Please give me advice on how to handle this situation with my first love?

Please give me advice on how to handle this situation with my first love? Topic: How to write a love letter to an ex
June 16, 2019 / By Avalona
Question: Ok so I met her in August of this year and we dated from September through march. On December first I was diagnosed with anxiety/ panic disorder and went on pills and saw people that I could speak with to help me through the tough times. And i recently learned i have ptsd symptoms that my gf doesnt know about .My gf and i were first love for both of us and couldn't have been better to me she was there for everything until about march/April when I forced her to break up with me bc we got into a big fight and I told her it was over. She said she wanted to work it out and then we got into another big fight and it was over for good. After the first big fight we decided to not talk and see how things go but it didnt work wed both text and call eachother which made it worse.I called her a month later and she said she didn't want anything to do with me and then stayed on the phone with me for an hour and talked. A month then passed and I wrote her a letter praising everything she did for me and explained to her everything I went through from square one since it was so hard to at the time bc I was on so many pills and just didn't no what was going on and i asked her to be friends something I declined when we first broke up And this was her response.. You want to know what went wrong? Let my refresh your memory a bit. I was the one who took your bs. I was the one who actually cared about you. I was the One who stuck around even when everyone told me to leave. I was the one who stood up for you. I was the one who loved you when you gave me every reason not tooLastly, I was the one who was there for you when no one else was. I realize she is still mad and idk if her showing this much emotion is a good or bad thing? I then waited a couple weeks and sent her an email basically saying yes or no to being in my life and she told me she asked to be friend and YOU said no. I then talked to her mom on the phone her mom wanted to speake with me and she said what a great man it takes to call her (mother) and I explained everything and she kept saying oh sweetie and oh darling she felt bad and really understoof what had happened to Me bc she knows people who suffered from the same thing. She said her daughter doesnt hate me but just can't understand everything right now it's too much the mom thinks we should learn from this which i plan on doing either with or without her. My ex thinks blaming our fallout on the medicine and what I went through isn't right she doesn't get it and she thinks i think she is a terrible person bc of it idk why i know she is stilll really mad even a couple months later Her mom said with time, she will understand but not right now se thinks the best thing for the both of us right now is time awat from one another. We talked for a half hour and i told her what a great person her daughter was and how much she really helped me through the tough times i was facing and that ive never met anyone like her before she was very nice and we had a nice conversation and i got alot off my chest to her mother. Anyways What can I do to get her back I still love her and think about her everyday? I'm hoping time heals this bc we've both never clicked with anyone the way we did it was like we already new eachother the first time we met.
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Best Answers: Please give me advice on how to handle this situation with my first love?

Abelia Abelia | 1 day ago
well how old are you obvisiously i feel like your both still in high school. if soo no relationship every really lasts long there. but if you to are meant to be i think time will tell. honestly if i were in your spot. i think you did the best thing with that letter. i would try one more time apologize for what ever you did wrong and tell her you still really like her. if she still doesnt like you then i say let time tell and give it a break try to meet someone new:) hahaha hope i helped a little:)
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Abelia Originally Answered: Did I handle this situation correctly? Your advice PLEASE.?
Best possible way in the situation you had, well done. Discreetly inform the mother, the daughter might have a crush on you and is projecting her affection to her mother because a lack of male influence is brought up in the child's social life. Now if there is romantic feelings involved between you and the mother you shouldn't worry about age difference if she does not have a problem with it. Otherwise if you are just trying to be friends it is up to both of you to discourage the child's wish to be a matchmaker.
Abelia Originally Answered: Did I handle this situation correctly? Your advice PLEASE.?
That was the best possible manner of handling the situation. I advise you don't speak with her mom about this. What if it turns awkward? You never know and you don't want to lose a harmless friendship.
Abelia Originally Answered: Did I handle this situation correctly? Your advice PLEASE.?
yes you handled it very well and yes if you like her mom tell her about the conversation you might have a chance

Steve Steve
I am extra concerned approximately your brother. You could wish to don't forget calling social offerings for him. Also the problem that your in together with your mom is enormously dangerous and also you have got to get out of there. A hotel 6 is a foul situation to be my buddy. I'm guessing you acquired a measure. Try discovering a month to month hire condominium or some thing. Use some time accurately at the same time you've gotten a roof over your head and pleasant of success. unwell pray for you
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Steve Originally Answered: Married & have a 4 month old baby & in love with another guy. Can you give me some advice?
Cohabiting is a very dangerous step in a relationship. I am actually in a marriage and family development course, and the odds of the two of you "making it" are not high. there are many red flags in your relationship: - age difference - dating before development of friendship - cohabiting after one month - premature engagement/ marriage - no conflict management skills - baby - outside love affair - distrust - unhappy with lifestyle - violence - lack of friend's approval --------------------------------------... okay, so you two may have rushed a bit. my suggestion is: don't give up. try not to associate yourself with this new friend, as it may cause maritual conflict. try to get involved in some sort of marriage counseling services, if that does not wok, or your husband deems it unnecessary, try delving yourselves into some maritual books. my husband and i got married in august (we began dating in november of 2005 as well). we are currently going over "should we stay together" by Jeffry H. Larson. It's a great book one of the exercises involves discussing an area in which the two of you disagree for 3 minutes trying not to argue, but work out your differences. you record your 3 minute discussion, then listen to it, and then discuss how you could have better solved the problem. it's a great exercise. if your husband is unwilling to try to work things out, it may be better for you, and your baby to leave the relationship.
Steve Originally Answered: Married & have a 4 month old baby & in love with another guy. Can you give me some advice?
You are obviously aware of the mistake you made of moving in with him after only one month, then getting engaged so fast. This man you are married to is not the right one for you....aside of the fact that he drinks and smokes too much, he flat out told you that he wouldn't be with you right now if it weren't for your child. You don't talk about what you and your husband had in common in the first place. Or if there is anything you guys really enjoy about each other? Is there anything that can hold you together? If so, maybe there is that chance, but my feeling is that you are right; your husband will not change his ways, and your "friend" has been the one for you all along. Still, your husband does need help. He should seek counseling and he needs to stop the drinking....not only will it be better for him but keep in mind, he will also continue to be with your baby, when you work that out. You have to make this decision and I think your girlfriend can see how you would be for the rest of your life with this other guy....happy!!! But if you decide to be with him, don't rush into anything. Although you've been friends and you do know him, married life is different. He will need time to get used to being around your baby. You both should also talk about what you want in a marriage. I think this friend is the right guy for you....good luck!!

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