I need a great April Fools joke to play on my best friend?

I need a great April Fools joke to play on my best friend? Topic: Homework joke
June 20, 2019 / By Bette
Question: My best friend just played a funny joke on my other friend(she wrote a note that said IT happened(keep in mind i'm in 8th grade)then said APRIL FOOLS)that I need to beat so please help!!!!!
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Best Answers: I need a great April Fools joke to play on my best friend?

Aiah Aiah | 7 days ago
put signs up advertising free homework help through Easter, or some thing worse, and put her phone #.
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Timothy Timothy
april fools joke suck big time I hate it when they pull that crap on me it makes me want to throw my PC out the dayum window I am so maaaaddddddddddd! I hate april 1st I hate I hate it I hate you just ruined my whole dang night dang it april fool! LOL! and sanjaya gonna be in da top 3 ; )
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Randal Randal
the trick with the woopy cushion is just so stupid now that half the world knows it.try and get some hot sauce put it all over ur face with a knife next to u and act dead.that way they will think someone killed u and freak out.try it. it will be hillarious!
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Marshal Marshal
say you guys are not friends no more (and make up a reason) then she will come to you begging you to be her friend again.... (then say APRIL FOOLS or something like that)
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Jesaiah Jesaiah
Tell her you saw her BF cheat on her...!!!! how funny will it be when she blows up at him and he did nothing wrong.
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