How can i convince mom to buy me a pup? i want a chiwawa or a chipoo! plz give me some advice! im desperate1?

How can i convince mom to buy me a pup? i want a chiwawa or a chipoo! plz give me some advice! im desperate1? Topic: Bed tables for homework
June 26, 2019 / By Orian
Question: hi my name is samantha and i am 13. i have really always wanted a puppy dog since our staffy x rottweler died 4 years agio but mom said no! i am respinsible and know a lot of thing s about dogs and i promise to pick up poo, clen, groom, feed and walk and plau with my dog froeber and i will neber give the puppy up to a spca. i want a chiwawa or chipoo or maltese or maltipoo or yorki or yorkipp coz they r soooo cute! what can i tell mom so that she will but one for me?!?! i went to the pet store with dad the other day and saw 3 little boy chipoos and 2 girl maltese and 1 girl chiwawa and i really want the maltese and chiwawa! i am ok with just one pup! please give me serious help only/! ps. the chiwawa was only $600 down from $1200! and the maltese is only $700 down from $1500 so it is really cheap and i am really reponsible and am always helping mom set the dnner table !!
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Best Answers: How can i convince mom to buy me a pup? i want a chiwawa or a chipoo! plz give me some advice! im desperate1?

Lehi Lehi | 1 day ago
Pure-bred dogs are expensive. Even the half-breeds aren't cheap. I don't know about your family's finances, but maybe your parents don't have the money to buy you a dog. I hate to be judgmental, but to ask for something of such a large value without considering what it might cost others is a bit selfish. On the other hand... If your parents can afford the dog...Show your mom you are responsible. I know you said you help her set the dinner table. But what about picking up after yourself, cleaning your room...washing dishes, getting your homework done? You'll always have to clean up after your pet if they aren't house-trained and make a no-no, or if they leave toys all over the place. Even if they're sloppy eaters. But, owning a pet is a privilege, and your homework should be a priority. If you get that done and are making decent grades, I'm sure your mom will consider it. If you haven't already done so, mention these things to her and remind her what a responsible young lady you are. But live up to your reminders! Also try earning an allowance or some kind of money. If your parents think you're responsible enough, offer to earn enough money to pay for half the price of the dog PLUS all the supplies needed to take care of it. Food and water bowls, a collar, tags, vaccines/de-wormer, flea/tick/ear mite meds...food, treats, toys, a leash, doghouse/dog bed, a pooper-scooper... am I forgetting anything? Lol. Anyway, you get the point.
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Lehi Originally Answered: My chiwawa died because of my neighbors fence.what can i do? :(?
You could have a case against your neighbors, but you have to consider what kind of damages you can ask for. Unfortunately, the law sees dogs as a possession, so you can only recover the actual cost of the dog. Is this a pure-bred chihuahua you purchased from a breeder or is this a dog you got from a shelter? If you paid a breeder for your dog, you could sue in small claims (since it will probably be less than $7,500) for the purchase price of the dog. *If* you can prove that your neighbor didn't do what he should have to protect the neighborhood from the electric fence, you will have to produce a receipt for what you paid the breeder. If this is a pound pooch, you can only sue for the cost of your adoption fees — probably something like $50 or $100. Damages other than hard costs to you (like pain and suffering or punitive damages) cannot be argued in small claims. You'd have to go to superior court for that, and the cost of suing your neighbor in superior court would run, probably, into the tens of thousands... assuming you could find an attorney to take the case, which you probably won't. Either way, your neighbor's negligence is hard to prove. What I would do is talk to your neighbor and see if he/she could secure the fence better than it is to protect more tragedies like this from happening and see if he/she is willing to pay the adoption costs for you to get another dog from a shelter. Explain that it's in his best interest because if his fence could kill a chihuahua it could probably hurt a child. If he hurts a child, the nuisance of the fence becomes much more serious for him and you would be in the awkward position of having to explain that his/her fence killed your dog and that you asked him/her to do more to fix the fence. That could make any defense he'd try to mount on his behalf much more difficult because he *knew* that the fence was dangerous and did not do anything to make it safer.

Jaden Jaden
Please don't ever buy a dog from a pet store, because these dogs come from puppy mills. Puppy Mills, abuse and do not properly care for their animals, and most of the time, pet store puppy's are not too healthy. If you want to get a dog, go to your local animal shelter, or humane society instead. As far as your mom not letting you have a puppy, it's really up to her. If she says no, then there is not much, you can do to convince her. Maybe she feels like you are not responsible enough, or old enough yet. Dogs are a very big responsibility. You may have to wait until your a little older, and have your own place.
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Finnegan Finnegan
Your mom is kind of the deciding factor all you can do is earn up some money and show her you can pay for it somewhat. Dogs are expensive, vet bills food water and toys not to mention what they chew up or pee on and destroy. Im not trying to be rude or degrade you but the smaller the dog the more work it is. I have a yorkie poo and he is a handful at 8 months he is still not potty trained. And i couldnt give him enough attention between me and my spouse so we ended up having to get another puppy to keep him occupied. He ended up having medical problems and this was only a 600 dog that has now ended up costing us over 3000.00. to get him healthy and were still looking at possibly having to have him have surgery. He needs constant supervision and setting the table to me isnt enough to show your responsible. All you can do is continue to show her your responsible. On top of that you are 13 you will be in college in 5-6 yrs and the dog will still be around. what would you do with it then? most colleges require you to live in the dorms atleast your first year if not first 2 yrs. Then your mom would be responsible for the dog. talk to her about her reasoning behind it but ultimatly shes in charge and you have to respect that.
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Darien Darien
Let's say you nag your mother until she finally gives in. You say you're okay with one pup, and maybe you will be for a little while. But since you have now learned that all you have to do is to drive your mother crazy to get what you want, you will just start all over again. Your mother is a smart woman. Respect her decision - she is an adult and knows more than you do, and what's more, she's your mother! - and wait until you're old enough to get a dog yourself. And tell your dad not to take you to the pet shop any more - what is he thinking of, stirring the whole thing up? Visit a friend who has dogs, take them for walks and learn to be patient. Or volunteer to work at the local dog shelter. It will do you the world of good.
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Azrael Azrael
Did you ever consider that your mom said No because she hasn't got that kind of money> You can eat for 3 months on that amount of money. You are not responsible, since you don't know the value of a dollar, you are selfish, and don't deserve a dog. Wait until you have a job, are contributing money to the family, and understand just how much that really is then buy the dog yourself. By the way, I live for a month, bills, food, shelter and clothing on less than you expect your mother to fork out for a mutt you don't need and won't look after.
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Azrael Originally Answered: How can I convince my parents to give me just a little bit of privacy?
You could go to the hardware store and purchase one of those brown rubber door stop wedges. You may have to trim the thin end so it doesn't stick out to where it could be dislodged. At the very least, it will make people stop and knock. You can say, "Just a moment," and then let them in. Remind them that you don't like to be walked in on while you're changing clothes, concentrating on homework, or sleeping. They may have their reasons for not wanting to mar the woodwork with a bolt or some other kind of lock. What do your folks do when they want privacy in their bedroom?

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