"Climate scientists have no purpose unless global warming exists" Really? They would have nothing to do?

"Climate scientists have no purpose unless global warming exists" Really? They would have nothing to do? Topic: Global data research
June 20, 2019 / By Deye
Question: I have seen this claim in several posts. I didn't realize that climate scientists would be without employment if global warming trends did not continue. Does this mean there would no longer be any climate for them to study? (Or perhaps just not interesting enough to require such scientists.) And does this then mean that before global warming trends were published, there were no climate scientists? And doesn't that mean that if we can either disprove or stop global warming, economies worldwide can save the enormous sums of money currently spent on climate scientists? (And that's not even counting all the money that is paid to them to buy them off and produce the global warming hoax!) But isn't this like a chicken-or-the-egg question? Were there really no climate scientists before global warming? Or is it like the tree falling in the forest producing sound? So I'm confused. Explanations please? (I never would have imagined some of these truths if I hadn't started visiting the global warming forum.)
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Best Answers: "Climate scientists have no purpose unless global warming exists" Really? They would have nothing to do?

Beverley Beverley | 7 days ago
Really this is one of the lamest denier arguments, and that's saying a lot. Scientists have studied the global climate for decades. It's a very important thing to understand - whether or not it's currently changing rapidly and dangerously - considering how dependent we are on the climate. Scientists would still continue to study the climate even if we weren't concerned about AGW. So then the deniers shift their argument to claim that climate scientists are being 'alarmist' in order to increase their funding. Which really makes no sense, since most scientists are on a fixed salary which doesn't come out of their research grants (although their employing institutions do expect them to get grants and do research). But this conspiracy theory begs 2 major questions. 1) Why isn't anyone calling them on it? Why isn't John Christy saying that his fellow climate scientists are falsifying data in order to get more grant money? He may dispute their data or conclusions, but he doesn't claim they're purposefully falsifying data. 2) Why don't scientists in other fields do the same? Why don't astrophysicists tell us there's a meteor on a trajectory to hit the Earth, and they need more grant money to study it? Why don't biologists tell us there's some horrible disease that will kill millions of people if they don't get grant money to find a cure? These conspiracy theories are always made by non-scientists who don't understand how the scientific community works. Frauds don't survive.
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Beverley Originally Answered: Do so-called "global warming" believers think the climate should always be static?
They don't think it should be static. They want it to get warmer so they can declare 'New record in global temperatures.' They want to use global warming as an excuse to pass the green environmental agenda.

Abnor Abnor
Obviously the scientist came before the Global Warming. They discovered it. People have always been studying the climate. They've been studying weather patterns and what not. Since I read your Book maybe you don't mind reading mine. I invite you to read it. Both sides make Very compelling arguments. It’s not easy to just disregard one claim and accept the other. Both sides are backed by scientists. We don't know which side is bough and which side is driven by true concern. Money makes the world go around but to me this particular issue is much more complex than just Money. Who makes the global warming claim? for the most part environmentalists… probably with legitimate concerns. Anyone who doesn't want to hear about the environment may have some concerns and/or fear that such claims may hurt business. Me and you as private citizens should not be so dismissive of neither claims. Looking after the environment will not hurt us. It may be of some inconvenience but by no means harmful. We don't have to worry about losing business because of the green transition. So let’s thoroughly examine the issue before jumping on the popular bandwagon.
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Sloan Sloan
Fact: Climate research went from being an obscure area to a major one. Fact: Funding for climate research has increased 20 fold in the last 20 years. Fact: If global warming is deemed a non problem, governments do not spend this much money on non problems.
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Pleasant Pleasant
When the US wanted to raise a sunken Soviet nuclear sub, they got the press and scientists to go along with an elaborate scam that said there were manganese nodules on the ocean floor. The ship Glomar Explorer was built to raise the Soviet sub, but everyone was told it would be used to explore the oceans and develop mining techniques, so the Soviets wouldn't get suspicious and get in the way. Ozone depletion by freon was a scam to stop $1B a year from going to China to buy freon. AC's were redesigned so they don't leak anymore. Global warming is an elaborate scam to redistribute the worlds wealth and maintain the US economic dominance as oil becomes scarce. If burning carbon-based fuel is demonized, then the value of oil falls.
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Mattie Mattie
climate science really started to take off in the united states during WWII and the Cold War with a government influx of money focused primarily on mathematics and sciences in education. The military understood the destruction climate could have on enemy countries. What if we could create blizzards, and what if we could cause droughts. It would be a vital tool to the military and so during WWII and the Cold War with a lot of money spent on military expenditures climate science got a piece of the pie. Without the governments interest and funding in early climate science they would have continued to work with private funds, which in comparison to government grants were almost nothing.
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Laryn Laryn
without Man Made Global Warming, some (not all) scientists will still have research to do, but it won't be as profitable and career advancing as Man Made Global Warming...
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