I have a weird illness, anyone have an idea what it might be?

I have a weird illness, anyone have an idea what it might be? Topic: What is a research problem example
June 19, 2019 / By Hudson
Question: My illness is weird, but I'll try my very best to describe it. Also I'll be seeing the doctor tomorrow, but my doctor is very bad and I don't trust him so I'm considering in getting a new doctor but until then I have to deal with it. I'm summarize some of the symptoms and factors that may cause it. This sickness started to happened at about May 13 and continues till this day. I ate a tuna sandwich I bought at my college and I vomited twice before my exams. The tuna wasnt really good so I thought it could be that. Also on May 13 and 14 I had a lot of orange juice. I'm talking about 128oz worth of orange juice. I also had cookies, red bull, chips, lots of pizza, and more junk food. It was finals for me so I needed to stay up. I had lack of sleep; 3 hours on Tuesday and 8 hours Wed. I'm not obese btw hehe. So that's what I ate those days. I generally eat healthier than taht, It was just those 2 days that I ate like that. On to my illness… At times during the day, I will feel fine then sick. I will start to get dry mouth. This will make me start to breathe less and the muscles on the back of my neck start to get sore and aching. I feel dizzy and my heart starts to beat faster. I get scared too. I start to sweat on my forehead, back and neck. There seems to be air trapped in my chest or esophagus because I’m trying my very best to burp it out but it won’t come out and if something does, it feels good. Its hard to eat or drink. I usually chew gum to start salivating and then I will find some relief. Also, I feel fatigue and nauseas. It can take up to 1-2 hours before I feel normal again or If I throw up, I will feel good within 20 mins. My stool is dark brown. Not hard not liquid, but soft. Sometimes there’s liquid. Also there are times when I feel I need to use the bathroom; I would start to feel sick again. If I do the number 2 I will feel relieved. Now here’s the weird part… When I said at times during the day, I meant that I really do feel fine. For example, it can be 2 pm then all of a sudden at 210, I feel all that described about until I feel better. And all of a sudden, it comes back. If I jog lightly, I start to feel ill as well when I stop and only when I stop. If I keep jogging for about 30 mins, I’ll be fine until I stop. Also I don’t even have to jog that long. I was jogging with my dog at 8pm when its about 80F outside, for 10 mins, very nice weather, and I return home with cold sweat, nearly passed out on my door. Also I can be just hanging out with friends and someone says a joke, and I laugh, then I start to feel the sickness coming again. Anyone have any idea what it might be? I’m going to the doctor tomorrow but I’d like to know what toher people thing. Also lately the temperature has been about high 90's where I live. It can be dehydration but I drink water... Also I'm 20 years old. Oh yeah I checked my pulse twice and it came up to be 74 75 bpm Also my last exam was May 14 so I'm in vacation now.
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Best Answers: I have a weird illness, anyone have an idea what it might be?

Enos Enos | 6 days ago
This sounds like panic attacks and anxiety. I have a major problem with this and I take an anti depressant and it relieves all of my symptoms, but you sound exactly like me. It will come on suddenly for no reason at all and they can make you feel like you are going to die. The first time I experienced one I told my family to call 911 because I thought I was having a stroke or something and I am only 24 years old. It sounds crazy, but nobody really knows what its like until they have experienced one. Do some research on them and it should confirm my diagnosis.
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Colbert Colbert
That was actually a pretty good account. Print that out and take it to your doctor. In the meantime, check your blood pressure. I'll bet it's low. You had me going until you mentioned laughing and then getting lightheaded, then it all fell together. You could have HYPOtension, low blood pressure. Do you crave salt? I know a woman with hypotension and she'd salt popcorn to a level her husband couldn't stand. That was a symptom. Vomiting is another one. You mentioned jogging, but when your legs are working they're acting like pumps to keep your blood flowing. Then you stop. But it was laughing that gave it away. I had to have high blood pressure taken down, but it took a long time for the meds to work. Many months. Then they took it too far in the other direction, and they had to be cut back. But I know what it feels like. Sucks, doesn't it? Since you're eating junk food, it isn't likely from a lack of salt. You probably need meds to bring it up a bit. A chronic problem, but not a real biggie if you're going to have one.
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Antwan Antwan
It could be air pollution. High temperatures in the atmosphere cause air quality to decline. That would explain your breathing difficulties and dry mouth (from sinus problems).
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Antwan Originally Answered: I have a mystery illness?
don't panic - don't change doctors. if your doctor has not come to a conclusion at this point - that means she has found nothing seriously wrong. The most valuable piece of information now is to follow you closely and see how the case evolves. So don't miss your follow up appointments, and be sure to get all the lab studies and x-rays that she has requested. Your doctor knows that statistically the most likely problem is a simple viral infection. She will follow you , and if you're not better in a week, more testing in an organized fashion will be done. It makes no sense to do exhaustive evaluation for these symptoms on the first visit because 90% of people with those symptoms will just get better in a week or two. Listen to your doctor - if she is thoughful and caring, she probably tried to explain that to you, and she is correct. Your present symptoms are bothersome, but not an emergency, and not reason to be frightened. You should be reassured that your doc has looked you over, and for now nothing major is wrong.

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