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If you were President.? Topic: Song for burning school papers
July 18, 2019 / By Deforrest
Question: if i was president i would change the pledge of allegiance, here's my version http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;... And i would Bring back prayers in School, Bible reading in Schools, Have all evolution books in school burned, and make a new creation book to teach. I would ban all classless that improves your singing skills since we already have a beautiful voice to sing, so our voices don't need improvement. I'm not against american idol, but i'd ban that too since we don't need judges to judge our God given voice. I would take off the star bangled spanner, again i have nothing against that song and I'd Put "Lord i give you my heart". I'd ban science class that teaches evolution. although not all science is bad. i'd ban strip bars, strip clubs, porn stores, I'd have the government burn all porn from stores. and have them illegal. and their would be no need for uniforms in schools. pants for females in cheerleading, no more shorts skirts for cheerleaders. and change the uniforms of ballerienas for both man and women, we don't need peopl lusting after women in nylons with little skirt like thing. :) and we don't need women lusting after men with tight pants I understand immrants thing but i would make it legal for Immigrants to have papers in United states of America i would make it legal for everybody in the whole united states to have as many pants as the house can hold.. build more houses for poor people and having the government pay for their bills untill the poor people are able to pay... and i would have area 51 exposed, just in case their hiding things we should know.. like i do believe dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures still exist and if their catching them and experimenting on them and hiding them, they need to be exposed so these creatures don't be extinct. :) and people need to know what goes on around here.. i don't know if area 51 do cover ups.. but if they do they need to stop.. and yes i don't know if area 51 exist.. :) i hear it's in the desert of somesort i would help stop the paprotzies, to leave BRITNEY AND OTHERS ALONE... if they don't listen i'll ban paparatzies cause celebrties need a life too, they want to be left alone, some do some don't but the ones that want to be left alone, like michael jackson, brithey spears... they should be left alone, God loves them and doesn't want no one to commit sucided just cause of poparozties. and I would have it illegal for poparotieze to stalk celebs. :) and we will not force christianity unto people. :) but still there would be no more porn in stores and all that i said. :) where there's a will there's a way or may i say where there's God's will there's always a way. :) and having sex in public places will be illegal and taken to jail for about 5 days.. we don't want to traumatize youngsters some more saying it's alright to have sex without being married and in public... and as for prositutes well ban that job and help them find a better job. :) i love everybody and as someoone said yes i do have good intentions i don't mean to force this in which i'm not.. :) but they can find better jobs with help of others who are willing.. they should know aids, std's, hiv is real and it will conquer them if they have sex out of marriage with lots of people i used to watch porn and i hear people do it for money... so i'd help them find a better job, no wait i'll make a way for them to have a better job to get money instead of sex..... the bible says we are to Give Our God Glory and mean it. :) we are to love others and mean it. :) This land is your land, this land Is My Land. :) This land was made for you and me. :) and we'll Conquer this Land for God. :) lots of people who can't find a good job for money.. try porn.. when they don't want to do it, but is feeling that they should just for the money and when they don't want porn.
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Baruch Baruch | 4 days ago
You love everybody as long as they live their life as you prescribe. There have been many precedents in history for such behaviour: Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler etc etc
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Zella Zella
Practically this could never happen. You'd be ousted out of office in a matter of a short time. (Not really knowing how you would get there in the first place with that kind of ideology) It not bad to be conservative, but to impose those thoughts upon people forcibly (by law) is not right. God gave us the free will to choose for ourselves. Just my $.2
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Shelley Shelley
wow... very narrowminded... its soo funny that people still seem to forget that this land that we live on was inhabited by people thousands of years before anyone else came from far and wide. and they didnt not read the bible and have presidents and american idol..lol... They had their own systems and beliefs... when can we begin to honor that!!?? U probably have good intentions.. BUT.. sorry young one you failed to mention the importance of identity for those who arent of ur religion. But that isnt important because you want to assimilate everyone.. WOW isnt that a new concept.. NOT!
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Peace Peace
If you were president, I think I would get the hell out of the country. I don't want to live in a fascistic theocracy which is exactly the kind of government you are advocating. Book burning? Sieg Heil anyone?
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Marilene Marilene
What makes you think Britney Spears wants to be left alone by the paparazzi? Hell, the last I heard, she was even "dating" one of 'em.
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