How would you write the first sentence to Education?

How would you write the first sentence to Education? Topic: How to write acquire in a sentence
June 25, 2019 / By Alen
Question: Education is an emotional situation involving many emotions involved between the educator and the student. I'm writing about Education and how it's an emotional situation. I just don't know how to start my first sentence introducing Education. Any ideas? Thankyou!
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Best Answers: How would you write the first sentence to Education?

Tamela Tamela | 5 days ago
Schooling can take many forms and includes knowledge acquired through education and training, as well as know-how gained by typical day to day experiences. Learning is the key not just to survival but also to adaptation and in the world in which we live and with technology developing at such high speed it is increasingly difficult for people to keep up-to-date with the advances. Edification is therefore vital in ‘upgrading’ everyone's knowledge. Various teaching methods have appeared over the millennia in an attempt to increase the population’s knowledge base, ranging from traditional to modern methods, some of which are ad hoc though equally valid, though this can engender strong emotions, especially between a student and tutor. *Not sure if this covers quite what you need. Your teacher could tell you.
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Rexanne Rexanne
Emotional situation involving emotions? This is redundant. Involving emotions involved? This is redundant. Overall, this statement is devoid of meaning. Before you begin to write, decide what "education" is. Education is not a "situation," nor is it "emotional," though it might provoke emotions.
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