Oky im really confused. what bullets would fit in a remington 700.308?

Oky im really confused. what bullets would fit in a remington 700.308? Topic: Case size 308
June 20, 2019 / By Ithiel
Question: .308 is a bullet type right? what about a 7.62x 51mm? isnt it the same? im 100% new so help me out. i dont know the terminologies and stuff. what sizes and how do i find the sizes that fit a remington 700 .308? i dont know if this will change anything but the rifle twist is 1:9.25 are there any other bullets compatible besides the .308 winchesters? BBean-so the cartridge is the definition of a "bullet"? i thought cartridge was the same as magazine educate me people. come on =) educate me people. come on =)
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Fester Fester | 9 days ago
A bullet is a projectile that is expelled from the barrel of a gun. A cartridge is the whole thing you load into a modern firearm; bullet, casing, primer, and powder. A .308 Winchester, which is the entire name of the cartridge, will fire .308 Winchester cartridges. And, in a very rare case, .308 Winchester firearms can also fire 7.62x51mm NATO. These are NOT identical cartridges, even though they look identical. Internally, they are different. .308 Winchester operates at a slightly higher pressure, but that pressure difference is enough that the interchangeability only works one way- .308 Winchester firearms can fire 7.62x51mm NATO safely, but 7.62x51mm NATO firearms cannot generally fire .308 Winchester safely. Now, you need to understand something: firearms are ALWAYS designed to fire one specific cartridge. A .357 Magnum revolver, for example, is designed to fire .357 Magnum. It CAN fire .38 Special, since .357 Magnum is a lengthened, more powerful derivative of .38 Special. Again, the opposite is not true- .357 Magnum will not safely chamber or fire in a .38 Special revolver. If that seems confusing, you're only getting started. Cartridge naming is quite awkward at best. .44 Magnum? The bullet doesn't have a diameter of 0.44"; it's actually 0.429". .303 British isn't actually 0.303" in diameter, at least the way the United States measures; it's actually 0.312". .577 Tyrannosaur isn't actually for hunting Tyrannosaurus Rex. Just learn this: only put the same cartridge in your gun that is listed on the barrel of the gun (or in some circumstances, on the upper receiver or wherever else it is listed). If your gun states that it will fire .30-06 Springfield, use .30-06 Springfield. If it says 7mm Remington Magnum, don't use 7mm-08 Remington. Does that make some sort of sense? EDIT: A magazine, incidentally, is completely different from a cartridge. Cartridge: as I said, the bullet, powder, casing, and primer. Magazine: a device that holds cartridges and feeds them into a specific chamber. Some magazines are integral to the gun, such as the M1 Garand's integral 8-round magazine. Some are detachable, like the magazines used with AR-15s. Some guns don't even have a magazine, such as a revolver or a single-shot gun such as the Sharps rifle. Note that "magazine" is also not interchangeable with the term "clip." A "clip" is a piece of metal that holds several cartridges together for loading into a gun, usually into an internal magazine. Examples are "en bloc" clips, which are used to load an M1 Garand; stripper clips, which are used to load guns such as the SKS (and stripper clips can also be used to load detachable magazines in some cases); and full moon clips, which are used to load revolvers. Welcome to the sometimes confusing world of firearms.
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Damian Damian
The 308 bullets all measure ~.308". Not so for some other calibers, look up stuff when in doubt. Don't use the 150 or so grain bullets on deer shot with a 308, they will blast way too big a hole. Use the bigger 180 grain which being heavier won't get going as fast, and won't therefore blast too big a hole. There will be more recoil from the heavier bullet, but that's too bad for using too much gun on mere deer.
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Averel Averel
You are confused about what caliber bullets fit a 30 caliber rifle? Maybe you should not be playing with guns. Go to a gun store and buy some ammunition that says ".308 Winchester" on the box. Really? Nobody is that stupid. Well, perhaps except you. Educate yourself, troll. I'm not about to spend half a day trying to educate a stinking derp. https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100103215519AAenZ0g
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Virgie Virgie
Keep it simple just purchase and shoot any of the 100's of choices of .308 Winchester ammuntion by the dozens of manufacturers out there. You can safely fire ANY 7.62x51 NATO round out of a Remington 700 as well (despited what any TD complainer might say) but since you appear to be a newbie just stick to actual .308 Wincheter. a bullet is the projectile that fires out the muzzle a cartridge is the kit and kaboodle meaning the bullet, the casing, powder and primer.
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Shanika Shanika
The only bullet that you should put in a .308 is a .308. 7.62x51 looks the same as a .308 on the outside, but is completely different on the inside. the 7.62x51 may fit shoot, and eject from your remington 700, but it is very unsafe. If you shoot the 7.62x51 from your gun too much, you risk possible blowing up your gun. So basically, the 7.62x51 is more powerful on the inside than the .308 but can be used in in, but there are risks. Just put ammo labeled ONLY .308 and NOT 7.62x51 in your gun and you will be fine. ps. you can shoot .308 in a gun chambered for 7.62x51, but not 7.62x51 in a gun chambered for .308
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Ora Ora
.308 Winchester is a cartridge and a bullet size. Most .30 caliber bullets are the same diameter which is .308 but the Russian ammo (7.62x39 and 7.62x54r) are slightly larger in diameter(.3105-.311") but are still considered .30 caliber because of the rifle bore diameter."Cartridge" is the name of the complete unit and bullet is the projectile. Avoid slang and don`t say "bullet" for the whole unit.
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