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June 16, 2019 / By Kenya
Question: I am asking this here because I want a Christian perspective, as me and my boyfriends are strong Christians. I am looking for things that my boyfriend and I can do while at my place. It's a small apartment, but sometimes we have no where else to go, either because of no car, or the weather is bad. We play video games, watch movies, talk, and do devotions together, does anyone have any other ideas of things we could do? We've decided to try baking, but I would love some fresh ideas as well. :) Side note, we're waiting til marriage for the physical side of our relationship, so please, no vulgar suggestions, I'd hate to have to report anyone. :( LOL I meant boyfriend. Singular. :) And he knows he's the only one. :) I don't mean to offend anyone, yes, many religious groups talk here, I was asking advice from Christians, not suggesting that this section is only for Christians. But Christian is thought to be a form of religion, man, if I'd asked for buddists or muslims only, I wouldn't get this kind of judgement. :( Thank you for your side note Firey, I tried to write back but it wouldn't let me. Please let me know how I can contact you to tell you why. :)
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Izzie Izzie | 7 days ago
It is very refreshing to see you are "waiting till marriage" God bless you for making that decision. Here are a few suggestions for you and your boyfriend: - You could work on creating cool photo albums together (kind of like scrap booking) complete with journal entries - to record your time together for future years. - You could get a small pet that the two of you could invest some time into together. A hamster, mouse, rat, lizard of some sort. It's fun to nurture a pet while you nurture a relationship. - You could play board games.....much more personal than video games, the kind that ask questions....to get to know eachother better. - You could invite friends over for dinner parties and spend time cooking the meals together and then cleaning up together afterward. - You could choose some sort of project to do together (build a model, knit or sew, etc) - You could learn to play musical instrument together....or one plays the instrument and the other sings....then glorify God through song.
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Wow that's a great idea.. I must say go ahead and do it.. You can write few lines and then pictures showing what is written in text.. For example have you seen movie baby's day out the baby in this movie is showing picture book.. you can make some sort of this book.. This technique helps kid to remind things.. All the best..

Elly Elly
I would study the Bible together. Not just read it but study it. Think of how much closer and stronger your relationship will become as you go walk the Christian walk together. Read books to each other like the old favorite "Pilgrims Progress" by John Bunyan. Maybe start a Christian book club or a study group. Volunteer to help others together and see how that can enrich your lives. Try writing a Christian based novel together where others your age can see how God works in their life. Use that imagination (LOL). There much to do if you look. Good Luck. I don't mean any disrespect but I would stay away from watchtower.org. They deny the Trinity and the Deity of Christ. They have many Cultic teachings. Thats why it is important to get into the Word of God and get the Word of God into you.
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Christabelle Christabelle
Get a book by Joshua Harris entitled Boy Meets Girl, the latest edition (ISBN-10: 1590521676 , published 26 July 2006) has some ideas for activities you can do to get to know each other better in a new section at the back. The rest of the book is also well worth reading together.
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Aura Aura
Actually you don't have to report anyone, it's not a requirement but rather a choice. So if you'd hate to do it, then don't. Simple, huh? You might want to find some way to get a car or other transpotation, there is only so much that can be done within the confines of a small apartment.
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Abbigale Abbigale
invite people over :) too much alone time for a couple in love can lead to the things you'd rather wait til marriage for. definitely play some bible games, make up your own! talk about your future spiritual goals. maybe help each other get some projects done around the place. hope this helps :)
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Standish Standish
I'm not Christian but I know this lovely couple that would read scriptures together and discuss their favorite passages and find the meanings of them and then put them up on a big poster board to hang them around their living room. They had a blast and whenever they went into the living room it would remind them of the fun they had together. Some Churches have couple's hiking trips and whatnot.
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Kids at this age are so self-centered that they love doing anything that relates to themselves. I've had them make a "quilt" about themselves. Give them each a piece of paper any size, 8-1/2x11 works but you could go larger. Divide the paper into 3 columns, 3 rows so that you have 9 squares (rectangles) -- students are to put their name (creatively) into the center square (I usually have them turn the paper sideways/landscape). Each block should now represent a part of themselves -- only "rule" is that they cannot use words -- they must use symbols or pictures to describe themselves. Common ones are dollar signs (money or shopping) skateboards, sports, stick-figures for family or friends, etc. Once they are done, each kid can explain to the class (or to a partner) what their symbols mean. I've glued these onto colored construction paper and put them on a bulletin board making a class-sized quilt. Make one about you and put yours at the center of the class quilt. Or display in any other way.

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