What is a good song for me to sing for my audition?

What is a good song for me to sing for my audition? Topic: Guitar case soft
June 20, 2019 / By Imanuel
Question: i go to a musical camp every year, and i want a new song to audition with. So, i have a really soft voice, i can go up really high if i need to, but i mostly have deeper voice. i would like more then one plzz. thnx guys!!!
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Euan Euan | 7 days ago
Landslide by Stevie Nicks. I'm pretty sure it'll fit your voice range, and the only musical accompaniment you'll have to worry about is a guitar. The tab is pretty simple in case your guitarist buddy is a little inexperienced.
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Euan Originally Answered: Good Female Audition Songs?
i would pick the only exception, it's cute :) or you could go with 6 months by hey monday, or "a drop in the ocean" by ron pope (i know it's a guy, but you could just change it an octave higher if it's too dark for you) hope it helped! :-)
Euan Originally Answered: Good Female Audition Songs?
Depends what you're auditioning for. If it's some kind of musical theatre production, pick a song from a musical, but not a song from the specific musical you are auditioning for. The directors don't like it, because they want to put their stamp on how you sing it. If you're auditioning for a band, then sing something that speaks to their style. If you're auditioning for a school, pick something with some range and depth. Avoid picking songs that everybody else will do - (no Titanic or the big hit singles of the last year). Most important, pick something that really showcases your strengths and boosts your confidence. If you are allowed two songs, choose two contrasting styles.
Euan Originally Answered: Good Female Audition Songs?
Whispering from Spring Awakening is a Broadway Song. You can try Taylor Swifts 1st and 2nd CDs, any songs from there are sort of high. And Nikki Minaj has a really high pitched voice.

Cooper Cooper
These VOCAL SOLOS work well for Music Capm ALREADY GONE... Tempchin/Strandlund AMERICAN PIE... Don McLean ANNIE'S SONG... John Denver BAMBOO.. Dave Van Ronk BELIEVE.. Elton John/ Bernie Taupin BLACK WATER... Doobie Brothers BLACKBEARD'S NAVY. James (Sunny Jim) White BLACKBIRD.. Paul McCartney BLOWIN' IN THE WIND.. Bob Dylan BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATERS.. Paul Simon BROTHER, CAN YOU SPARE A DIME... Jay Gorney BROWN EYED GIRL... Van Morrison CALYPSO... John Denver CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE TONIGHT.. Elton John CANDLE IN THE WIND.. Elton John / Bernie Taupin CHEESBURGERS IN PARADISE.. Jimmy Buffet COMES A TIME.. Neil Young COTTEN FIELDS.. The Highwaymen, CROSSROAD BLUES.. Cream DEPORTEE.. Woody Guthrie DESPERADO... Henley/Frey DON'T GO BREAKING MY HEART.. Blanche/Orson DON'T LET ME BE LONELY TONIGHT.. James Taylor DON'T LET THE SUN GO DOWN ON ME..Elton John DOWN BY THE RIVER.. Neil Young DREAMING WITH A BROKEN HEART.. John Mayer EARLY MORNING RAIN... Gordon Lightfoot EAST TEXAS ROAD.. Woody Guthrie EAST VIRGINIA.. Pete Seeger (great Banjo Piece) EL CONDOR PASA.. Paul Simon/ Robles EVERYTHING'S ALRIGHT... Jesus Christ superstar EVIL WAYS... Santana FADED BLUE.. Ian Tyson FAREWELL.. Bob Dylan FEELIN' GROOVY.. Paul Simon FIRE AND RAIN.. James Taylor FLY AWAY.. John Denver FOUR STRONG WINDS.. Ian Tyson FROM A DISTANCE... Julie Gold GARDEN SONG.. David Mallett GEORGY GIRL.. The Seekers GRANDMA'S FEATHER BED... Jim Connor.. GUANTANAMERA.. Jose Marti HALLELUJAH.. Jeff Buckley HE WENT TO PARIS... Jimmy Buffet HEART OF GOLD.. Neil Young HOTEL CALIFORNIA... Felder/Henley/Frey I AIN'T GOT NO HOME... Wooddy Guthrie I AM, I AM.. Naomi Hirshorn I WILL NEVER MARRY.. The Carter Family I WISH I WAS IN DIXIE.. Daniel Emmitt IMAGINE... John Lenno JOLLY MON SING .. Buffet/Jennings/Utley LAY DOWN SALLY.. Eric Clapton LEAVING ON A JET PLANE... John Denver LIFE IN THE FAST LANE.. Walsh/Henley/Frey LIKE A SAD SONG.. John Denver LITTLE BIRDIE.. Pete Seeger (a fun Banjo piece to play) LOVE NEEDS A HEART.. George, Carter and Brown LYIN' EYES... Henley/Frey ME AND BOBBY MAGEE.. Janis Joplin MEXICO.. James Taylor MISTER TAMBOURINE MAN... Bob Dylan MOMMA TOLD ME.. Three Dog Night MONDAY MORNING... Yarbow/Stookey/Travers/Okun MORNING TRAIN.. Elena Mezzetti MRS. ROBINSON... Paul Simon MY SWEET LADY.. John Denver NEW KID IN TOWN.. Souther/Henley/Frey NIGHTS IN WHITE SATIN.. The Moody Blues OFF TO SEE THE LIZARD.. Jimmy Buffet OLD MAN... Neil Young ONE GRAIN OF SAND.. Pete Seeger ONE PARTICULAR HARBOR.. Jimmy Buffet PART OF ME.. Paul Barron PEACEFUL EASY FEELING.. Jack Tempchin PROPINQUITY .. Michael Nesmith PROUD MARY.. Creedance Clearwater Revival RAINY DAY PEOPLE.. Gordon Lightfoot ROCK ME ON THE WATER.. Jackson Browne ROCKET MAN.. Elton John/Bernie Taupin ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH... John Denver/Mike Taylor SAD SONGS... Elton John/Bernie Taupin SONG FOR CANADA.. Tyson/Gzowski SOUTHERN CROSS... Jimmy Buffet SOUTHERN MAN... Neil Young SUNSHINE ON MY SHOULDERS.. Denver/Taylor/Kniss SWEET BABY JANE.. James Taylor SWEET EMOTION.. Arrowsmith SWEET HOME ALABAMA.. Lynyrd Skynyrd SWEET POTATOES.. Pete Seegers T FOR TEXAS... Jimmy Roberts TAKE IT TO THE LIMIT.. Meisner/Henley/Grey TAKE ME HOME COUNTRY ROADS.. Denver TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN.. Yarbow/Stookey/Taravers TEQUILA SUNRISE... Henley/Frey THANK GOD I'M A COUNTRY BOY.. John Sommers THE CRUEL WAR.. Stookey / Peter Yarbow THE BEAT GOES ON.. Sonny and Cher THE ENTERTAINER.. Scott Joplin THE FOOLISH FROG... Pete Seegers THE HUNGRY YEARS.. Neil Sedaka / Howard Greenfield THE PRETENDER.. Jackson Browne THE ONE.. Elton John/ Bernie Taupin THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND.. Woody Guthrie THIS TRAIN.. Peter Yarbow and Paul Stookey THERE'S ANGER IN THE LAND... Hedy and Don West YOU LOVE THE THUNDER.. . Jackson Browne YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND.. Carole King WASTED TIME.. Henley/Frey WE'LL SING IN THE SUNSHINE.. Gayle Garnett WHEN THE SHIP COMES IN.. Bob Dylan WITCHY WOMAN... Leadon/Henley WHERE HAVE ALL THE FLOWERS GONE.. Pete Seeger WHERE MY HEART WILL TAKE ME ... Warren WILD HORSES.. The Rolling Stones WORLD WITHOUT LOVE.. Jonah Smith WRECK OF THE EDMOND FITZGERALD.. Lightfoot WRITTEN IN THE STARS.. Elton John / Tin Rice YOU RAISE ME UP.. .. Graham/Lovland YOUR SONG.. Elton John/Bernie Taupin
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Cooper Originally Answered: Are these good song lyrics?
Those lyrics are alright...And I say that because it just happens I write song myself. So the one thing is for me I'm much more complicated with my own lyrics but yours while simple are more able to relate to those who experienced the same as the lyrics... Here's a few suggestions on how to better write lyrics: Do activities with someone you REALLY trust such as Improvisational Guest words for an example: If I gave you the word Envy then in a certain time limit you would write lyrics to that word while your goal is to have a meaning, mood, atmosphere, and overall understanding to be reached about that word within your lyrics... Also try to make a web of related words: Envy, Jealously, insecurities, lying and etc... Lastly, no matter what, never let anyone tell you to get rid of certain lyrics and find sumthing that really inspires you to write from the depths of your very being because then it's beyond song writing but it's yourself in words every time...hope you understand that... P.S. If your serious, you should know about copy-writing because it's VERY expensive depending on the way it's copyrighted...Best of wishes to you.

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