How do your AP teacher teach?

How do your AP teacher teach? Topic: Write literature review essays
July 20, 2019 / By Ralphina
Question: Say the classes you taken and explain each of them I just want to see some differences... I'm taken: Biology- In class, we take notes in a worksheet she given us to answer in the book we need to read and also assign us reading to get ready for those worksheets. Then later she reviews the whole chapter by powerpoint, the next day. US History- he assigns us readings for HW and sometimes gives us homework(ironically our clase happy when we get HW, points issue...)The next day assign more reading and reviews our reading from previous day.Sometimes pop quiz on what we read D=. Its wierd how my class cant seem to fall asleep from this guys speaking and no visual aids given... Im still giving best answer
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Melyssa Melyssa | 6 days ago
In AP Literature we read short stories and novels all the time and then we will write essays and share our thoughts on what we read and try to find hidden symbolism. I have an essay or two just about every day. In AP American History my teacher puts together presentations that we take notes on and we do a lot of fun projects. Our last project each group was assigned a colonial region and we had to make a time capsul and then we put together clues and gave them to another group and they had to find our capsul and figure out where the items would have came from.
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Lena Lena
Hi I am a junior. These are my classes this year, with the exception of APUSH which I took last year. Next year I will be taking AP Calculus and AP Spanish. AP US History: He gave us readings out of two textbooks. Almost everyday in class was a workday, with occasional group project. If he lectured, it was only on the college textbook. There was a lot of busy work that seemed unnecessary. His tests were incredibly hard, and because he cvered so little in class, I ended up studying between two and three hours a night. AP Literature: We are given material to do a graded close reading on once a week, but we have to write an essay about every two days. Reading assignments (from novels) are due every two to three days, and we always have quizzes on them. We do a lot of AP Multiple choice prep in class and occasionally there is some outside work (vocab words). We always go over everything we analyze, so we learn a lot. AP Governement and Politics: At my school this is taken as a alf-independant. The teacher still assigns projects, due dates, and tests, bt there is nothing being taught. You are expected to read and understand all readings and the textbook on your own. very stressful. AP Human Geography: There is way too much group activities and simulations. Also, there is minimal writing, which means you can only get through this class if you work well with other people. The material itself isn't hard, but the way it is presented is.
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Jonna Jonna
Chem: my teacher would make us print out notes off his site, then wed take it to class. hed spend about a week to lecture us on the topic, making us do classwork and such. also, once a week we have a lab to help us understand the topics in a practical, hands-on situation [reading about titration vs. neutralizing acetic acid with sodium hydroxide with very expensive equipment. fun :) ] he also gives us weekly homework, but its loonnggg and makes us show all our work. no problem there though. the hardest part about his class would definately be the tests. he makes it long and gives us really hard free answer problems that deviate from the homework a bit in terms of content and theories. i still like the class though :) US History- ok, this teacher does NOT teach at all. its not her fault though. at my school, there is a government debate team [ We the People, at Irvington High School] and she is in charge of it. therefore, she spends much of her energy first semester in training and helping the team compete. her tests are also tough. if youve taken the SATs, then you know what i mean by the "good answer and better answer". i hope that helps
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Genie Genie
you should do both between proper right here: a million. talk inclusive of your instructor outdoors of prevalent type hours. before college, after, or in the time of lunch. study as a lot as you could, then flow ask for help. attempt to ask particular questions: "How do I do X?" really than wide requests: "i do not comprehend something." 2. change into attentive to the proper 3 of for individuals on your type. those that look to comprehend what is going on, and are doing the paintings. Get their help. Ask them to describe the thanks to do something (do not have them do it for you - you received't study that way). oftentimes the great scholars are chuffed to describe the thanks to do issues - and they'd be extra positive at explaining than the instructor. locate someone with a effective mind-set. with any success, once you study somewhat extra you'd be doing ok, and be getting previous that "thoroughly lost" feeling. (Very hardly ever, no one contained in the kind can do the paintings. If it extremely is occurring, you would favor to drop the kind and attempt again at the same time as there's a extra positive instructor.) good success!
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Delaney Delaney
My AP teachers teach the old fashion way, with books, lectures, and good old writing. It sucks I hate it.
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Delaney Originally Answered: How does a teacher find out what to teach for each grade?
There is a core curriculum guide that is developed by each State's Dept. of Education that public school teachers adhere to for (usually) Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts.

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