After school job for 14 year old?

After school job for 14 year old? Topic: Guess jobs application
June 19, 2019 / By Hamuel
Question: okay. well the thing i love most is shopping. i feel kinda bad always asking my mom for money so i have decided to get a job. i baby sit sometimes but it isn't really enough...what kind of job should i get and how would i go about getting a job?
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Eddy Eddy | 1 day ago
kroger will only hire at 16. lots of places wont hire under 16 because of the lack of work experience and the regulations since i guess you cant work more then 20 hours a week and it's just a mess pretty much. but my first job was Sonic and they hired someone there that was only 14 and fast food isnt bad for a first job. and at sonic you can just make the drinks or just take orders or take food out [and if you do that you can get tips!]. just go and get an application and put down your references like teachers and say your interests and hobbies and show you are willing to work and be "mature" :D hope this helped!
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Calvert Calvert
im 13 and i babysit. if i were you i would stick with that until u are 16 b.cause most stores only hire 16 and up. if u have xtra clothes, old toys, or anything that you dont want anymore, sell it on ebay, my moms made over 4,000 dollars on ebay over 2 years of selling old things. HOPE THIS HELPS
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Alfred Alfred
I was told that downeast home offers jobs to 14 year olds. because I was at that store one day and they asked me how old I was (15) and they said they hired 14 year olds.
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Tamra Tamra
You could get some odd jobs by asking neighbors, or maybe put up a notice on a cafe bulletin board. (Starbucks usually has one)
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