5'7", 146 lb girl asks: If everyone tells you the same thing, does it mean it's true?

5'7", 146 lb girl asks: If everyone tells you the same thing, does it mean it's true? Topic: How to write a love diary for boyfriend
June 20, 2019 / By Driskoll
Question: Let's cut straight to the point. I'm 5'7". The past half year I lost 6 kilos from my heaviest weight, but put 3 back on recently. My stats the last few years = HW: 154.66 lb, 70.3 kg -- LW: 134.86 lb, 61.3 kg -- CW: 146.3 lb, 66.5 kg. I was at 63.9-64.3 kilos for a while before putting on the 3 extra kilos. however, the last time I weighed myself was a week ago and I've been eating unhealthily/skipping meals, drinking lots of water so my weight could be lower now (my stomach generally feels flatter). My body measurements are 34-28.5-40.5 currently. Although at 64 kilos my waist was down to 27. Which is frustrating because there are people with 35 inch hips with 27-29 inch waists...it seems like either my *** just doesn't shrink or if I lost more weight my waist would be even smaller. I'm pear-shaped so I have an *** that bops out, if I didn't my hip measurement would be quite lower. My stomach is not super flat but it's not chunky (unless obviously I push it out and bend over), although usually early on in the day it is generally flat. I have pretty strong abs, when I flex and somebody punches them. Albeit, they are hidden under a few layers of fat. ha. My arms have always been slim (tricks ppl!) although I feel like lately they've gotten bigger but that might just be me because EVERYONE keeps making fat comments. I know I might be chubby to some people...but fat?? FAT? When I think of FAT I think of...how Kelly Osbourne used to be. Or Kelly Clarkson. My mom tells me I'm fat everyday, several times a day and makes little comments here and there (even though she still takes me out to eat my favourite foods etc.). My housekeepers say that I'm not FAT cause I've been fatter but I could definitely lose a few. This one girl I thought was a close friend made up a rumour about me dating an Indian guy last year because he was trying to hook up with me (I was dating a caucasian Kiwi actually), and said I could only get an indian boyfriend cause I'm so fat. I feel like when I'm walking around ppl are judging me. I look in the mirror and I want to cry because I wish I were skinnier. Just last night a guy friend of mine made a fat joke about me (having to do with cellulite/being fat etc.) even though it was "just a joke", I couldn't stop thinking about it. I've been through months of purging (that stopped when I started having throat/stomach problems- I'm also a smoker which must've irritated my esophagus). If I do get into a gym routine, I work out vigorously and try to burn 800 cals and above otherwise it's not good enough. I used to keep a calorie intake diary for everyday (which was VERY tiring, but evidently useful). Sometimes I don't want to leave the house because I feel like I can't find anything to wear. I love to eat, I would never give that up although I go through bouts of not eating/skipping meals. My rational side tells me I'm NOT fat. I have a near perfect waist-hip ratio, my BMI is in check. But that's not enough, is it? Not enough for our society today. It doesn't help that my boyfriend is super fit...all these insecurities...I just feel like, why is he with me?? How can he find me beautiful? It's hard to believe sometimes. Maybe I'm just really lucky. There are people whom, despite my recent weight gain, have told me I've lost weight. But it's like those comments are completely drowned out by the negative ones. I have a pretty face, I just wish I had the body to match it. Currently the most frustrating thing is being stuck on holiday in a hotel that doesn't have a gym. I feel like I'm getting fatter and fatter everyday. What do I do about myself??? Am I fat? Should I ignore these comments and do what makes me happy? My self-esteem is so low and I cry about it more than I should. I have a love/hate relationship with myself and food. It's torturing. It's torturing to eat a good proper meal, and beat myself up for it afterwards. I'm not sure what my question is exactly...just tell me your thoughts? Thank you. I know it's a looooong post. x
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Briscoe Briscoe | 4 days ago
Are you a myth? I cannot tell. you wrote your lifestory there and I did not read all of it but please tell me what your weight has to do with myths and fantasy? If I were you just ignore people who make you unhappy about yourself. Are you in pain? are you sick? If not then just tell these critics to mind there own beeswax and be happy and do not listen to the mockers they are just trying to get your goat and just do not let them. Tell them it is nice to be important but it is more important to be nice.
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Aiah Aiah
You have a couple of choices. Either you can accept and love yourself as you are, and ignore the comments, which are cruel and mean spirited. You are a beautiful person just as you are, when you feel so inside. It seems to me that you do not feel that way on the inside, mostly because of the comments. If you yourself want to change for YOU, you can do it. I am the same height as you are, and at my biggest I weighed 154 lbs. I went on the South Beach Diet and lost 37 pounds over the course of a summer. The diet has a web site. Basically, you cut out sugar, because it is not fat that makes you fat, it is sugar. For the first two weeks, you don't eat sugar, including carbs like bread, pasta, rice and potatoes. You can eat all the protein you want, meats,cheeses, nuts, eggs, and veggies, but no carrots. No dairy or booze or fruit. This is the strictest phase of the diet, it gets your body accustomed to eating less sugar and your body will start producing less insulin as a result. After those two weeks, you can add in some fruits and complex carbs. If you get the book,you will read about why it works, and how it will keep the weight off you. I lost the weight 4 years ago and have had no problem keeping it off. Either way, it is your decision, and you are a beautiful lady at whatever weight you are, because you are the same inside. Whatever you do, do for yourself. Best of luck, Lady Morgana
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Susanne Susanne
Regarding the whole pear shape thing, everyone is build different, and store fat in different places. Whenever I gain weight it goes straight to my gut, which is unfortunate. Doesn't sound like you're fat, but it sounds like you could lose a few pounds to be more happy and feel better about yourself. Feeling happy about yourself is the most important thing. Once you think you look good, don't worry about what other people say. Your mother is just trying to encourage you to succeed, although it sounds like she has some faults as well. Feeding you crap is not supportive. There is always room for improvement, and this goes for anything in life. People that make excuses will always fail and blame everything but themselves. So, if you want to change, you can but you have to make it happen yourself. And don't look for easy solutions. Half of the people online will sell you their solution in a bottle and it won't help you. The other half will tell you how to get there if you want to work for it. Listen to them.
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Randa Randa
Tell your mom to stop being so mean. Its not her job to "tell you where its at" Your mother's job is to raise you right, and as long as you're moralistically correct, dont let your mother bring you down. No one is allowed to say "you're fat" unless you give them the "okay" look at Barbara streisand. Everyone ushered her to get a nose job, her manager, her friends. And she stood her ground are one of the great female figures of today. Hey. if you're pear shaped, that means baby got back :] but if you feel really bad, buy some magazines, get some info on dress styles that match your body type. Yknow black is slimming right? Wear black tights under some bright colors (try to avoid whites and yellows...bright bright colors widen the look) add a belt to show off a skinny waist, and you're good to strut By the way, skipping meals and sleeping after meals is just one of the worst things to do to your body. 1. meal skipping makes your body think "**** ima starve!" and so next time you eat, your body puts that food into fat to keep in storage in case you skip meals again. Eat 5 fist sized portions every 2 or 3 or 4 hours, and your body will know its not gonna starve and all the food goes to energy. 2. Sleep after a meal. When you sleep, yes you lose SOME calories but not alot. after you eat and sleep your body is gonna put the food to fat because you dont need all the energy to thrash around in bed, asleep, so your body saves it for later.
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Mercedes Mercedes
the people you are interacting with are either all nasty, all brainwashed by the media, or-- enjoy irritating you. by my definitions none of them are your friends. If your BMI is good, stay where you are, and quit worrying about these nasty, manipulative people. You are letting other people determine your emotions, how you feel about yourself, and how you spend your time (worrying.) The measurements you gave us and the BMI, you aren't fat. now, you aren't skinny, but you ARE normal and healthy. which is not a synonym for fat. What you do about yourself? keep eating healthy, ignore these intrusive nasty people ( your mother is really doing a number on you.) If you know you ate a healthy meal, please don't beat yourself up later. There is a 12 step program that might help, Emotions Anonymous. No, they don't teach you to not have emotions, they teach you haow to deal with your emotions.
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They're all old wives tales; no science behind them. They are right by coincidence some of the time but there is really no way to tell from all that stuff... People will tell you that how you carry, what you crave, the fetal heartrate, etc will tell you what you're having but like I said there is no science behind any of them and almost all of them were wrong for me. Also, I carried up VERY high this entire pregnancy and I'm having a boy. I was told by my Dr that that's more like a first pregnancy thing than a boy or girl determining thing. (Ie almost all women carry high with their first pregnancy because things aren't stretched out yet...) Luckily, I found out at 15wks which was only a week after I even found out I was pregnant so I didn't Really have to wait at all to know the gender. Hopefully you guys will find out soon. One more thing: I knew I was having a boy from the second I found out I was pregnant (and my mom knew with my sister she was having a girl even when they said it was a boy...) so if your gf has a gut feeling tell her to go with that; I believe those are right more than any of those other things. Mommys just know things sometimes. Good luck & congrats!

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