How to give advice- about family issues and chuch?

How to give advice- about family issues and chuch? Topic: Preaching to the sisters
June 19, 2019 / By Finbarr
Question: My boyfriend is constantly talking about how much he dislikes is 13 year old sister because is has a "smart mouth" he is 21. But is also constantly praising his pastor and his family. If becomes annoying to me to always hear about is pastor. My pastor said: The Davinci Code was an awful movie, He doesnt like tatoos so im not getting one and My pastor doesnt like BET so I'm not watching it! Im trying to find a way to tell him he needs to gather his one opinions on life instead of listening to others. And maybe if he spent more quality brother sister time with her she wouldnt talk to you in that manner. Help please!!
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Daren Daren | 2 days ago
My husband sometimes gets overdramatic when it comes to preaching his ideas on religion.He has some strange ideas in my opinion,but we don't let that come between us.The next time your boyfriend starts in about his pastor,tell him that you are glad he has found someone to trust,but you have your own ideas and beliefs.Then explain to him that you don't press your beliefs on him,so please don't expect you to follow his.As far as his sister is concerned,gently remind him that as long as she is only talking,at least she isnt out working the street corners and this phase of her life shall pass eventually.
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sista, we all have some sort of family issues. sometimes hearing oyher makes our own a little more easier to swallow. IM 36 years old I have only seen my bio mother once in my life not because of death. she died on my 18 bday. Im the youngest of 4 she kept the other ones and not me how does it feel to know u were a rejected and lived with diferent family members they loved me and took me in but a mothers love seed has never grown inside of me so it is hard for me and my wife cause i dont have the emotions inside to care for her as a man should. i have never made a mothers day card in my life. the seed has never been planted. my siblings one in jail for 30 years the other brother on the run and my sister has 5 kids with diff baby daddies. talk about disfunctional. dont let your family ruin the love and patience your husband is dealing with without even telling you. your fam has to live on their own maybe 1 bedroom apt. It will affect your marriage maybe not today . If you put a drop of water in a can a day, one day it will get full. being honest
Daren Originally Answered: Do you have a troubled life due to family issues?
Yeah, my life is a bit of a scramble, due in large part to how my mom treated me, and continues to treat me. I have a few social flaws, but they are very life-impacting. I have a 7th grade education, although I've got my GED. The only girl I've ever had in my life was in it for money. I don't make much, but I gave her all that I could. She never tells me the truth about anything. Although I have proposed to her and she has said 'yes' a few times, I think that if by some far fetched chance she would go with me before a judge and sign a marriage license, she would divorce me the next day and claim alimony. I'm super lonely and find it easy to propose to girls, but then the one girl still in my life could mean a disaster for me later, more so than has already occurred. If she one day says 'yes,' for sure, I don't know what I'll do. I hope I'll be wise enough to make the more intelligent decision. Oh, and I've never met my real dad. I found out about him when I was 23. All this time I thought a White guy was my dad, and this created issues because White people don't like me much, but they hang out with other non-Whites a lot. Me thinking I'm half-White made me both angry and jealous that I didn't have any White friends. Knowing that I'm full-Asian doesn't change a whole lot, but it does change some. I always wondered why I don't look at all like my "dad." He wasn't my real dad. I got a DNA test done and I think zebra DNA would've been just as close a match. The chromosome index was that far apart! That changes a lot of things in a person's life! I didn't get my first job until I was 22. There's still hope for your bro. Maybe he is saving his energy for work he really likes. As well, I was deep in debt, and the minimum for my Citi card was $760! At least you have a kid. You will never be alone for at least 18 years. This girl I was seeing borrowed and wrecked my car, and it was her fault so I owed the other party $5800! Thank God for insurance. She also went over on our cellphone plan by $1050! I'm sorry. I'm just babbling. I guess my point is that solitude is worse than anything. Financial woes are stressful, but being alone is a lot worse, and I know what that is like, too.

Azaziah Azaziah
Hmm If he is a robot puppet then there isn't much you can do to change what he thinks. Besides maybe his sister is just a smart mouth she is 13 not 5 if he isn't spending enough time with her that doesn't give her license to be rude or a smart alec she needs to talk to him.
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Whitney Whitney
i don't understand why you stay with this guy. he obviously has no thoughts of his own and that can be a big problem down the road.
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Whitney Originally Answered: How much does should you have saved to move out while going to school (family issues)?
Magicbird had some good advice for you. I agree. But to your original question - when I was your age I dreamed about moving out too. I spent hours with a Sears catalog adding up how much basic furniture would cost, etc. Dreaming of the day I was on my own. It turned out not being a bad little exercise or hobby for me. It made me think about how much things cost and being aware that NOTHING is free. To this day I'm a good planner and saver. If I was 13 today I would use the internet to get information on apartment rent (it varies greatly from one city to another). Ask your parents to look at their bills in terms of electricity, gas, etc. to get some ideas. You could call up an apartment complex and tell them you are doing a project for school about cost of utilities and ask how much a normal bill for utilities cost. Make up a menu for a weeks meals then go to the store and think of what you would need to buy to make those meals. Write it down and figure it out. Also you could check out your parents grocery receipts. Don't forget your transportation costs unless you are lucky enough to life in a place where you can walk everywhere. There is also health insurance, clothing, entertainment. I think this would be a good exercise for you to see how very much it costs to live and that people living on minimum wage have a very difficult time making ends meet. It may make you want to study hard and get ready for schooling after high school so you can have the kind of life you want. Good luck with it.

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