Why should I travel abroad?

Why should I travel abroad? Topic: An essay about travelling abroad
June 20, 2019 / By Hector
Question: I have traveled abroad many places and intend to in the future (because I love it; it is awesome) I'm just getting some ideas for an essay. Thanks :-)
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Eliphaz Eliphaz | 6 days ago
To satisfy a curiosity about the world. There are no drawings or paintings or pictures or videos or movies anywhere depicting the Great Pyramids of Egypt, that can compare with actually standing in front of the Great Pyramids of Egypt. Same with the Great Wall of China. Or the Eiffel Tower. Or Times Square. If you're perfectly happy not knowing what it's like to leave your home country and experience another culture firsthand, then feel free to stay home. I'm going to see what's out there.
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Eliphaz Originally Answered: Has a travel show ever influenced you to travel to a certain destination?
Yes, I watch the shows to get ideas for new and interesting places to explore. There's one show on RAI 1 here in Italy called Domenica in Villagio that features local festivals in various places around Italy. I've gone to many of them as a result of the show. For me, the shows are more useful for the lesser known places or events because the major attractions are widely covered in travel books, magazines, newspaper articles and the like.
Eliphaz Originally Answered: Has a travel show ever influenced you to travel to a certain destination?
a million. Yeah, sort-of. i won't remember the places as i haven't watched those exhibits in a protracted time. the coach could have been Getaway. 2. movies are solid at influencing human beings to pass to a undeniable place. i.e. while they coach those luxury islands. 3. Bali, rationalization for the bombing. yet Na can no longer remember. 4. If that's the single with the kangaroos on the golf direction.. then that's neither that's kinda in basic terms skewed reason no we've not got kangaroos randomly appearing on our golf classes in packs. 5. there's no question 5.... aw.

Chenaniah Chenaniah
To learn about other cultures see historical places and famous art and architecture and to try different foods.
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Alwin Alwin
Not if you wanna be kidnapped and wake up in a hostel with your booty hole stretched open by a speculum with a group of dudes taking turns pissing in it.
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Alwin Originally Answered: How to get jobs abroad. ie usa? (im from the UK)?
you could consider doing a PhD in the US. As tuition fees are very high you would need to make sure that you get into a program which offers scholarships for that and also gives you a teaching assistant position or some other means by which you can earn some money. What your options are depends how good your grades are and how much you managed to get extra experience through volunteering in labs or working in labs while a student. With just a bachelors degree and no work experience you will find it much harder to get a job in the US. There are plenty of people with bachelor degrees in biological/biomedical science. An employer has to pay extra for a work visa if they want to employ a foreign worker and they also have to show that no other suitable candidate is available. Getting a PhD in the US will, however, not ensure that you get employment. But it would give you additional qualifications. If you do well you should not have too much trouble finding a postdoc job in the US, though it will still be not easy to get a greencard. However, if you do research in the medical field you can apply for a national interest waiver, but that would be years down the line, so I'd not worry about details in this aspect. Given the difficulty of getting work permits abroad I suggest you look for and accept any job (e.g. supermarket, cleaning) in any field while you search for a proper job.

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