My son just had his 2 month, shots. I wanted to know about vaccination and the dangers?

My son just had his 2 month, shots. I wanted to know about vaccination and the dangers? Topic: Pharma research
July 18, 2019 / By Earleen
Question: I was looking around online about comforting a baby after shots, and I came across dangers and autism in boys. I read that thimerosal, which has mercury is in it can harm a boy. I live in Indiana and my son is on Medicaid, and also go to daycare. Am I required to get his shots?
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Celeste Celeste | 3 days ago
The trouble with the internet, is while it's good that information is just at your fingertips; it can be dangerous if you don't know what to do with that information or how to interpret it. That's where thinking logically and critically comes in. Always consider the source. You've come across anti-vaccine lies and misinformation. Not actual science. There is no link between vaccines and autism. It's been investigated and the link simply does not exist. Thimerosal (which is perfectly safe, btw) hasn't been in the required childhood vaccines for over a decade. Not vaccinating would carry far greater risks. You would be foolish not to based on anti-vaccine fear mongering you have read on the internet. @ Nurse Deisel, it's really about time that regulating bodies pulled ranked on health care professionals lying about the health and safety of vaccines. SCIENTISTS do the studies. Most research is funded by the government...because it's the public who use vaccines. Why should anyone else fund it? This does not mean the study is wrong. People check results you know. The epidemiological data simply does not support a link between vaccines and autism. It does not matter how much you "believe" there is a link, there is no link, none, zilch, nada, direct or indirect. If you're suggesting fudged results you're deluded. The government and big pharma are simply not that competent in keeping such secrets. The antivaxxers don't like the results of the studies so you've created a scenario that allows you to dismiss it.
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Celeste Originally Answered: Baby's 2 month shots coming up.?
my son got 2 at that month I think. you don't need to do vaccinations, nor do you need to follow the CDC (center for disease control) schedule. here is a "normal" schedule: http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/recs/schedul... a few of the shots are combination shots. they won't do 18 different vaccinations or anything. do some research -- there are a lot of benefits of delaying them, as well as following the CDC recommendations. we spread a few out in the first 6 months of my son's life and we delayed some -- you're completely allowed to do that. my son has never had a reaction to anything though, and he's been through 6 rounds of them so far. he's never had a fever or a rash or anything. if your daughter does spike a fever then she should only have tylenol or a tylenol off-brand [acetaminophen] (she can have motrin after 6 months). BUT you should not give her tylenol before her shots because if she does have a reaction, your doctor should know about it. you could stock up on some but if she gets a fever, then you need to call your doctor and ask about what to do -- they'll likely tell you to give her tylenol but *call them first* so that they know if she's had a reaction or not. there's no point in medicating a baby that doesn't have a reaction, plus you'd want to know for future reference since she'll get the same set of shots for the first 6 months. to reiterate, my son has always been fine and he never really slept more or less or had a fever or reaction. the injection site was a bit red but that was to be expected. it went down after a day or so. it was harder on me than it was for him -- I really had a tough time seeing him get shots (and I still do), but it's worth it. I would have a much harder time with him getting one of the diseases they vaccinate against, so that's why I get the vaccines. whooping cough, tetanus, the flu, measles, mumps, etc -- I don't want my son to get those. so I have vaccinated him against those. to me, the 3 seconds that it takes for the shot is a lot better than the 3 weeks of hell that we'd go through with him getting over one of those sicknesses. do your own research though -- vaccinating is a very personal decision. I myself have never gotten a flu vax and I've never gotten the flu -- it depends on how you feel about the risks and rewards. try checking out dr. sear's vaccination website (or reading "the vaccination book" by him) over the weekend. there's nothing to be nervous about though, as most babies don't have reactions. if you're anxious, read up and delay her appointment and then settle with a vaccination schedule that you feel more comfortable with. dr. sears' vaccination website: http://www.askdrsears.com/thevaccinebook... eta: EMT, you're reading my mind tonight!

Annita Annita
What you need to know is that where ever you're reading about vaccines should be scientific. There has yet to be a true connection between vaccines and autism, at least it has not been proven. If you're planning on letting your kid go in public just vaccinate him. Would you rather prevent diseases and have minor side effects, or have your kid suffer and die from polio or smallpox? As for the mercury, the levels are so minimal It's not enough to screw you up.. Try researching for real stuff, like the cdc website.
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Yahweh Yahweh
1) there is no link between vaccinations and autism 2) the mercury found in vaccinations in the United States is no minimal as to be ridiculous 3) have you ever seen a child die form the diseases you will vaccinate against? Better to vaccinate then die of something you can prevent
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Sheldon Sheldon
The study published in the Lancet correlating vaccinations and autism was later recalled. It was not a reliable study and the results were not conclusive. Vaccinations are safe. They are tested and retested--like medications, they must be approved by FDA before going into the market. Vaccinations are proteins and nonfunctional pieces of viruses or bacteria that are used to train the body's immune system to recognize and fight diseases. Vaccinations protect the receiver and those around him from getting diseases. If one child were not to get a vaccination, she or he is safe from catching the disease if 99% of his of her classmates and those he or she interacts with were vaccinated. At this point, those who remain not vaccinated is about 20%. You could get an exemption, but I advise you to talk to your child's pediatrician before doing so. Voice your concerns and listen with an open mind.
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Nogah Nogah
There is really no solid basis that vaccines could cause autism. No one knows how to acquire autism.
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Nogah Originally Answered: My 4 month old daughter got her shots and has a big bump in her leg, she seems irritable, what should i do?
That could be an abscess. You should have a copy of the patient information for all the vaccines given and it would tell you what side effects need medical attention. Also you and your doctor are legally obligated to report ALL vaccine side effects. Without accurate reporting of side effects no one can make an educated decision about vaccination. Vaccines have been recalled because they are causing high rates of abscess due to contamination during production or improper administration. The faster these problems are reported the faster the problem is found and the less children are effected. http://www.pediatriccareonline.org/pco/ub/view/Red-Book/390031/0/Active_Immunization_::_Vaccine_Safety_and_Contraindications Sterile abscesses have occurred at the site of injection of certain inactivated vaccines. These abscesses presumably result from an inflammatory response to the vaccine or its adjuvant; in some instances, these reactions may be caused by inadvertent subcutaneous inoculation of a vaccine intended for intramuscular use. Administration of bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccine often is followed by occurrence of local cysts, abscesses, and/or regional lymphadenopathy that will resolve spontaneously (see Tuberculosis). ========= DTaP http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/vis/downloads/vis-dtap.pdf Mild Problems (Common) • Fever (up to about 1 child in 4) • Redness or swelling where the shot was given (up to about 1 child in 4) • Soreness or tenderness where the shot was given (up to about 1 child in 4) Hep B http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/vis/downloads/vis-hep-b.pdf The following mild problems have been reported: • Soreness where the shot was given (up to about 1 person in 4). HiB http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/vis/downloads/vis-hib.pdf Mild Problems • Redness, warmth, or swelling where the shot was given (up to 1/4 of children) http://archpedi.ama-assn.org/cgi/content/abstract/135/9/826 Reports of abscesses after the use of diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and pertussis vaccine (DTP vaccine) from two different lots (No. 1 and 2) of a single manufacturer (manufacturer A) prompted an investigation into the rates of abscess formation following the use of DTP vaccine from several different manufacturers. A total of 74 abscesses for lot 1, 16 for lot 2, and three for other DTP products was uncovered. The overall rate after lots 1 and 2 was 1.1 per 1,000 doses administered compared with 0.01 per 1,000 doses for DTP vaccine from other manufacturers (P less than .0001). Faulty technique, site and route of inoculation, microbiologic contamination, and hypersensitivity were ruled out as likely explanations for the increase in abscesses among recipients of DTP vaccine from manufacturer A. Use of a single needle to withdraw vaccine from the vial and to inoculate the vaccinees, combined with high aluminum adjuvant content in the implicated vaccine, may have led to an increased rate of abscess formation. http://abcnews.go.com/Business/story?id=3993077&page=1 The recall involves 10 lots of its Hib vaccine, PedvaxHIB, and two of a Hib-hepatitis B combination vaccine, COMVAX, produced at its plant in West Point, Penn. Michael Thomas, Merck's vice president for vaccines, said that during routine testing, the company found the equipment used to make the vaccine was not fully sterilized. "We've not found any contamination in the vaccine," he said, and no reports of children harmed. Children who already have received the recalled vaccine won't need follow-up care, Schuchat said. If the vaccine were to cause health problems, there probably would be swelling or an abscess at the injection site within a week of immunization.

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