How to get into the Christmas spirit?

How to get into the Christmas spirit? Topic: How to write a letter for christmas card
July 18, 2019 / By Clementine
Question: I have a big family with lots of kids ages 1-17(i'm 16). We can't seem to get into the Christmas spirit this year. We need ideas of how to get into the Christmas spirit. Detailed and long answers would help.
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Bekki Bekki | 1 day ago
err..im going to write in a list :) : 1) window shopping 2) making christmas decorations yourself with family 3) playing christmas music around the house 4) decorate a christmas tree 5) start a new christmas tradition? (like buying an ornament for the tree each on the 24th of december or something) 6) have lots of advent calendars, games, candles e.t.c. 7) invite family round 8) have a christmas party with friends/family 9) have a christmas-y get together with neighbors 10) go christmas shopping 11) google everything ever to do with christmas (that's how i ended up here :p) 12) help out other people (also passes the time until christmas quicker) 13) watch old family vidos / look at pictures of previous christmases 14) help younger siblings write letters to father christmas e.t.c. 15) write christmas cards 16) sign off any letters, cards, answers or comments (on mesage boards e.t.c.) with "merry christmas" 17) make mince pies or other christmas food 18) go christmas caroling have fun and enjoy yourself merry christmas xx
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Adolpha Adolpha
I'm not really in the christmas spirit either. I just got out of school on Dec. 14th and I expected to feel all Christmassy but I don't. To get me into the christmas spirit I am going to do the following: -watch old christmas cartoons(e.x- How the Grinch stole Christmas) -do christmas shopping -watch family videos of past christmases -sing christmas music -play christmas music on the piano -drive around and look at all the lights in our neighborhood -try to feel like a 5 year old again...maybe go sit on santa's lap, even if I don't believe in him anymore it will help get me into the christmas spirit! Maybe these will help both of us! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
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Terah Terah
Well Im sure your not the only one with the economy the way it is its hard for a lot of people. Watch christmas movies together, go look at christmas lights, walk around town. Look in your news paper for activities to do. Or go online and see what activities are going on in your town. Hope that helps a little! Merry Christmas!
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Phoenix Phoenix
Go shopping for Christmas presents, set up the tree, bake cookies, the little kids can make wish-lists for Santa, all of ya'll can do caroling :), write your own Christmas play, then act your play out, throw a Christmas party for all your friends(if you have a big house), sing Christmas songs together, make your own ornaments, do Christmas projects, you can do anything!
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Maddox Maddox
i love going to the mall and just window shopping. there's something about the christmas music and the holiday shoppers that get you in the spirit. you could also bake a lot of cookies and have your siblings help you decorate them. (:
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