Can i teach English in Europe without a qualification?

Can i teach English in Europe without a qualification? Topic: Hire someone to write a paper
July 20, 2019 / By Sherman
Question: Okay, so i've landed in Bologna, I've found the internet cafe, worked out the numbers one to ten and gotten a bed in a youth hostel, QUESTION IS: is it worth trying to get work as an unqualified English teacher or should i burn that wishful thinking and get myself a bar job? Can any English teachers explain to me the value of their qualification? is it tough teaching English if you don't speak the local tongue to begin with? has anyone taught English to the Italians or the Bolognese? would you hire an unqualified teacher? Since it's the only language i speak then aren't I destined to teach it? Or is it a really, really stupid idea? anyone? anyone?
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Nowell Nowell | 7 days ago
I am not sure about Bologna, never been. However, if you are already there why not give it a shot. Write up a really good resume and stress your strengths. Flatter the school and make a really good impression. If they hire you that is great. If they do not move on. What do you have to loose. Perhaps, even volunteer at a school for a few days, then the next week put that in your resume to boost up your qualifications. You are going to find it difficult to find someone with particular advice for teaching in Bologna. A matter of fact you would find it difficult to find information on the internet in general about teaching in Bologna. Just start knocking on doors until someone answers. Perhaps put a paper out with your phone number on it and post it to some apartment buildings. Perhaps volunteer at a local church for English lessons too. Get to know the mothers. Good Luck
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Hi, well in Spain there are several kinds of possibilities for English teachers a: Oficial Local Institutes and Schools; usually established by the local comunity to fulfill require and mandatory children education. This might ask you either to homalogar i.e. have your title aproved by the Spoanish Ministertio de Cultura which takes ages, is not a sure deal, they are the superbureauscrats, and not worth it generally. b: private english british, american, spanish regular schools or private academias de lenguas. This look for people, native and then other requirements as titles are negotiable since they are private. c: private lessons and private pupils: Advertising in differnt supermarkets, schools, institutions etc can provide you with a good clientele and you only need a place to teach your place/or their place ;o) The best bet is B and specially in your case, because the title has not been yet homologated, it is best either in Academias de Lenguas, which the most important requirement maybe is to be a Native English/American/Anglo Speaker or the British, American English private schools since they have their own system and can be more flexible. Wish you luck S
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Landon Landon
its a good thought but it will be nearly impossible for you to teach english without knowing the local tongue. in my spanish class my teacher relates the spanish words to our english words and without knowing the language they use in bologna you will have no idea what to relate the english words to. i suggest you work in a bar. your idea is not a stupid idea, i really like it, but it will be really hard and you will end up putting loads of stress on yourself. either way good luck with whatever you choose!
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Isiah Isiah
As the man said at the top it is nearly impossible! But you could do it privatley, like tution out of school, or all ages. But i suggest, staying where you are for a few weeks, geting used to the langiuage, then private tution. Hope everything works out for you x
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cantilena91's answer is very good, so if I were you I'd start there. I am very interested in helping non-natives to improve their English, so if you ever want help with English, please feel free to email me at [email protected] Just to name a few, some things I could help with include: - Correcting pieces of English you've written (including explanations of what was wrong and any advice to help prevent these mistakes in the future) - Helping you understand something you've read but haven't fully understood - Helping your pronunciation (I can record words or passages as mp3s) - Answering questions relating to grammar Good luck, and I hope you'll accept my offer! :)

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