I have a wisdom tooth is really gone (shattered) and has to be removed.The main question is below?

I have a wisdom tooth is really gone (shattered) and has to be removed.The main question is below? Topic: Worst case scenarios questions
June 19, 2019 / By Betony
Question: The pain from the broken tooth is spreading to parts behind my eye and over my ear on the same side.It has just started as of yesterday.On my left side upper if that helps,I worry that this might be something that I need to address ASAP because of possible infection to my brain.Any professional help is greatly appreciated. FYI,I have no insurance,that's why I'm still suffering. The word "that" belonged in the beginning of the question cannotudo,I do have a fever
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Best Answers: I have a wisdom tooth is really gone (shattered) and has to be removed.The main question is below?

Agnes Agnes | 5 days ago
Yes: tooth issues like this can lead to blood infections, which can quickly affect the brain. There's some large blood supplies running to the brain right in that area; it can get dangerous very quickly. If you have spreading pain like that, I would get it looked at fast. I can guarantee you, it is much cheaper to walk into a dentist or even oral surgeon, than it is to be taken by ambulance to the ER. Or, worst-case scenario, dead, because it affected you so fast you couldn't deal with it yourself or get help in time.
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Timmy Timmy
I've had bad dental problems and I know the pain can spread in ways that seem strange, it also affected my sinuses. Unless your jaw is swelling or you have a fever, don't worry about an infection to the brain, see a dentist, if you can't afford to then call one describe the problem and ask if you can make a payment plan or some other arrangements.
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Rama Rama
Getting an abscess of the tooth could be starting. It is dangerous to let this go as it can spread quickly and not trying to scare you, it has been documented that a few people have died because the infection spread to their blood system and brain.
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Marquis Marquis
Don't play around with this. Call 1-800-dentist they have a 24 hour service and can give you a dentist that will work with you. You can go to their website too,1800dentist.com, but I think it's better to talk directly to them.
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Marquis Originally Answered: How long does it take for wisdom teeth to heal?
you will be fine for your exam. it usually takes a week or so to heal up. . . good luck. getting sedated is a great way to get them out, you won't remember a thing! I recommend taking an ibuprofen before you get sedated this will help with swelling later. just use only enough water to swallow the pills b/c you are not to have anything to eat or drink after midnight the night before. go to the grocery and stock up on soft cool food, mashed potatoes, soups, ice cream, yogurt, apple sauce, grits, eggs, (slim fast or ensure if you feel you can't eat!!) pudding, etc...think easy to swallow and soft! wear comfortable clothing because you will still be really groggy after the surgery. I went home and went back to sleep. I woke up and had some soup and a pain pill and went back to sleep again!!! but everyone is different. after they are removed, you will be numb for quite sometime. ONLY eat soft cool food while you are numb. (ice cream, apple sauce, mashed potatoes, milkshake (WITH A SPOON do not suck through a straw), yogurt, etc. things like that. after the numbness wears off you will be able to eat warm foods again...just nothing hard or crunchy. you will be given pain pills and i would taken them with an ibuprofen to reduce swelling, pain pills ONLY work on pain, not swelling. you will use ice pack 15 minutes on each side for the 1st day, after that you can use heat packs if you feel you need it. NO swishing or spitting, or smoking the first 24 hours!!!! this will cause a dry socket. They will be sore!!!!!! make sure to do warm salt water rinses as this helps it to heal faster and keeps it clean. Please be sure to eat even if you do not feel like it, taking pain pills on an empty stomach will cause you to throw up. you should be able to eat whatever you can tolerate the day or so after. it really depends on you, some people can't eat a burger the next day, others can. if you are still really sore stick to soft foods.....in a few days you will be able to eat whatever you want. just please stay away from hard, crunchy things. they will go over all the instructions with you at the DRs office. good luck and rent some movies, lay in bed and relax. Top 10 reasons to remove wisdom teeth: 10. Because there is limited space for wisdom teeth to erupt and because the surrounding gums are difficult to keep clean. Infection and inflammation are therefore common even when there are no apparent symptoms. 9. Even when wisdom teeth erupt through the gum tissues, they rarely provide any meaningful function and are always difficult to keep clean. 8. Wisdom teeth have high risk of getting cavities on them because they are very hard to clean while brushing and flossing. 7. In some cases, impacted wisdom teeth develop cysts, and rarely tumours. Removal of such lesions may require extensive procedures to repair and restore jaw function and appearance. 6. With age, the chance for complications related to the removal of wisdom teeth increases. 5. Gum disease and inflammation associated with wisdom teeth may lead to receding gum tissues, deterioration of the jawbone and tooth loss. 4. Wisdom teeth may contribute to crowding of nearby teeth. 3. Even wisdom teeth that seem to be problem-free remain a breeding ground for oral infection and inflammation. Research supports the concept that such inflammation may enter the bloodstream and contribute to the development and/or progression of a variety of diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke. 2. Once it has been determined that a wisdom tooth will not successfully erupt into your mouth and be maintained in a healthy state, early extraction of wisdom teeth is associated with faster and easier recovery. 1. The number one reason for removing wisdom teeth: Peace of mind! Source: American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

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