Can someone plz give me some advice or even better a good routine to get a six pack?

Can someone plz give me some advice or even better a good routine to get a six pack? Topic: Moment case set up yahoo email
June 16, 2019 / By Dixy
Question: Im am a male 15 years old 5' 7" and 120 lbs i want a good routine that will give me a nice six pack. btw i have no equipment and no money to get any.
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Best Answers: Can someone plz give me some advice or even better a good routine to get a six pack?

Carlie Carlie | 8 days ago
well this is weird because at this moment, i am the exact same size and age as you. and since mid november i've been working out, mostly abs, chest and arms. what ive been told is that no matter what you do to your abs, you wont be able to see them through the fat you have. and i know you arent fat, since your my size you probably have just a tiny pooch right? lol. thats what you need to get rid of though. there are many things to consider when doing this, and you have to keep all of them in mind and remember to do them consitently and correctly, and dont over due it. a couple things to remember..you have to cardio. its a must. now what i do i jump rope for as long as i can, then a minute or two more, thats when you burn the most calories, when you "feel the burn". so along with that, i would advise working out the other parts of your body as well. I also ride my bike alot, i forgot to mention, but i cant now, since its cold here. there are two reasons that you will want to work other muscles. 1). having muscle burns fat. its simple. just the fact that even if your sitting on the couch, your muscle will consume calories, even though for the most part inactive. its like a fire, with your muscles being the wood, the more muscle you have, the faster and higher amount of calories you burn. 2). you look really weird with abs and stingbean arms, with no pecs. lol. trust me. my neighbor did it and he looked like a GOOF. seriously. and now of course, try to eat healthy, drink more water, blah,blah, youve heard all that. so now to answer your actual question. the workout routine i do is as follows.. crunches- 5sets of 20-30 sit ups-5sets of 20-30 bicycle (form of crunches, not a bike.)-10 sets of 20-30. planks-(hold as long as you can, try to improve each time) leg lifts-5sets of 20 pushups-5sets of 15-30(they are a combo workout,arms,chest,abs) and i have the iron gym so i do leg lifts on that too. now another thing about building muscle..muscles grow during the time you rest between workouts. so since that is the case, eat protein as much as you can, since it helps build the muscle, and wait about 2 days between each ab workout. for example..(monday,thursday,sunday..etc.) so thats yet another opportunity to work the other muscle groups of your body.i go on a continous cycle, from day to day which goes arms,chest,abs,shoulders. and as ive mentioned before, do cardio everyday, and stay hydrated. so now that ive written you a fricking book lol.. i think i gave you all you need to know. if you have any questions about anything feel free to email me, if i didnt make things clear or whatever. and just for inspiration, since mid november when i started, i went from 128 pounds, kind of a pooch. to now, as of today, i am 121 pounds, and i have a visible four pack relaxed, and when i flew i have a pretty decent six pack. ill continue to work on it, but so far ive been totally happy with it. i hope you read all this.. lol. btw, my email is [email protected]
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Carlie Originally Answered: Tips on getting a six pack and exercise routine help?
My ab workout is like this: 1. 50 Sit Ups OR Crunches 2. 25 Leg Raises 3. 12 Jackknife Sit Ups 4. 25 Bicycle Sit Ups 5. Repeat every exercise again Oh and in case you're wondering I do lift weights and have a whole workout routine, but that's just my abdominal workout which I do 5 days a week! (By the way I do occasionally throw in some new exercises, like sometimes I'll do planking or whatever.) You should see results oh I don't know the first few weeks of the exercise I suppose. If you want a six pack in my eyes you have to do more than just sit ups.
Carlie Originally Answered: Tips on getting a six pack and exercise routine help?
You do have to drop pounds for the 6 percent. Everyone has abs. You can activity to cause them to greater and will honestly get a greater intestine via doing so. In order to look the six percent you have to lose the fats that's hiding them. Diet and aerobic is the reply.

Andriana Andriana
My advice don't do too much.... I max out at 50 sit-ups in one go. just try 20 sit-ups a night and don't lose faith it will take months to see much change... btw dont go for 50 sit ups your muscles will hurt for a long time afterward haha... btw i 17 probably closest to your age you're gonna get in an answer right now
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Whitney Whitney
To have great abs you need to watch your diet low fat like body builders. So a modified body builder diet is what you would need. If you want abs like them you have to eat and train like them. So you need to hit your abs daily, hit them hard and at every angle there is so you need to go to youtube check out various ab techniques and put together a routine of the hardest ones you see.
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