Why do you women ask other women to rate your pics?

Why do you women ask other women to rate your pics? Topic: Example on how to write a care plan
July 17, 2019 / By Benett
Question: I've noticed attractive women get negative comments from jealous women... regarding their beauty. Why do you care about what other women think of you when assumingly you want to look good infront of the opposite sex? oh and seeing as this is a beauty section question you can rate me lol... http://i203.photobucket.com/albums/aa179/Ryan000_01/SexyRyan.jpg http://i203.photobucket.com/albums/aa179/Ryan000_01/RyanShort.jpg http://i203.photobucket.com/albums/aa179/Ryan000_01/100_2095.jpg Which pic am I hottest in? oh yea any jealous haters out there who want to write negative comments to me.... then I'll just cutoff your oil supply so the joke is on you :) lol Cynthia... I look like your ex huh? pls send me a picture of him... argh I hate it when there are lookalikes out there lol alsaser how about my opinion? surely my opinion is more meaningful than another woman? unless you plan on dating women... lol wtf... whatever... sometimes u women are too confusing poster no. #13 jerry... how dare you alert my potential victims of my vampiric secrecy... geez... now I must seek prey elsewhere lol Jerry... jealous boy... you aren't worthy of my time... go prey to jesus and confess your sins for being a jealous loser not to mention an eye sore
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Abbot Abbot | 4 days ago
Am I the only one nerdy enough to find a strange amount of humor in the fact that your icon has Vladimir Putin on it, and some of the answerers are saying you look like Dracula, whose character was based on Vlad Tepes, who you don't resemble in the slightest? . . . .Yeah, I probably am. Sorry about that. ;) To finally answer your question; I think it boils down to curiosity mixed with insecurity, and the anonymity of the internet. Women often tend to be other women’s worst critics, and seem inclined to pick apart women, especially the prettier ones. I believe that the reason pretty girls get more negative feedback is a mixture of jealousy, spitefulness, and the subconscious grousing of wondering why a girl who is obviously good looking is fishing for compliments. Personally; I don’t rate people, as I think just about everyone is attractive to someone in his or her own way. Different people have different tastes, and as such prefer different skin colors, eye colors, body types, hair colors, etc. For example, I am a touch under 5’9, have long, curly, dark red hair, fair skin, and have grey/blue eyes. Chances are, a person who is generally attracted to short, tanned, straight-haired, brown eyed blondes wouldn’t think that I am good looking, but someone who had a thing for tall redheads would. Neither person would be right or wrong, they simply prefer different things, and so it doesn’t hurt my feelings when people say that I am not pretty, or that they prefer the looks of a friend of mine, because I know that there are people out there whose view is the exact opposite. Here are a few pictures of me, in case you are curious. http://tinyurl.com/27t5gs http://tinyurl.com/yvvlel http://tinyurl.com/22h9yo So in conclusion; there really is no concrete rationalization on why most women care about what other women think about our appearance, I think it is one of those inherent things that we just do, for reasons that escape even us. While most of us definitely do care about what men think of us, it is important for a lot of women to know what other women think of us as well. I wish I could give you a better, more solid explanation, but at the end of the day I think the only answer is ‘Because we just do.’ ;) . . . . And to answer your other question, the first and the second pictures of you are my favorite. Good luck; I hope this helps!
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Shirlee Shirlee
haha,you know what i have always thought the same thing! Everyone who has something negative is either jealous or very insecure about themselves that they have to put others down and the ppl who ask are either very under-confident and need reassurance or they know or think they look stunning and just want to hear ppl say it which is also a very insecure way to look at it that someone feels the need to get complimented all the time or they will feel unattractive. I think some women just want other women to look at them and think "i wish i was her" i think every woman sometimes looks at another and thinks "wow i love their hair" or "they have great legs" (in a non-lesbian way,haha) but its not a good think to be obsessing about every part of you that u dont like b/c no-one is perfect and their is something everyone would rather change about themself if they could but theres no point worrying over it cuz chances are to everyone else they havent even noticed it :-) I dont like rating ppl but you are good looking :-)
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Petra Petra
As said by someone that beauti is in the eyes of beholder. I found this medium of "Yahoo Questions" so powerful that anyone can put any question and give any answer without being embarassed. This is a very big moral booster for all people. I think there is nothing wrong if someone can get self confidence back with this medium.
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Marlene Marlene
You look great! And the people who answer the questions with a negative comment, I don't think they are jealous, they're telling the truth, it might be mean but it's even worse to lie to someone and say your really hot, when they clearly aren't. But the ones who are hot and post the same thing everyday, they get negative comments because they annoy people.
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Kym Kym
If you have low self esteem, you are going to fish for compliments wherever you can get them. Not to mention, over the internet, people tend to get more honest responses vs. asking family or friends, who will say You are beautiful because they love you. Now for you...I like the second picture the best because I prefer a groomed guy, and you notice your facial feature better.
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