I am 2 months pregnant & feel so alone. Can anyone give me some advice?

I am 2 months pregnant & feel so alone. Can anyone give me some advice? Topic: Pass case sensitive
June 19, 2019 / By Albina
Question: I have not long found out that I am 2 months pregnant & when we found out, my partner & I were over the moon & everything was great. However, the relationship between me & my partner over the last few days has been terrible. We have been bickering & arguing & have spent the last 2 nights in separate beds. His attitude has been awful the last couple of days & he has said some really hurtful things to me. I have told him that I am probably more sensitive than normal but that his attidtude is absolutely terrible but he is just saying that it is all me. Now I am feeling so alone because it's as if he doesn't care. I'm also feeling sad because I don't have my mother here with me either (she passed away from braest cancer when I was 8 years old) and a girl always needs her mother but i'm feeling it all the more now that i'm pregnant as i'm not able to share my thoughts and feelings & excitemnet of having a baby but also my troubles & worries too. I am 27 years old & this is my 1st pregnancy.
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Trey Trey | 9 days ago
Well first congrats on the baby. As for feeling alone because of his attitude and how he is acting - I don't mean to be tofoward is nosie but did he want a baby at this time. If not it could be that is is mad about it. If he did want the baby maybe he is scared about the whole father thing. My husband acted strange when i was pregnant with our 1st. We fought off and on but it was my hormones that had a lot to do with it. Not say that is the case for you but not only are you going to think everything he says is mean but you are going to think he is extra mean. My hubby likes to pick on me and i am use to it and usualy does not bother me too much but when i was pregnant i thought he was just an *** for doing it. You need to find a time when you are feeling good, in a good mood and all and talk to him. Tell him how you feel, what is bothering you. Expalin the whole hormones thing with out getting mad at him for what evre he says unless he says something out of line. Also watch your self and how you act. I noticed i was being more of a pain and did not know it. If he won't talk to you calmly write it down. Tell him how you feel. This is a time you want to be happy and enjoy togeather. It is a special time. You have a life inside you. I hope things get better for. If you need to confid in a friend they can be just as good as family at these times. p.s. enjoy this time and make it special, i say this because i wish i would have tried harder not to be so moody when i was pregnant and would have enjoyed it more. Our abby girl was very sick and we never got to bring her home she passed away at 5 weeks old. We took for granet me being pregnant and did not make the most of it like we should have.
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Trey Originally Answered: My husband left a bruise on my chest and im 2 months pregnant.I feel so confused?
Unfortunately..... my advice to you is to get out. I understand that this is not easy because it isn't all bad. I know, I have been there. I was in a very abusive relationship and I lived with him and finally I gave up and left him because I just couldn't not stand being upset and being completely brainwashed into thinking everything is all my fault. I am still having mental health problems from it because he hurt me so badly. He hurt me physically but the emotional part was WAY worse... I always gave in to him. He always told me he would change but I would never see permanent results. You need to focus on your baby right now..and not dealing with his stupid s***. You seem like a hardworking woman and you definitely deserve better and YOU WILL be successful and happier without him. When I left my ex, it took me at least a year to actually realize I made the right decision. I thought about getting back with him, I even called and apologized for everything (which wasnt my fault) and said I would do whatever I can to fix it. But the fact is that people don't change. The stress of having a baby would tear you two apart. And, you should not worry about your child having a stepmom or whatever...just focus on being the best mother you can be. Because, everything else is out of your control. Just focus on what you can control right now. And, do you really want your baby growing up with somebody like that as it's father? THAT'S what your baby does NOT deserve. good luck!!

Rehoboam Rehoboam
As long as your bickering and arguments are not a constant thing, you should not let it bother you too much, unless he has been downright abusive! I have not had a child yet but have been trying to unsuccessfully for a while now. I know you are feeling sensitive but try and draw from the positivity of the the miracle of having a baby and draw his attention towards that. He might feel a bit overwhelmed with the responsibility as well and could well be quite sensitve himself. If it becomes too unbearable see a counsellor, they are so wonderful! And it could help you to communcate your feelings better with your partner. I wish you all the best.
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Meade Meade
I think I understand. It happens. Try to explain to your hubby nicely about how changing you are. Its all hormone and you need more of carring. It does work too if you could find some group meeting the the above suggestion said. Or call your friend who used to pregnant and go out sometime make yourself fresh. Actually I am 8 weeks pregnant now. I just resigned from my current work but going to work for my hubby's friend as cassual. I wish you all the best. I believe you will gone through this together. You are not alone. Cheers, Sherry
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Johnathon Johnathon
Ugh I'm sorry u believe this fashion. I had my daughter at 19 and in addition felt very lonely. Try to believe larger on your child. He/she is going to imply the arena to you and u do not wish them to peer u unhappy. I felt unhappy for the duration of my being pregnant after which even worse after I gave delivery. I used to be depressed for approximately three weeks crying non give up for no intent! It used to be terrible. U have got to become aware of alot of those emotions are as a result of ur loopy hormone phases correct now. Try to maintain ur brain busy. Get matters equipped for ur child. Decorate the room, additionally I endorse as soon as ur child is born, cross to mommy child categories. Maybe u can meet persons in identical instances as u
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Guy Guy
Look in your local newspapers. They always have Groups (usually free) and look for a New Mommy To Be Groups. I did and it really helped my loneliness with my 2nd child.
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Dyl Dyl
GIRL!! I feel you! You need to talk to someone! If you dont talk to someone now...your chances of having postpartum depression are very very large! Please talk to some one! Take care! And good luck with your pregnancy! ---New mom to a 6 week old son!
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Dyl Originally Answered: Christian advice please: Six months pregnant, three kids, husband left... anyone with help?
Has he left you without any income, or anyway to pay the bills? If so make sure that you get an order for child support right away. And with the fact that you guys were together over 10 years you should be able to get spousal support. You don't have to file for a separation or anything like that. Just continue to pray that God softens his heart and that he comes back. I've seen God do incredible things. Especially in hard hearted men who leave their wives. I assume you have a church that you are going to. Have the elders come and pray for you. There are also probably people in the church that can help out with things. And around Christmas time people are so generous with helping those in need. I hope and pray that you stay strong through this and continue to be a woman of God. This situation is just one huge test. Show that you can make it through it!

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