Writing a letter to the Editor of a newspaper. [Please help!]?

Writing a letter to the Editor of a newspaper. [Please help!]? Topic: Letter to the editor writing assignment
June 19, 2019 / By Tony
Question: Please help me, I've an assignment in which I have to write a letter. A letter to the Editor of a newspaper regarding faulty telephone lines in your area. Requesting the Divisional Engineer Telephones to speed up the installation of telephone connection at your home. I dont know what to write in it. I need your help.
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Ruby Ruby | 2 days ago
Dear Editor, The standard of telephone service from our local provider is appalling! I have been without any telephone or internet services for 3 months now and many of my neighbours have waited longer. Our businesses have suffered and our children cannot even complete homework without visiting the local library for internet access. It is a disgrace! I have several times attempted to get the Divisional Engineer of Telephones Mr Ima Coward to speak with me and give some guarantee of when I might expect a basic telephone service. But the man is as elusive as Bin Laden! This entire situation is ludicrous. We are being held hostage by the Telephone company and they are still making millions from the mobile phones we are forced to use constantly. The whole thing should be the subject of a Federal Investigation! Yours Sincerely J A Taxpayer
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