Can any mums please give me advice so i can get out of this AWFULL lockdown punishment?

Can any mums please give me advice so i can get out of this AWFULL lockdown punishment? Topic: Phoning home essays
July 19, 2019 / By Totty
Question: i am going to have to spend the coming weekend LOCKED UP IN MY bedroom as a punishment, this is because i have been sneaking out when grounded. last saturday i went to a party ( while grounded ) came home drunk at 12am ( i am 14 ) had a row and told my mum to f--- off, now my mum has said NO more chances proper punishment, i will be locked in my room ALL weenend NO tv NO phone etc i will have to eat in my room, and will only be allowed out for the bathroom. if this is not punishment enough my mum has said i will be set essays to write on the dangers of underage drinking and why it"s important to respect my parents rules and punishmenents ( STUFF THIS ) i have said sorry to my mum and being doing chores all week so i can escape punishment, my mum keeps saying she has had enough of my attitude and bad behavouir, my mum has said even if i turned into an angel ( NO CHANCE ) i am going to be locked in my room and punished and i should accept it and get on with it. CAN ANY MUMS PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT I CAN DO TO ESCAPE THIS LOCKDOWN PUNISHMENT ? ps my friend has invited me to a barbecue on saturday so I MUST GET out of this punishment, i have things to do on sunday as well so i don"t want to be caged in my room
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Best Answers: Can any mums please give me advice so i can get out of this AWFULL lockdown punishment?

Sabina Sabina | 9 days ago
Your 14 sneaking out and getting drunk and returning home at midnight.. If your that immature you deserve to be punished. What would have happened if you had got kidnapped or raped because you were so drunk and out when your mom thought you were safely inside the house. If you didnt want to be punished maybe you should have respected her rules then she might give you a bit more freedom if you prove to her you can be mature enough for her to trust you. Your mom must have been worried sick she obviously cares about you alot and loves you. You need to grow up and give her a proper apology and not just do chores because you think it will help you get your own way. Sorry if i sound harsh but your moms right.
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Sabina Originally Answered: Can someone please give me advice?
Well... you were right it was long lol. well there's a couple of thing's that could cause this 1) something happen bad in your past that you blocked out. 2) emotional stress 3) low self independents or other to do with this category. 4) Depression. ( some people don't even know they have it) You know i have the same thing but i had to sit my self down and face it, and really have to think in my head what is going on. Once i figured it out i faced the problem dead on and said "this is not worth it" after that it go better, and felt more mentally healthier. You should really try one night to sit maybe with some music ? that you like maybe that will help bring out what you need to figure it out, or you could try relaxing in a hot bath ? these things will help you relax .... and think about what could be wrong with you. I hope this help's and take care

Nessa Nessa
Most people who ask about these lockdown questions seem to be trolls with punishment fetishes. But if you are genuine, then I have to say: The punishment is harsh but you: 1. Got drunk 2. Snuck out when you were grounded 3. Argued with your mom 4. Told your mom to **** off 5. Came home at midnight So it's quite fair that you're not heading out to a BBQ party with friends. If anything, I'd be more concerned about a parent who let a 14-year old get away with all that.
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Lucille Lucille
Sorry hun, but you are going to have to face the music. First of all you shouldn't be defying your parents like this. Second, if you think you are old enough to drink (which you are clearly NOT, cause you are 14... this is unacceptable) then you are old enough to accept responsibility for your actions. To me, it sounds like your mom let you off easy. When i was a kid, i would gotten a larger punishment. Sorry but you have to show your parents respect and that you can act responsibly. Serve out your punishment, you deserve it!
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Kaye Kaye
I guess you shouldn't have been stupid and shouldn't have fked up, there is no way to get out of it. For the future try respecting your mom and try being a good kid instead of a disrespectful little btch. Honestly i would have whooped your a** with the belt, you are getting off light in my opinion. Just take the punishment, if you want to mouth off and act like an adult and want to start being treated like one ACT LIKE IT! act like a freaking adult not a fking child, take your punishment and bow to your mother for not beating your a** and not taking all of your stuff away. If you were my kid i would have taken EVERYTHING from you, you wouldn't even have a mattress to sleep on and i would chose all your clothes. your lucky now take your punishment and quit whining like a little btching baby.
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Honor Honor
http://answers.yahoo.com/search/search_result;_ylt=Ap3EvjjB0JuttCSpdqihg5kjzKIX;_ylv=3?page=1&p=lockdown+punishment&orderby=date You either have some sort of fetish that involves being locked in your room or you've spent the majority of your life in your room because you've been asking dozens upon dozens of questions about this on a regular basis for YEARS. How is it that you're 14 now but two years ago when you asked the same question you were 15? Did you invent a magical time machine? It's awful that you think awful is spelled awfull.
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Edie Edie
NO, once a parent has given out a punishment it MUST be served. there is NO way I would even consider letting you off, YOU DESERVE to be punished, if you hate it TOUGH that's what harsh punishment is all about, it has to be dull, boring, and unpleasant, it has to hurt the person that is being punished. in future obey the rules and behave and you wont get punished
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Charis Charis
I say you deserve it. You did wrong, now you get punished for it. At least your parents aren't beating you, you got off easy. When I was 13, I was grounded for 14 straight days. Consider yourself lucky.
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Anthia Anthia
First off, you're a ******* *****. Secondly, no, stay with the punishment, stupid little child. No, I'm sorry, spoiled little bratty child. God, really, is it important to get drunk at that age, dumbass? No. Parties? No. You don't even deserve a ******* future. Go, please, kill yourself. You're ruining this planet more because of stupid **** like this; not only you, but people like you. "Oh, I wanna go to a BBQ, so I need to get out of punishment.." **** that ****, you stay in your room like your parents said. **** what you want.
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Anthia Originally Answered: Can anyone give me some advice?
Okay so let me start by prasing you for wanting to help your friend even though you may be jelous of his talents. Personally, I don't think there is anything at all wrong with your friend. In fact, I think his own worries about having something wrong with himself is whats making him seem more socially akward than he truly is. My advice to him is to try and put himself in as much akward situations as possible that way he will learn how to be outgoing, and confident. He also needs to realize how special he is, and praise himself for the greatness he has. I feel that once he becomes more confident, he will in turn, become less akward. And as for a girlfriend, one day a girl will see his special talents and love him for all of them. 21 years has nothing to do with anything, he probably just hasnt found that one special girl (cheesy, but true). Hope I could help<3

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