, But toil of serf and sweeper-- The tale of common things. The ports ye shall not enter, The roads ye shall not tread, Go mark them with your living, And mark them with your dead. Take up the White Man's burden-- And reap his old reward: The blame of those ye better, The hate of those ye guard-- The cry of hosts ye humour (Ah, slowly!) toward the light:-- "Why brought he us from bondage, Our loved Egyptian night?" Take up the White Man's burden-- Ye dare not stoop to less-- Nor call too loud on Freedom To cloke your weariness; By all ye cry or whisper, By all ye leave or do, The silent, sullen peoples Shall weigh your gods and you. Take up the White Man's burden-- Have done with childish days-- The lightly proferred laurel, The easy, ungrudged praise. Comes now, to search your manhood Through all the thankless years Cold, edged with dear-bought wisdom, The judgment of your peers!

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