What Do You Think About My Idea For A Story?

What Do You Think About My Idea For A Story? Topic: Mind map for writing a story
June 20, 2019 / By Japeth
Question: Recently I've been faintly sketching out an idea for a story I plan to write. I don't have a lot of it mapped out yet, but I would like to know whether the idea could actually "work", before I spent any more time on it. Here's the gist of it: The main character is a 17 year old boy, who is emancipated (legally independent of one's parents); and both his parents are dead. The story revolves around him and his 16 year old, Wiccan, Emo girlfriend. They are both very strange and unusual, but they don't necessarily "fit" each other. The girl is a typical representation of an overly-dramatic, emotional, teenager, so she quickly gets attached to her boyfriend. But he, unfortunately, is incredibly apathetic and cold, and doesn't actually feel the same way towards her. However, he is very intelligent, and talented. Ironically, he is also skilled at understanding, and detecting others' feelings and thoughts. At this point you might be asking: then why is he dating the girl anyway? Well, he has some skeletons in his closet. He has a very strange fixation, with gore, and blood. In that way, he finds the girl sexually appealing. He sees his desires as evil, and wicked, and attempts to fight them. But his cold, apathetic side plays hand to hand with his lust and temptations, and in combination, they eventually take control of him. And so, when his girlfriend ask him to run away with him, after some argument with her parents (typical teen drama), he sees it as an opportunity. He leads the girl far away from town, and brutally murders her - fulfilling his perverted desires. So what do you think? I do realize the concept is slightly gruesome, but I found it interesting none the less. Any critique will be welcomed, though, keep in mind, I will add more content to the story.
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Fraser Fraser | 9 days ago
It's terribly stereotypical, particularly for the girl. Wiccan, emo, strange, over-dramatic. The fact that you throw in her religion in that list makes it sound suspiciously like an afterthought, a buzzword that will catch readers even though you're not really familiar with it or how it might be relevant. And then you imply his interest in her is because of a fixation with gore and blood, again going back to emo and goth. Why does he feel his desires are evil? That's usually a religious thing, yet you don't even mention his religion. The girl seems to be cast as a victim the entire way through. There's no strength in her. All of her characteristics are negative. Readers aren't going to root for *either* of these characters. This feels very disjointed. You have a bunch of elements but you're not sure how they are relevant or forward the story.
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I think it's great that you are ambitious. But writing is something that most of us do because we love to write, we love to create and tell stories. If most of your inspiration is just to make a "block buster movie" then you're not really delving into the heart and soul of the story or characters. Sit down and create some characters, figure out what they look like, who their families are, what their background is and what they're personalities are like. Once you do that, decide what sort of situations you would like to see them in and how they will react. I by far prefer a good, solid story with vivid characters, to a flashy movie with action and special effects.
Fraser Originally Answered: I'm writing a story bout 5 teens (ages 18-21) who. i don't know what the story plot is. anyone hav an idea?
The 20 and 21 year old discover they are not teens anymore. The youngest teen learns he is not a power ranger. The elder teens happen to be lesbians. A fishing boat accident did not go as planned. Superman did not save them. They all drown in a swimming pool of hot margarine.

Declan Declan
I believe 2 different solutions to discover a few thought and write approximately what you prefer or appear in magazines/papers for thought. The first reviews persons most often write are approximately whatever that has occurred to them or anybody they recognise. You would write approximately a present hassle, the credit score crunch, and the way a household begin to lose their wealth via task loss and investments. It would be emotional and dramatic with probably the point of view taken from a teenage folks view factor.
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Bart Bart
This is going to be quite a hard topic to write about but judging from your description it sounds like you know what you are doing. It sounds very interesting. Its a very unique and interesting plot for a story i think you should go for it. :)
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my idea is to write about a fortune teller that tells a hobo its future life. his future is going to be that the hobo is going to become the most famous person in the world. that is going to be a funny and interesting story

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