Do you think the referees in tonights game was working overtime?

Do you think the referees in tonights game was working overtime? Topic: Game case stand
July 17, 2019 / By Colin
Question: its like they were enjoying throwing those yellow flags.im not saying they weren't justified but why wont they let them play football.has it gotten stricter or are these players just that reckless? who's refereeing the referees? they make a lot of bad calls sometimes. @ryan he was completely stupid for that.it was uncalled for.it was an exciting game,but they beat themselves.chicago was good though.last man standing..
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Ardal Ardal | 1 day ago
Let me walk you through it backward. The officials are very carefully monitored by the officiating staff at the NFL. Every game is analyzed using the TV broadcast and both teams' game films (three different looks). They use large screen TV's, frame-by-frame playback, and a huge screen for really close plays. Each official is graded on each play for his positioning and the calls/non-calls he made. They are given grades of "correct," "marginal," or "incorrect." Those grades are entered into databases. Officials who grade the highest get playoff games. Officials who do not make the grade are not invited back next year. As to officials liking to throw flags, that could not be farther from the truth. Every flag thrown invites extra scrutiny. An incorrect flag scores lower than an incorrect no-call. So throwing a flag for holding that doesn't exist is worse than not throwing a flag when there is holding. Officials would rather keep their flags tucked away. They are trained to only throw when they are really, really sure of what they saw. In some cases, rules have gotten stricter. You cannot get your helmet close to a passer or receiver nor can you get close to their helmets because we are learning how bad concussions are. In some cases tonight, the teams were just sloppy. I saw several pass interference penalties that drew two or three flags. You have to be pretty blatant to get that kind of attention from officials.
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Trinity Trinity
they arent thowing flags at everything cause if you want you could throw a holding flag on just about ever down i think its stupid puttig 2 refees behind the qb anyways im for just getting the refees out of the game cause they do make blown calls like the detroit/chicago game thats what a blown call can do to a team and now chicago is 3-0 insted of 2-1 whick anybody can see they are
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Sally Sally
I listened to the game on the radio. They said all calls were OK. I have always said if you are going to make mistakes, make them early in the game. I am going to rephrase my saying to make them early in the season. Even the Packers coaches made errors. The only one who did not error was the water boy.
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