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High School Problems? Topic: Case school of music
June 19, 2019 / By Carlota
Question: Hey guys my problem is that I am about to finish the 10th grade in my school in 2 weeks and im still the same way I was in grade 9. In grade 9 I was depressed for a most of the year because I didn't feel accepted by anyone and I didn't belong to any group. My parents said that grade 9 was gonna be a bit rough so I thought that was just how grade 9 was. But at the end of that year everybody belonged to a group when I was still by myself, and I also had a problem with a group of bullies but that was over with in a while. I talked to couple of people in class but I always ate lunch by myself and listened to music when I was done, I'm still like this now. It's grade 10 now and i haven't made any new friends or joined any group and I'm still pretty much completely by myself all the time. I had tons of friends in middle school and was actually really popular but got into a fight with one of my friends and now I don't hang out with anybody. My main problem is that I don't want to look back on my high school years and see that I had no good times and didn't have any friends, and that all I did was stay in my house after school and didn't do jack (which I do). Is there any advice somebody that maybe went through a similar problem can give me. I really wanna enjoy high school but I can't seem to, and I think I might be falling into depression again. Any help???
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Aneta Aneta | 2 days ago
well, in my case. I grew up in a private school system, my parents moved me from school to school every year. I got kicked out of my private high school and ended up having to go to one of the public ones. In my private school, it was an easy adjustment because most of these kids I knew prior to high school. In middle school, i was just like you, i was popular and everyone knew who I was... just because people know of you, doesn't mean there your friend. I know how you feel. I was depressed when i started at my public school. Kids would look at me and judge me. I was nice to everyone, too nice at times. At times I was popular for the wrong reasons, it seem like all the kids just wanted me for something. I had a lot of FAKE people in my life and made me really sad when I had issues. I'm a member on a club lacrosse team and dance team. As I joined those teams I was myself and made lots of friends that way. It was great because we traveled and bonded together and they were real friends! you should consider to join a club or team. Club teams are usually kids who don't go to your school, that makes things better because they introduce you to there school friends. In your case if you want friends at your own school, find kids that you share interest with and just don't be shy and be out there! Don't fall in depression!!! do a sport and put your energy in that and school. because when your graduating high school, you'll never see anyone again! be friendly, be yourself, and just be social
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Wilbur Wilbur
RUNESCAPE solves no ones F-ing problems. Yeah tell the kid to start gaming online.You kidding? I was done with that game after middle school. I had the same problem man. Try joining a few clubs or a youth group. Or go on myspace/facebook and search for a school group. That's how I found a few friends. but after a while I just switched schools because I didn't need every ones crap. No one stood up for me and doing it myself did nothing. So I found a more constructive environment.
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Sanford Sanford
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Nat Nat
you probably hear this alot but dont care what people think about you. secondly get involved. you can meet different people by doing things like sports or drama and if you tried that do something out of school, youth groups, outside of school sports leagues, tons of stuff you can do! =]]
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