Renting a cabin- why won't my friends parents let my family stay with us?

Renting a cabin- why won't my friends parents let my family stay with us? Topic: How much does the sister wives houses cost
June 19, 2019 / By Fergus
Question: So were renting a cabin at this resort place and we've been planning it for the past 2 months. My friends family goes every year and so they wanted us to come this year. There are 7 of us. Her mom,her dad and herself and then my family-my sister, my mom, my dad and myself. the place they got has 1 king bed, 2 queen beds and 1 twin bunkbed. Here's how I thought it would go: 1 king bed= her mom and dad 1 queen bed= my mom and dad 1 queen bed= my older sister (she's 18) 1 twin bunkbed= me and my friend But apparently my friends dad calls all the shots since he's the one that found this place. Here's what he arranged: 1 king bed= himself (Friends dad) 1 queen bed= his wife 1 queen bed= my friend (his daughter) 1 twin bunk beds= me and my sister Then he says "I think this will work a lot better. Having 4 adults in 1 house is a little much so I found you guys an amazing deal. $100 a night at this condo on the other side of the resort." My parent were extremely mad and confused onto why him and his wife can't sleep in the same bed (it's a huge bed!). My dad didnt want to ruin our vacay so he said alright and looked at the info online. It was not $100 a night it was $190! And the condo was $hit! Then guess what he emailed my dad!?? 2/5 of the bill for the cabin me and my sister were gonna say in! Would you do that?! We took his daughter to Florida with us last year! They didn't pay a penny! We didn't expect them to! As we didnt expect them to bill us AND kick my parents out and have them paying money they didn't plan to spend! Idk if I should even go? Should I tell my parents that we don't need to go? I don't want my friendship with her to be over though! We've been best Friends for 8 years! Since kindergarten! Is my family being unreasonable or is her family being ridiculous? ______________________________ My family was going to pay 50% of the cost for the rental when we thought we all were staying in it. It's not like we were just along for the free trip
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Daly Daly | 9 days ago
Everything you said made perfect sense their conning you guys but making your sister and you stay with then so your parents could pay the bill. If you guys really want to go stay with your parents it would be so dumb to let them do that. You're friendship won't be ruined over that don't let yourself get conned and talk to your parents about it.
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Write a letter stating exactly what you told us. If that ever happens to you again they will have to put their name on something (everyone has to pay their way), maybe their cellphone or checking account. Does a charge card have her address on it? The reason I think your letter of explanation would suffice as it would also be considered a reference letter. And, the IRS charges taxes when a person barters. So barter like you did is acceptable. Here to show state residency only 6 months is required (to get the cheaper rate).
Daly Originally Answered: I didn't charge a dollar amt for renting room to college student, is it still considered "renting"?
No it is not considered "renting" when your family friend did not pay rent. She may or may not be able to establish in-state residency, depending on her college rules. You should understand that it is not your fault if she does not qualify for the in-state tuition rate. You were trying to help her by letting her live with you. It would be wrong to make up a fake rental or lease contract. Your friend needs to try and prove her case to the college she chose to attend. You must establish your in-state residency, usually over a period of time, from 6 months to 1 year or more, depending on the institution. Show intent of on-going residency in the state to which you are applying. Since public education is paid for by state taxes, it helps to show that you plan on living in that state on a long-term basis. Gather together all necessary documents to make your case. College officials who review applications for in-state residency requirements will want to see absolute proof of your status. These include bills addressed to you, apartment leases or mortgage applications, and proof of payment of local and state taxes. Prove your financial independence, if you are a self-supporting student. Again, gather together any documents that can help you establish this beyond any doubt. These include pay stubs or other verification of income generation. Do not try to take advantage of a status of in-state residency in two states at the same time. Once found out, one of those privileges will certainly be revoked. Check the websites or available documentation from the college you wish to attend, as they should have specific requirements for you to follow in order to establish in-state residency, or call the admissions office directly.
Daly Originally Answered: I didn't charge a dollar amt for renting room to college student, is it still considered "renting"?
All of this is meaningless. This friend cannot establish residency this way for tuition purposes. She moved in with you solely to get instate tuition and that's not enough to meet residency. She didn't get a job and support herself. She moved in with you and crossed her fingers. Going back and claiming you charged her rent is fraud. You didn't charge her rent and you certainly didn't claim it on your tax return. Edit: She isn't establishing residency with a part time job. She isn't establishing residency by staying with you--you just gave a her break on room and board. Yes, out of state tuition is tough, but you don't get instate tuition this way. If you could everybody would pay it. From FAFSA and the IRS's perspective she is still her parent's dependent and since they didn't move, neither did she. She is simply temporarily away from home. She certainly didn't demonstrate through a part time job that she was independently supporting herself. No, she was attending school and it's obvious that she's not a resident. http://professionals.collegeboard.com/testing/international/state
Daly Originally Answered: I didn't charge a dollar amt for renting room to college student, is it still considered "renting"?
you could probably just write the circumstances up in a letter to provide documentation. you seem like you are trying to create a false lease just for her.

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go to a public university, trust me. being away from your parents is fun. they just don't know how to be away from you. my mom right now is having a hard time,so is my roommates mom. so just tell them how you feel. tell them you'll stay in touch. it'll be hard for them. but they'll adjust
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It sounds like you parents want you to be successful in college, and honestly, with a 76.90 average (this is not a GPA and if you think it is you prob shouldn't go anyway) your chances of being successful are pretty slim. Are you sure you even meet the minimum admission requirements? I'd hate to see you waste money on application fees when you don't have a chance. Anyway, The max you can borrow in federal Stafford loans (by filling out a fafsa) is $5,500 a year. A year. This is enough to cover your tuition at a CUNY school ($4,600 a year http://www.cuny.edu/admissions/financial... ) OR a SUNY school ($4,970.00 a year http://www.suny.edu/student/paying_tuiti... Sounds like you haven't done your research!! What is killing you is dorms... So unless you have a crap load of money saved to go elsewhere you ARE stuck. You should have planned better and started saving your money.. but it's not too late.. you can go to CUNY for two years and then transfer anywhere you want (providing you have the money saved) and the grades to get in. As a dependent jr or senior, you can borrow up to $7,500 a year, (still not enough to cover your dorms). So your job is to find a school that you can go to that is less than this and what you have saved. You are an adult, and can do or major or go where ever in the heck you want. If you are so set on going away, choose a school whose tuition, fees and dorm is LESS than what you can borrow in federal Stafford loans. Here are a few examples in what to look for... This 4 year school waives all out-of-state to all incoming freshman and the dorms are REALLY cheap too. http://se.edu Here is a 2 year school (that has dorms) who's out of state is STILL less than what you are paying in-state in NY. http://grayson.edu
Daly Originally Answered: My parents want me to stay home for college?
I'm in Australia so don't know much about your College system. But honestly, your parents can't force you to do one course or another. You have to want to do it, it has to be a passion for you and to be a doctor you need to be a certain type of person, you have to cut up smelly corpses and open people up and deal with death and disease - not everyone is born for that, maybe you are, but it doesn't sound like you are too keen on it. I am sure you will get a job doing Computer Engineering, and you can always look into how many jobs there are in that field before starting the course. They should be proud that you even want to go to college as it is not for everyone. Maybe go to a college that is not too far away from them, so they can visit you or you them. Try to come up with a compromise - they need to let you go, you can't be their baby forever, be gentle with them, but they have to learn some time that getting out into the real world will be good for you and they should be happy that you want to learn to be independent.

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