I woke up yesterday with a rash on my * i think its a spider bite any way to get rid of it?

I woke up yesterday with a rash on my * i think its a spider bite any way to get rid of it? Topic: Spider writing paper
June 16, 2019 / By Draven
Question: its dosent itch but its hurts when a sit down it looks like this http://images.google.com/images?sourceid=navclient&rlz=1T4ADBF_enCA329&q=cycle%20of%20the%20spider%20bite&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wi the second picture on the right in the first row any help?? plz
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Best Answers: I woke up yesterday with a rash on my * i think its a spider bite any way to get rid of it?

Brian Brian | 10 days ago
I only looked at the first page of bites, and did not see ANY, that would be spider related. some of these are even fake. the small patch of blisters look more like a blister beetle bite. the second photo shows a cyct with an infected head. the third, is a poorly photoshopped fantasy. there is a chance that #4 is a black widow bite that has been left un-treated. now for your question. spider bites usually resemble bad mosquito bites. you wont see fang marks unless the spider was HUGE, or using a good microscope. the most common symptom is itching as a result of the venom. swelling often accompanies this. a possible bite will not have pustule for several days, and only after infection has set in. venom can (rarely) cause a localized rash. refferences: when studying to be a bite specialist, my colleague, Dr. R Vetter, an I discused photos posted citing spider bites. of 1000 photos, only 7 appeared to be legit, and 140 possible. the rest were simply not spider related injuries, or faked. Dr. Vetter is perhaps the utmost authority on spider envenomations and has written several papers. http://spiders.ucr.edu/vetterpubs.html the truth is here.
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Brian Originally Answered: What is this rash? Tick bite? Bed bug bite? It's driving me crazy! Please help?
Yasmine, The clue in your question is the hike. I am thinking that you have brought chiggers into your house. Their other common name is the harvest mite. They can be killed with a number of sprays but the one that makes sense to me is called Kleen-Free which is a chemical free psray that you can use on your furniture and mattress and also in your laundry to get rid of them. The nice thing about this is that the same company makes a bedbug spray that you could encourage yoru friend to order and then split the cost of the order and shipping to save some money. Their website talks about both of these pests and how to treat them. Maybe this will be a good solution for you. Good luck - I am about 99% sure your issue is chiggers. Sue

Ahiam Ahiam
Ok dude I have been bitten by most spiders cause of the work I do, First off treat it as if it were an infection with an antibiotic ointment, keep it clean. If you have a fever associated with it go see a doc. if not keep it clean and treat with antibiotic ointment. Key--keep it clean--don't scratch--don't freak out.
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Susana Susana
"if it walks like a duck, quacks like duck, looks like a duck; then it must be a duck," it mostly likely is a spider bite you might want to go to the doctor some spiders are deadly and you might want to get it looked at to be sure.
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Rahel Rahel
-feels sick- um..please go to the doctor..my mom had a similar thing in a similar place and they found it wasnt a spider bite but staph..
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Melva Melva
i don't really know but you should go to a Doctor if doesn't go away you will probably have to wait it out!!!
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Melva Originally Answered: I have this thing on my side and it has all the signs of a spider bite and idk what to do help?
Over the summer, I stayed with family in the country, and I got bit by a poisanous spider. I would get HUGE red puss lumps, and would have to squeeze it out often. We did some research and concluded it was a cousin to the brown recluses. (not the actually family as they are fatal quickly) I would just soak it with an Epsin salt / water solution once a day, put hydrogen peroxide on it twice a day, and squeeze it every so often.. It was gone in about 2-3 weeks although I still have a vivid but small scar from it. Most poisanous spider I ever got bit from.. Also! tell your mom about it. My little sister was bit before me (same spider) but didn't say anything for like a week. It began to spread up her arm in the direction of her heart... After we discovered it, we immediately got to work. It's not worth it to wait (depending on if it is a spider bite in first place). It's easier to cure in the beginning than to wait for it to spread.

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