I'm scared to death of marine boot camp, please give me some advice?

I'm scared to death of marine boot camp, please give me some advice? Topic: Business plan for documentary films
June 16, 2019 / By Aaren
Question: I'm 17 years old and i'm planning on joining the marines. I'm 6 ft. tall and 130 lbs. I run track and i don't think the running part in the marines will be that bad for me but as far as strength i'm pretty worried. I read all kinds of things online that marine boot camp is the hardest thing that marines have done in their life and it worries me. I tell my brother who is in the army that i'm scared to death of marine boot camp and he says its dumb because its so easy and that its probably the same as army boot camp. I think he's just a little biased because he's in the army. My dad was a marine for 23 years and he said boot camp wasn't that hard and he never really goes any further than that. Maybe its because he doesn't even know that i'm going into the military. I don't even want to tell him yet. But i really want as much information as possible about marine boot camp because i'm really scared. I'm still going to do it, i'm just a little overwhelmed. Every documentary and video i've watched on it just doesn't cover enough for me. And is it true that there's some kind of "code" that marines don't tell too much about it to those who are going in? I just want some information and advice preferably from actual marines
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Solomon Solomon | 1 day ago
If you are in decent cardiovascular shape, which you should be because of track, and you have a never quit attitude, then you will be fine. The physical stuff is tough, but they build you up to where they want you to be. Don't stress that part. They put alot of mental stress on you, but nothing is personal. It's all business. And their business is to see if you can handle the stress in a combat situation. The situation always changes, so you have to adapt quickly over and over again. IT will take some getting used to, but you'll do fine. Never give up and push as hard as you can. If you want to see actual, fly on the wall, raw boot camp footage, the check out "Ears Open, Eyeballs Click". It's filmed at MCRD San Diego, but the training is the same as Parris Island, just without the sand fleas. Watch it, and it will show you exactly what it's like. And hey, the first day you get there is the worst mentally, because you don't know anything. After the first couple of weeks, it's just rolling with it, man. You'll do fine. Tell your dad you joined up. He can keep you motivated.
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Solomon Originally Answered: Marine Boot Camp Address? PLEASE HELP ME?
Boot camp is 3 months only. And there is no way to get his address unless someone gives it to you. For security reasons they don't make this info public. Many X GF's or stalkers love to torment people while in boot camp which is why if you don't have the address then you probably don't need it. He will write to whomever he wishes to hear from. And that address the first poster gave you is the base address. If you send a letter there it will be returned to you. Recruits have a specific address and not a base address.

Osborn Osborn
You are tall and skinny, so you will be a double rat recruit and picked on a lot. haha. Really though, "strength" isn't an element of boot camp. If you can run the 3 mile run in less than 18 minutes and do over 20 pull ups, your DI's will love you. Expecially the Senior. A post earlier mentioned MCT or ITB. He is right. The humping alone will get you smoked out of your mind if you aren't ready for it. Both MCRD websites have a training matrix for you to see. This way you can understand what is expected of you. Learn your rank structure for both Navy and Marines, your general orders, as well as the parts of the M16 and you will be good to go. You already have the PT part down, it is the knowledge that will get you through it. Next thing you know you are honor grad and no one likes you! haha But that is later down the road.
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Lennon Lennon
First of all, always capitalize Marines. Your brother obviously has no clue what he is talking about. Marine boot camp can't be compared to Army boot camp. It is infinitely more difficult. There's not an actual code, there's just not that much to tell. Boot camp is going to be the hardest thing you've ever done and that is all there is to it. All you can do is try your best to be in shape and be mentally prepared. The discipline is incredibly rigid, you will basically be uncomfortable for 13 weeks, and you'll have to do things that are unfamiliar and frightening. The key to it is to have heart. Don't give up. That is what make Marines.
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Jair Jair
Only you know why you made that choice, the only reason you will fail is because you let yourself fail. If you believe in the reasons why then you will do fine; All my friends said the same thing when I was joined. What did you sign up for (MOS)? So my question to you is how many of your friends are Marines? I would venture to say none; they are mostly likely some Liberal, hug a tree, Hillary loving, grass eating crybabies. The problem is your Friends don’t have the intestinal fortitude to fight for what they believe in they want someone else to do it for them because they need something to complain about. But the funny thing is when things go kind of bad they are the first ones to scream send in the Marines (I.e. Grenada). Sorry I got on a rant there, we as Marines understand what we do because we do it day after day because we are true, to our own convictions. Generally people fear what they don’t understand, they don’t understand that freedom is not free people die for it, and it is taken for granted because they never lived without it. We are ruled by a dictatorship to defend the freedom of others. That is a hard concept for most people to understand. If you want to earn the Eagle Globe and Anchor then do it. Just remember failure is not an option, either do it or die trying. GOOD LUCK Future Devil Dog.
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Foley Foley
Marine Corps boot camp may very well be the hardest thing you will have to endure in your life, but just remember this: that you CAN do this, and once you have finished boot, you will recieve the ultimate honor of the eagle, globe and anchor being placed in your hand. The DI's will strip you of your individuality, to build you back up in the form of a Marine. The actual percentage of people that fail boot camp and get sent home is in reality very very low. They do not want to send you home. They will do all they can to help you succeed. Hope I helped! You can also read through articles here: http://usmilitary.about.com/od/marinejoin/a/marinebasic.htm
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Foley Originally Answered: How to figure out where to send a letter to a marine during boot camp?
A lot would depend on how common his name is. If there is more than one person with the same name attending boot camp, how would they know who to deliver it to? And there is no telling how long it will take for him to get it if he ever does - it's easier to send it back. It takes a few days for the dust to settle, but he will eventually send his address to you, his parents or someone and then you can write as often as you want.

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