How to survive high school?

How to survive high school? Topic: Define doing away with homework
June 16, 2019 / By Sodi
Question: I'm gonna be a freshman in a few weeks and I'm really nervous! What should I expect?! And how do I survive the next 4 years?
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Orval Orval | 8 days ago
I'm going to tell you things I wish people had told me: -DON'T SLACK OFF AS A FRESHMAN!!! Not just in grades, but in life in general. One of my biggest high school regrets was my freshmen year. I kind of slacked off grade wise and by junior year, I was so mad at myself. Study hard from the beginning because, believe me, the farther you get into high school, the more you'll want to slack off. If you get on the right track right away, it'll be better for you further your high school career. -JOIN CLUBS!!! TRY NEW THINGS!!! Join theatre! Join yearbook! Run for student council! If you want to try it, do it. Don't be afraid. You meet so many people and make so many memories this way. -DON'T STRESS. Obviously you're gonna stress out about things, but don't sweat the small stuff. You're not gonna ruin your life over a few missed homework assignments and a handful of failed tests (just don't make a habit of it). -BE NICE TO PEOPLE. Even if people are mean to you, kill them with kindness. Make friends in your classes. Just please please please don't be rude to people. I'm not gonna lie, there's gonna be negativity around you in school. But you're better than that and you can fight against it by being kind. -NOT EVERYONE WILL LIKE YOU. Sometimes teachers won't like you. Sometimes your fellow classmates won't like you. That's okay. Again, just make sure it's not something that's happening left and right. -YOU ARE NOT STUPID. Sometimes, you might feel bad about yourself. Just remember you are not dumb. Some people are better at math, or art, or english than other things. Focus on your strengths, but try to improve your weaknesses. -YOU DON'T NEED TO HOOK UP WITH PEOPLE, OKAY. Listen, friend. No matter what people might try and tell you, you DO NOT need to hook up with people to truly "experience" high school. You don't need to do anything like that. Whether you do or you don't, that's your business. Just know that it doesn't define you. -TAKE CLASSES YOU WANT. This brings me back to the whole "just do it" thing. Literally, just do it. Take the classes!! Learn!! Have fun with the perks of high school!!! -WALK AROUND THE SCHOOL BEFORE THE FIRST DAY. Get familiar with the school during the summer so you're not totally overwhelmed finding classes on the first day. Even if you do get lost, don't be afraid to ask a teacher for directions (they're used to it). Don't worry. Enjoy yourself. You're gonna be just fine :)
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Orval Originally Answered: How to survive high school hated?
Well, I feel your pain. I had 4 pretty tough years of high school. I didn't enjoy it, and had only a few friends. I was teased and picked on, and one time a group of boys spit on me as I walked by. I was also picked up by some fellow students and put in the trash dumpsters once. At that's just a small portion of what happened. I will say this - it does get better. I am now 36, and am having a pretty successful career in the music and entertainment industry in Los Angeles. I live in a wonderful area, hang out with famous people, get to go to any concert I want...and most of those fools I went to HS with are freezing their *** off in the mid west trying to decide if they should use the green or red checked tablecloth for their Christmas dinner. I also did make 4 friends in high school. (That's not many, when the school I was in had about 1200 students). But, know what? They are all still my friends. They are true and genuine people. My sister (who was popular) doesn't talk to ANY of her "friends" from high school anymore. So, as tough as it is, and as nasty as it is, don't let it control you or define you. I was miserable in high school, so I sought out different friends and interests outside of school that led to my music career (I found a small magazine in my area that was hiring writers. I liked music and writing, so I submitted a sample and was able to write for them, which was what started introducing me to bands and the music industry). I also had my church, and my family and books and volunteering at a dog shelter - all things I enjoyed that helped me kind of forget the unhappy experience school was. And remember this, most of these people who are picking on you, they are having problems with their own self esteem and they are the ones who are not confident and kind. Not you - that's not on you. They are the ones with the problems, so try not to let them bring you down. Listen to Taylor Swift's "Mean" when you need a boost, that's a good song for those being messed with. I'm not saying don't try to make friends or anything...go ahead and still try to be nice to these people (be the bigger person) and just be confident and collected, show them they can't ruffle your feathers. Of course, protect yourself if need be, but try not to let them get the better of you. Hold your head high, smile and remind yourself they are not worth it. Hang in there sweetie, I know it is tough, but it will be OK.

Lenard Lenard
Every freshman is nervous so that's nothing to worry about. as want to expect. Be prepared for drama. Expect to have more responsibilities than you did in middle school because now you can't slack off with grades. Grades are really important in high school so be prepared to study hard and get as much A's as you possibly can because it will pay off at the end. Also try making a lot of friends because the more friends you have the better experience you'll have the next 4 years but be careful on what friends you choose because bad friends can have bad influences on you so try not to participate in those activities(drugs fights sex) because they wi have a HUGE impact on your life. Don't get pregnant or become addicted to drugs because they will ruin your life. I'm only saying that because in high school you'll be girls getting pregnant and people doing drugs and students dropping out. Be better than those people because at end it all pays off. Good luck in high school and study hard.
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Jai Jai
People hype it up to be more than it is, I'm going into 10 grade and 9 grade was like being In middle school but there's more kids, don't worry
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Florry Florry
More homework and social stress but I would say MAKE AS MANY FRIENDS AS POSSIBLE so when you pretty quickly people will form friendship groups and so will you Get to know as many people as you can and be friendly. You don't want to stick to one or two people otherwise you will b lonely and if you lose them then you feel pretty miserable so definitely get to know people and accept all invitations to go to out with friends TRUST MEEEEE but don't stress it's easier than you might expect I also highly recommend getting work out the way and don't procrastinate cause it piles up pretty quickly! Good luck
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Darryl Darryl
Expect drama, stupidity, raging emotions, and try not to get involved in it. Don't do or say things just to fit in, people who are worth being around and keeping in your life will like you for who you really are.
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Darryl Originally Answered: I am scared of starting High School, how will i survive?
Trust me, highschool aint that much different from middle school. I was a lil freaked about my first day, it always seemed so big and i was like how am i gonna find any of my classes but after like 3 weeks the school seems so little and I know my way around. And a week later you will be saying to yourself how was i scared of coming here? And as as the schoolwork/homework, as long as your there everday and at least try to do the work, you will pass. And even if you dont fully understand the homework just guess because a lot of teachers just give you credit if you have it done. Well, I hope I helped[:

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