Say good bye to this immigration forum their is a crisis 70,000 jobs available?

Say good bye to this immigration forum their is a crisis 70,000 jobs available? Topic: Article writing jobs home
July 20, 2019 / By Kimberlee
Question: What do you Americans say now that they is about 70,000 jobs available http://www.capitalpress.info/main.asp?SectionID=67&SubSectionID=792&ArticleID=20032 They are looking for labor people to work at the farms.They said “If there’s an interruption (in our food supply), the country has basically a seven-day supply of food.” The farm is in a crisis they need there American people to get down there and work...What happen know?I thought you told me you had no problem picking up fruits even if you was paid $6.00 an hour..That we don't need them,well no more excuses that the mexicans took your jobs,know they are available..so get to work my friends...Lol No more sitting at home watching MTV,American Idol,playing on the computer,complaining on this forum..NO NO NO Get of the couch and go to WORK!!... I know their is a new excuse,what could it be? KrystaliiiNa_Xo Read the date please..August 01, 2006
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Best Answers: Say good bye to this immigration forum their is a crisis 70,000 jobs available?

Janele Janele | 8 days ago
That article was written last year. I think. Article was written last year, I'm telling you, your looking at the current date.. God..
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Janele Originally Answered: Does Obama jobs forum in December include giving away hard hats & uniforms, like they did with doctors?
Yes and clip boards with a union and an unemployment application and an instant membership card for the Democratic Party .Then they will chant in unison " Workers Unite in our class struggle against Employment"

Erin Erin
GL - how about YOU get off your butt and go pick those fruits!! You seem to have an awful lot of spare time to sit on here, too! Lol! I have a good job, so no, I am not going to go pick fruits. However, I say kick ALL the people off welfare and make them go pick the fruits and vegetables. Welfare needs badly to be reformed to get able-bodied people off the rolls. Also, if the farms can't come up with enough laborers, there are lots of machines that can be used to do the work the illegals do. As well, the farmers need to up the pay. They shouldn't be in operation if they can only stay in business with using illegal slave labour. If they pay a decent wage, they will have the workers.
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Claire Claire
I Guess That Means That 70,000 ILLEGAL ALIENS Of The The 20 + Million ILLEGAL ALIENS In The USA Are doin Jobs That American Citizens Want Otherwise Theyd Be Out There Pickin That Crop And You Wouldnt Be Askin This Dumb Question Get To WORK Wet*Back Before We Deport Youre [email protected]$$ You Wanna Pick Crops PICK CROPS You DONT Wanna Pick Crops? Get The FU*CK Outta My Country With 20 + Million ILLEGAL ALIENS Here Those Crops Oughtta Be PICKED By Now Pack Of LYIN Illegals "We Do The Jobs" Wheres The 70,000 Fruitpickers Now? DEPORT ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS UPON DISCOVERY Leave MY Job Alone
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Bambi Bambi
You know what I say. Now, get those people off welfare and off the streets and put them to work. You want a check, you work, you want food stamps, you work. No more sitting on your *** collecting tax payers hard earned money. The only exception to this rule should be the elderly who cannot go out and get a job because of health and/or age, or severely disabled people, not because you are a woman who figured out how to spit a kid out every year or two. With these jobs available, there should be no excuse for anyone not having a job and if you cant work, you can starve like the rest of us would if we didn't work.
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Addie Addie
Well, I suppose they will have to pay a little more, hire LEGAL immigrants and American citizens to do the job that AMERICANS WILL do if offered a decent wage. They should have thought about that when they started hiring all those illegal immigrants. Give it another week or so. When it gets bad enough they'll either raise the wage and hire American or their [email protected] grapes can rot. (We can live without their raisins.) They will need to pay a decent wage and they don't want to face the pain of losing that large profit, profit they put in their own pockets when they paid the illegals low wages. They'll just have to bite the bullet and pay out.
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Talbot Talbot
Saw that coming. Can't wait to hear all these Republicans bitching when they can't buy any food. They always cut off their nose to spite their face, and are the most tunneled visioned group of people there are! There is no welfare, and most on Tanif are children, the elderly and disabled. And to the person above, I have a better idea, why don't you and all your vigilante friends go work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for $6,000 a year!!!
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Percival Percival
I own a car lot in southeast Texas. I don't spend my days sitting on the couch, or playing on the computer. It's very rare that I'm on this immigration forum during the day, I'm usually too busy. Also, I don't believe I've ever said anything on this forum about Mexicans taking our jobs. You may want to look it up, but I truly don't remember ever complaining about that particular issue. So there....that takes care of me. That's my "excuse."
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