Where can i get a certified copy of a newspaper article to turn in with a passport application as a form of ID?

Where can i get a certified copy of a newspaper article to turn in with a passport application as a form of ID? Topic: Make a letter of application
June 19, 2019 / By Katelin
Question: where can i get a certified copy of a newspaper article to turn in with a passport application as a form of ID? My husband and I submitted our passport applications and only I got mine. they sent him a letter saying the identification he provided was not sufficient for passport purposes and that he needed to submit additional documentation to further establish his identity. They said the documents needed to be made BEFORE the year 2000. my husband was 17 then! He was home schooled so he has no school ID. He didn't get a SS card until 2005. Drivers license in 2003. They only thing that has a picture of him, a date and his name is a news paper article and we can't figure out how to get a certified copy to send in. HELP!
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Hebe Hebe | 9 days ago
Gaurenteed they won't accept a newspaper article, certified or not. If your husband was home schooled there must have been an agency or school board that certified it. My daughter is home schooled and it's all coordinated with the local board of education. He should have a birth certificate and perhaps even a baptismal record to show who he is. Heck, my oldest daughter got a Canadian passport with nothing more then a SSN and citizenship card so he has to be able to come up with something.
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Dottie Dottie
It is very unlikely that you can use the newspaper article photo for a passport, due to the very strict rules you have to follow (No smiling, strict sizes of photos and face, no shadows, and no glasses glare). You also must have 2 copies of the photo, with the date of the day the photo was taken, the studio address, the name of the applicant, the signature of the guarantor and the guarantor's declaration on the back of the photo.
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Catrina Catrina
I don't thing they'll accept a newspaper article. The ID requirements are pretty specific and no where does it say a newspaper article. It will likely be turned down. Send for his birth certificate. Everyone has one or can get one.
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Anne Anne
He must have had some recognition for his schooling - a completion certificate or something of that sort. You didn't mention his birth certificate - did you send that in with his original application? Did your husband go to church? Belong to any clubs? Did he ever see a doctor or was he ever in hospital? A physician's affidavit used to be acceptable, so was a minister's.
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